Wednesday, April 17, 2019


While NZ basks in the reflected glory of the most transparent and honest government ever, in fact so pure of thought and action it does not even need a functioning executive, what some see as a desirable affliction could be coming to a government near by.

Yesterday while campaigning in Adelaide Bill Shorton adhering to his policy of " if we don't divulge costs we cannot be challenged if they have no relation to economic reality" meme,  repeatedly declined to answer a question from Channel ten reporter Jonathan Lea on costs to the Australian Economy of the rush to lower carbon emissions.
Lea stuck to his guns and things became quite testy but eventually the curtain came down and the total mystery as to what the tax payer will be up for looks like remaining until after the election.

Good work if you can get it but if a few more find their reproductive organs, Billy Bovver Boy nd ex union thug might just lose some of the Gloss the ABC assiduously polish  daily.

Good work Jonathan, upticks here, the suave child of allegedly unmarried parents sure got rattled.

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