Friday, April 12, 2019

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David said...

Crooks. The whole family are crooks.

President Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, has retired as a federal appellate judge, ending an investigation into whether she violated judicial conduct rules by participating in fraudulent tax schemes with her siblings.

The court inquiry stemmed from complaints filed last October, after an investigation by The New York Times found that the Trumps had engaged in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the inherited wealth of Mr. Trump and his siblings. Judge Barry not only benefited financially from most of those tax schemes, The Times found; she was also in a position to influence the actions taken by her family.

Retired judges are not subject to conduct rules, so take that elites!

Andrei said...

David rich people use tax experts familiar with the tax code to minimize their tax liabilities

The American tax codes are a nightmare and so complex that most ordinary people cannot, even with the best intentions fully comply with their legal obligations - which allows the authorities to use them to persecute peolple who get out of line

Happened to Willy Nelson I recall who was bankrupted in the process

The Tea Party movement was shutdown by the IRS targeting leading members for audits

Lyndon Johnson also used the IRS to target leading members of Barry Goldwater's campaign in 1964.

It was tax evasion that was eventually used to take Al Capone out

In anycase modern politicians think it is their job to find new ways of raising taxes and to use taxes to punish people for behaviour they disapprove of and then figure out ways of spending it.

Whereas originally taxes were raised to fund specific projects - so a tax might be raised locally to build a school for example

But there you go Governments grow like necrotic cancers and the proportion of the wealth of the Nation they divert to their own arcane purposes increases

Kimbo said...

Lyndon Johnson also used the IRS to target leading members of Barry Goldwater's campaign in 1964.

LBJ also installed a taping system in the Oval Office. Or at least that was always Nixon's defence (along with news of tax audits of George McGovern and Hanoi Jane Fonda) when news broke during the increasing weirdness of Watergate. 😃

Incidentally the likes of Brezhnev and Kosygin, with whom Nixon and Kissinger forged a good working relationship courtesy of détente and the SALT treaty could never figure out what Watergate was all about. So you tape other people, including politicians? And there's something wrong with that?!

Tom Hunter said...

Pfft. Read Caro's 4th volume of his LBJ biography. A full-scale investigation of all his interests in Texas was underway in 1962/63, especially of his Texas TV station, whose advertising revenues were a key part of his wealth. Caro, via interviews with key associates, lays out a convincing case that LBJ had pulled every stunt in the book to cut deals with local Texas business people to advertise on his station in return for political favours. The whole thing raked in tens of millions for LBJ, who even had a special phone line installed for business conversations about the TV station that Laby Bird "owned".

Those same people - the ones still alive - were also down to testify to both Senate and House investigators. Things smelled so bad that there was talk in the Kennedy camp that LBJ might be dumped as VP for the 1964 election. A number of local Texas reporters were chasing down the same informaton, but their reports had not yet gone nationwide in 1963.

In fact the key witness overall, the one who had actually negotiated many of the TV advertising contracts for LBJ and knew all the intimate details, was due to testify to a sub-committee on the afternoon of November 22, 1963. He himself was in trouble with the law and was looking to cut a deal.

Incredibly, in the wake of Kennedy's death, everybody agreed to just drop it all. That included the reporters. The general thinking seems to have been that the country could not be put through another trauma so soon.

Kimbo said...

@ Tom Hunter

Was that Bobby Baker?

Tom Hunter said...

I think so.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Just when you thought that the Tangerine Tyrant could not be any more contradictory along comes wikileaks.

Over 100 tweets over the past couple of years lauding Wikileaks with every thing from
approval to outright praise, after all Wikileaks was partly responsible for his election, and then the police arrested Julien Astrange, extradition papers were put in within 5 minutes of the arrest and now Trump has rowed back on all his tweets. WIKI ARE BAD BASTARDS.

One cant help get the feeling that Mr Astrange has kept something back for a rainy day, he would be a mug if he hasn't