Friday, April 5, 2019

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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

In 1934 Kemel Ataturk said this to us..

"We Turks are confident that, forgetting the meaningless, irrational, intricate tortures of the past, we have created a new life. This life, this view that includes the Turks’ first and universal meaning, has been set in stone with our actions as well. If the nations that left graves opposite us, consider our sincere and new viewpoint well, these graves that face each other will ensure conversation and friendship between us instead of hatred, animosity, and feelings of conflict"

The Ottoman 9th army that faced us at ANZAC were mainly Iraqis and Syrian conscripts, not Turks, and although Muslim by religion were not fighting for Islam as some would have us believe but for the Ottoman Empire much as we were fighting for the British empire.

When the Titahi bay RSA , in spirit of conciliation asked ask a Inman to say prayers on behalf all those whose bodies were shattered by artillery fire and 7.92/.303 rifle fire we said this to them via social media...Fuck off you Muslim pricks.

There is very little positive that can be said about war at the lower end except that those have been there have more respect for the soldiers on the other side than the anonymous keyboard warriors that cause so much distress,.

Tom Hunter said...

Interesting story about one women's thirty year quest to obtain the first issue of the first edition of the first book printed with movable metal type. A Gutenburg Bible..

Every Gutenberg Bible is somewhat different from every other because while Gutenberg’s workshop printed the pages of each massive volume, the printers left it to the purchaser to have them bound and decorated. Guided by the owner’s taste and budget, a whole team of artisans might step in to customize the book—illuminators would be hired to paint the highly pictorial ornamental letters, and specialists known as rubricators added chapter titles and headings separate from the text.

Tom Hunter said...

Joe Biden is now living in the world of accusation he helped to create.

The Revolution, like Saturn, devours its children.

Even very old children.

RosscoWlg said...

@Tom Hunter, and the young children too....looks like Joe Biden Junior, the 2nd son Hunter Biden, is dirty. Nice little article on Breitbart exposing his financial dealings on Daddy's coat tails.

I'm sure poor old deluded Eggie will have some strange take on the son was performing a social service for the American poor>

TDS can do strange things to peoples mind's.

The Veteran said...

Methinks Joe Biden has just been torpedoed by #Me too. That probably leaves Bernie Sanders and that 'All-American Indian' (cough) as front runners.

Simply fascinating to read that 12,000 registered Republicans have donated to the Sanders campaign. That would be like ACT supporters donating to Golly Gosh.

If the options for 2016 were bad that on offer for 2020 look worse.

RosscoWlg said...

I guess Vet there must be 12,000 very frightened rich Americans who would fear nothing worse than "ordinary " Americans (read middle class) having a say in the running of their country.

After all those 12,000 rich Americans were probably responsible for destroying all that middle class wealth back in 2008 with their fancy new money Pyramid schemes?

The decline of GE makes a good proxy for that phenomenon.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

WHo benefits from the demise of Creepy Joe?

Methinks Kamala Harris.

Andrei said...

Simply fascinating to read that 12,000 registered Republicans have donated to the Sanders campaign. That would be like ACT supporters donating to Golly Gosh.

Therein lies a problem with the American primary system - different states run their primary elections with different rules but in every case it is possile for a person intending to vote for one party in the election to vote in the opposite party's primary

Thus in 2016 Democrat voters may well have voted for Donald Trump in the primaries - if so the joke was on them as it turned out - but we do know Trump was the candidate the Clinton campaign want as her opponant

RosscoWlg said...

Adolf... Follow the money... HILARY

Creepy Joe's a moderate so doesn't that leave Hilary as the moderate to the extremists on the Left!

powderburns said...

I wonder if the Yazadis genocide was not uncommon for those conquered by Islamic armies? Sort of wonder too about the silence of the ancient Byzantine tribes and the fallen Roman nations. What triggered the dark ages? What is the link between the Philistines and the Palestinians?

"Questions... I don't know such stuff, I just do eyes, just genetically designed eyes." [bladerunner]

Andrei said...

Senis Lisov was a Chrustian Russian man living in Sweden with his family when his wife got sick and was hospitalized.

The Swedish authorities in their wisdom decided Denis Lisov was unable to take care of his three daughters and put them into foster care with a Muslim Family

So after a year Denis decided to take them home to Russia but was stopped at the Polish border

A Polish court has decided that they can't leave Poland for now but that he can retain custody of his daughters

The Russian Government has said they will provide financial support to the Lisov Family while they remain in Poland

Польский суд оставил с отцом Денисом Лисовым вывезенных из Швеции российских детей

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

So he's a Crusty. My Brother in Law is a Jedi Knight.