Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I listened to you on the radio yesterday pontificate from on 'low' that NZ First would only support Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill provided it was endorsed by way of referendum.    FFS, haven't you learned anything from the Brexit debacle.

You were elected (and paid) to make decisions and your mealy mouthings that this is a matter for the people to decide cuts no mustard with me.    MPs have access to vast amounts of information on the subject ... including the Select Committee Report and the debates in the House where the arguments are being canvassed in detail.    You are better placed to make an informed decision.  For most of Joe public their information will be limited to 20 second sound bites from whoever can shout the loudest.

Consider this ... say the referendum attracts a 70% turnout.   Say the 'Yes' vote is 60%.    That would see the legislation endorsed by just 42% of those eligible to vote.   And you think that's a good way to determine public policy?

I come back to my central point.    You were elected to govern yet you choose to wimp out in favour of a hospital pass all in the faux name of giving the public a say.    Get a grip and stop playing games.

For the record ... I don't yet have a position on this Bill so, to that extent, I'm neutral at this time. 


Andrei said...

You don't think the people of this country should have a say in whatever our Godless Elites in the beltway dream up is inflicted upon us?

And despite claims to the contrary I had zero say in who our representatives in Wellington are - they were chosen in smokefree back rooms by party commitees long before we had a potemkin election to decide which repulsive individual got to have bragging rights as PM - vitually everyone on my ballot paper last election is currently drawing a large salery polishing a green seat in the parliamentary debating chamber...

Of course 100 years from now this country will be Asian because the European population is being brainwashed into teaching boys it is better to fuck other boys up the ass than to marry a woman and take responsibility for a family - while girls are being taught the most important thing is a career and if they should happen to catch the dread disease of "unplanned pregnancy" to murder that infant before it reach viability.

Indeed we are so far down the toilet culturally we are actually telling boys that they can be girls if they want and are prepared to emasculate them surgically them just to try and prove a point - while girls who want to pretend to be men take dangerous hormones that are illegal for everybody else so they can bulk up and grow a scraggy beard while they fill their trousers with an inflatable penis

So here is this latest thing Euthenasia - those few of us who are awake know what the endgame is - when the poor reach the end of their ecomomically useful life and can no longer be soaked as taxpayers they will be humanely put down...

david said...

Jesusfuckingkadonkey Andrei, you really do lose the plot sometimes.

We already know that you would prefer a god fearing theocracy as it suits your authoritarian BRAND OF RELIGIOUS MISOGYNY.

Of course 100 years from now this country will be Asian because reasons

Hath not an Asian eyes? hath not an Asian hands, organs,
dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with
the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as
a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison
us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not
revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will
resemble you in that.

So, you're also a racist. Fine, I think that suits you well.

The best way to end abortion is factual sex education and freely available contraceptives. Not something your religion is keen to offer. Why do Christians get so uptight about who puts what where? It's none of your business and none of mine.


Gerald said...

Don't be vulgar At Pdtersburg.

The Veteran said...

Gueez folks ... on topic please.

Andrei said...

I'm not a racist at all David - it is quite clear that Anglo Saxon culture is a spent force and will be surplanted by cultures that are more bold and dynamic.

If you look at Universities in New Zealand it is in hard subjects that require intelligence and analytical thinking where people of Asian origin predominate while in the arenas of postmodern tosh asian faces are rarely if ever seen and the empty headed babbling of, often overweight, white women who predominate.

Indeed the link so kindly provided by Gerald above says much about it.

I loved this bit
"A holistic approach to sexuality education is based on the concept of hauora. This approach recognises that sexuality has social, mental and emotional, and spiritual dimensions as well as physical dimensions. These aspects are interrelated. "

But on the important matters procreation and of raising families this curriculum seems curiously silent.

And strangely enough it the descendants of those who bear children and raise them well who will inherit the earth

It isn't racist to point this out - it is elementary biology, those individuals within a population who employ the optimum reproductive strategy leave the most descendants.

Andrei said...

Apologies Veteran, if it seems this thread has been diverted but if you look at the "progressive" agendas that have been foisted upon us, Euthenasia being the latest manifestation along with the further liberalization of our Abortion laws the common thread in all is the theme of DEATH!!!

These agendas do not display any vision for a future at all

David said...

Andrei, the goal of all life is to reproduce, then die. Some species take longer to do it than others.

Why should you have any say in the timing and manner of my death? Why do you want people to suffer a slow, agonising death when there are more humane options? Your tin pot god may forbid it, but your tin pot god holds no sway over me. We are not a theocracy. No one is going to force you into having an abortion or being euthanised. The only one attempting to force people against their own will is you.

Vet, Peters is no different to many other politicians on so called moral issues, when they are afraid of letter writing campaigns from Andrei's grandmother and her host of knitters. They say "Let the people have their say", but they never do on the big issues, like exporting water, increasing taxes, going to war.

Cancer patients at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are being harassed by Melbourne's Andreis. They are not seeing euthanasia, they are seeking treatment, but that doesn't stop the abuse from those who get their morality from The Bible. They will lie, they will harass, and they will abuse people seeking medical help for a serious issue.

Andrei said...

David - I am not seeking any say "in the timing or manner of your death" - you are entire4ly free to end your life in any manner you choose at any time of your choosing. Feel free to wash a handful of sleeping pills down with a bottle of vodka whenever you like - I'm not going to stop you

I don't even mind if those in charge of the care of the terminally ill administer pallitive care that mthey know may hasten the death of their patients or withhold treatments that may prolong life - we all know this happens all the time

What I object is politicians writing a law that allows Doctors to administer lethal drugs with the sole intention of ending a persons life because it will be a bad law which will lead to people being killed before their time and if you can't see that however the law is framed it will not work to everyones satisfaction and will be amended until eventually quite healthy people will be coerced into allowing themselves to be put down for reasons of economics or the material benefit of their relatives.

" the goal of all life is to reproduce, then die. Some species take longer to do it than others." . Well modern Westerners are not particularly good at reproducing themselves and don't put a premium on doing so which is why the West is dying'.

Bill K said...

Andrei, why are you so obsessed with "the West" when you are clearly of The East?

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Vlad Putin is a keen believer in euthanasia ...ask 97 journalists......oh sorry you can't.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran.....Peters is the nearest thing to Russia's "great white hope" so expect the the trolls who read from script to move the spotlight away from any criticism.

Andrei said...

The Euthenasia and (abortion debates) in New Zealand have nothing to do with Vladimir Putin or the Russian Federation Egbut

Russians are in general much much poorer materially than New Zealanders - in fact materially speaking New Zealanders have never had it better, no people in the History of the human race have

Perhaps the problem is if you are born into great comfort and wealth and have never known different then you begin to expect everything as of right and end up squandering your birth right.

There is an old saying "clogs to clogs in three generations"