Sunday, April 28, 2019

Ho Ho Ho Updated


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David said...

You missed one.

Andrei said...

Hey Adolf - I thought you were a Presbyterian

Has the Australian gnome hacked hacked your post and put an Atheist meme at the bottom to mock Holy Pascha

Andrei said...

LOL who'd of thunk it David is posting anti semitic cartoons apprently

Tom Hunter said...


Yeah, I noticed that too yesterday. Ah well. If you look at other blogs around here you'll find that more than a few commentators don't think it's anti-semitic, including a few people who are Christians.

Looks like the attitudes are beginning to shift again. I guess in the three thousand year history of the Jews it shouldn't be a surprise, though I would have thought a few million people exterminated would have purchased a century or so. As Major Strasser observed, Human life is cheap.

Andrei said...

I don't think it is anti-semitic either Tom - everyone is far too precious and takes everything too seriously

I wasn't offended by the cartoon Adolf posted either - I was taking the piss when I drew attention to it.

Shutting down debate by being "offended" is one of the more reprehensible techniques the left have honed into a fine art.