Wednesday, April 17, 2019


The various propaganda arms of NZLP are at work.
This morning on Hosking(absent currently with Mike Yardley sitting in) a "News" bulletin described the Tax Working Group" as "Independent" and the long awaited  favourable opportunity to dump it onto a preoccupied citizenry may well come this week as Easter descends for a break that may for many last 10 or so days allowing for the filing to be completed and the drawer shut tight.  History would say whats new?

Independent my posterior, with failed economic guru, call me 'Sir', Michael Cullen who in nine years of siting in the prime seat to inflict this utter usury on a defenceless population avoided the concept totally, yet suddenly 3 years after being out to pasture became the creator as a paid consultant  designing the most draconian use of such thieving for his new paymasters,  he leapt with alacrity  at being installed as Chairman and pilot in command.
Who also in a breathless continuation of the troughing opportunity then became the salesman, read yet more money,  for the flawed destructive envy based assault on economic practice built up over decades of successful operation, albeit somewhat deficient in garnering savings beyond the family home for too many.

Oh sure there was some token representation to provide a shroud of  "Independence" and three of the bunch did manage to deliver a minority report against some of the extremes but it was always an "arms length" deniability for the administration sounding out of the population on further state sanctioned theft disingenuously titled  "Tax reform".  There is already a campaign to call the outcome  delivered by the Cullen Trough as "Fair" and that is also a fraudulent miss representation of the truth.
Fair: Free from Bias, dishonesty or injustice.

How any sane person could define a theft by the state with particular reference to taking from the thrifty, conservative, careful,  responsible, industrious, entrepreneurial and wealth creative of significant portions of accumulated savings of already taxed money invested or banked plus an added impost of further predations on the inflation component of such investments, as  Fair, indicates a blinkered daft use of the word. Deliberate malfeasance comes to into focus.

"Independent",  "Fair", "tax reform", "fiscally neutral", "targeted at speculators", all totally fraudulent use of language to miss represent the truth from a public that will remain in ignorance of the lurch to state control, welfare dependance and economic destruction.

Revenue Minister Nash in a wet defence this morning claimed asking people  "do they want more Tax" getting a resounding Thumbs down" while would they support additional Taxation to provide better health care more nurses getting a big tick. Nice one Stewie, it was originally being sold as Fiscally neutral, Freudian slip eh.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The cowards have bailed on it.

pdm said...

Yep GD - when that 1Independent Group' came back with a report Jacinda and Grant didn't like they sent them away to produce something more palatable. This Cullen and the Labour acolytes did but the three truly independent members then contradicted Cullen's report and made it clear that the decision was not unanimous.

The Veteran said...

So, when the Tax Working Group released their (majority) Report the Government decided to pay Sir Michael a retainer of $1,000 per day to sell the report to the public.

'Our' money well spent??????????????

Feekin expensive doorstop.

Anonymous said...

An 'independent group' finding is a cover to get something they would never dare ask for in their own name. In this case it's our property. Michael Cullen never had the courage to do it when his backside was on the line. Now the thieving bastard got paid to do it and made his art collection exempt. The man is reprehensible.


Andrei said...

Don't worry the News Media will distract from this humiliation for St Jacinda by telling us a coup against Simon Bridges is imminent

Psycho Milt said...

...taking from the thrifty, conservative, careful, responsible, industrious, entrepreneurial and wealth creative...

Your implied argument that wage and salary earners are none of the above is duly noted.

gravedodger said...

So totally wrong Milt their potential losses were going to be far greater than the rich pricks targeted in the failed sales campaign.

I know several hard working tradies proud wage and salary earners and small business risk takers who stood to have a third of their self funded retirement efforts stolen to hand to the feckless. Just the other day talking to a lady who had escaped the City of Sails now living at West Melton working the Garden division of a Wharehouse with money in the Bank. She understood what was at stake no worries.
It would be naive indeed to assume that 33% wont reach over 50% as the eleven billion hole gathers momentum.

Plenty of the TWG still available for rorting in the fraudulent drive to fool some of the people some of the time while the true rich used shamelessly in the failed sales campaign will avoid the net as they are wont to do always. eg the multi million "Family home" in Remmers. vs a modest house on the outskirts of Dunedin or Christchurch, say Green Island, Mosgiel , Kirwee etc.

Breaking news they all get to vote and they are not stupid.

Psycho Milt said...

I don't see that I was wrong. To those of us whose income derives from wages and salaries, the sound of other people shrieking "Unfair!" at the idea they should be taxed on the money they make is the sound of sneering contempt.

Andy said...

Labour, the party with help from the Greens stealing a third of my 11 year old sons bank savings!
Brilliant headline