Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Angry at TV1 who didn't have the whit nor the intelligence to research properly the background picture which anchored their feature story on the canning of ANZAC Day commemorations in Auckland which featured among the medals shown the 'fake' NZ Army Medal and more angry still at the craven cowardice exhibited by the RSA leadership (so called) in agreeing to the request by the Police to merge/cancel over 35 ANZAC Day services in Auckland (and elsewhere).

Sorry guys ... you have handed the terrorist a victory he doesn't deserve and, in doing so, you have forfeited my respect.    There will be push-back and RNZRSA will emerge from this weakened and you only have yourselves to blame.
Nuff said.  


Noel said...

As come on the RSA leadership has been fai!ing for years.
Failure to promote the RMA SOPs that could have assisted so many who have passed on, instead of promoting an unscientific minimal list of conditions that few were able to access.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran.....it appears that it is only Auckland which does give the impression that there is some basis for the decision. Those who feel strongly about attending a parade can head out of town.

Northland is fine...have a good day.

Snowflake said...

Meh. Police have a duty to act on the information they have in order to keep the public safe. RSA leadership are right to listen to advice. Services are proceeding. Stop being a knob.

Psycho Milt said...

Meh. Police have a duty to act on the information they have in order to keep the public safe.

Problem is that everyone can figure out that this isn't based on information they've received about a possible attack, it's just arse-covering. Following a terrorist attack, the security services put on an authoritarian show for a few months until the fuss has died down. The NZ ones are no different.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Any links on that Milt....I would have thought that arse covering would extend to CHC but I'm only speculating.

James said...

I find a handy rule on Anzac Day is to generally distrust people wearing unmounted medals, almost invariably it is someone wearing those fake medals you refer to Vet.

I share your anger at people cancelling ceremonies. I really hope this causes people to reflect on why we commemorate Anzac Day, and motivates better and bolder approaches in years to come.

Personally, it is important to me to remember my close mates KIA in Afghan, to remember those who have died and suffered in previous conflicts, and to remember the unimaginable losses of WW1, never forgetting the high bar we should set before engaging in conflicts. NB I only write this paragraph in anticipation of foolish comments from foolish people about how Anzac Day glorified war or jingoism or the USA.

The Veteran said...

Flake ... the Police have said they have NO information that would point to the likelihood of a terrorist attack so your point is bollocks.

For all ... ponder this. Why is this essentially a Auckland phenomenon? I have received comment off-line that this is a play by certain individuals/parties who are running their own agenda driven by the desire/need to centralise commemoration services in order to enhance their own power/standing.

The decision is contrary to the values of the RSA ... courage, commitment and comradeship seems to have gone out the window to be replaced by cowardice.

The Veteran said...

James ... thank you for your input and welcome to the blog.

David said...

Fully agree,Veteran. It is what happens every time, no matter the stripe of the government of the day. And it usually makes us less secure.

Look at the huge lines at a busy airport while passengers are waiting to be "screened". That is the ideal time and place for a terrorist to attack and hundreds would be killed or maimed.

Noel said...

Might have to attend one of the closed one's.

Imagine no droning religious clerics,dated hymns ,politically charged speeches or the Australian anthem at a time of non reciprocation of the SCV.

Just a simple reflection on loss of those who died.

Mike said...

Meanwhile back at the barracks...

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Noel...best post of the day.

I have always advocated that ANZAC day be taken out of the hands of the RSA and military or religious imput be stopped.

When you die in a conflict you are Discharged Dead or DD in your navy pay book you no longer belong to the army or the Gvt. So why are we "orginised" into ceremonies that are militaristic in nature and the droney old CofE vicar says the same thing every year when men of dozen different religions have taken part in the conflicts. Like the British army it will not be long before we have recruits who are Muslims, Hindus and a few more exotics.

When the New Zealand army took part in the St Quesnoy 100th anniversary they were rather put out to find that uniformed and armed men were not welcome at the ceremony so they had to have a photo shoot around the back.

My first Armistice day here was a eye opener as I was not sure what to expect. There were no vicars, priests or clerics, no military presence outside of a single Navy Captaine (female) who represented the armed forces.

A short line of apprentice Pompiers (firemen) stood each holding a bouquet of freshly cut flowers and as the representatives of of local gvt and youth organisation were called forward they took a bouquet and laid it on the steps...none of your cheap Chinese poppy wreaths here.

When the Mayor was called forward I was surprised to find he was the bloke standing next to me......no reserved seating for VIP's here.

In short the men had been returned to their community.. and as Noel said "Just a simple reflection on the loss of those who died"

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

@Egbut and @Noel. My thoughts exactly.

While some may attend a Dawn parade locally, I will not but will meet them at the local Taradale Club which is opening the Bar early and providing breakfast.

Later that morning I shall meet others at the Napier RSA including a Bill T [wia],a Surfer and a Hershey Bar eater. We wont have attended any services. In fact will specifically avoid them in case any dog collar wearer or other sun dried numpty feels it necessary to include reference to the Christchurch massacre in its/his/her/theys wombling ramblings. This could make us rather grumpy so the possibility of hearing such horsefeathers is better avoided.

We will meet up, have a light shandy or two, tell lots of lies and discuss absent friends. Perhaps even Lord Egbut and the Veteran may be discussed!

Anzac Day will, for us, have served its purpose.