Wednesday, March 20, 2019

You are being trolled

The term "trolling" or "to troll" arose fairly early in Internet history, with the rise of blogs in the late 1990's and early 2000's.
The deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument.
So far, so well known. But as the Internet has advanced, trolling has taken many new forms, particularly on non-Blog sites, which is why this statement from one of our regular commentators about the upcoming trial of the Chch shooter, worried me somewhat:
Let him speak, let him troll at his trial.

Let the world see him for what he his.

There was a reason why the Nuremberg trials were filmed.
The problem is that in the late 1940's the MSM and the war criminals were not trolling, they were serious. That's not the case now, sadly only a few places get it, and none of them seem to be in NZ: The Atlantic: The Shooter’s Manifesto Was Designed to Troll.
Significant portions of the manifesto appear to be an elaborate troll, written to prey on the mainstream media’s worst tendencies. As the journalist Robert Evans noted, “This manifesto is a trap … laid for journalists searching for the meaning behind this horrific crime. There is truth in there, and valuable clues to the shooter’s radicalization, but it is buried beneath a great deal of, for lack of a better word, ‘shitposting.
But here in New Zealand we get the following, and not from an old MSM site but a hip, cool, new ones like The Spinoff, led by its hip and cool Managing Editor, Duncan Greive:
Similarly an image of Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking holding up an image of a t-shirt with a white supremacist symbol on it has now been taken down, largely due to customer pressure on his show’s sponsor at BNZ. Hosking’s employer, NZME, had “assured us that neither Mike Hosking or his team were aware the symbol used held an alternative meaning”, said a BNZ spokesperson in a tweet.
Time for another classic Internet symbol/meme:

No surprise to find that Hosking and the BNZ are just as dumb!

And the shooter is still at it. I see the MSM breathlessly pronounced that he had "flashed a White Supremacy symbol in Court, smiling as he did so". Well of course he was smiling, he knew exactly what sort of language subversion he was pulling, a 21st century version of the appropriation of the word "gay" by the homosexual community decades ago.

Here's the explantion on the OK symbol, via Emojipedia, No, the OK Hand 👌 is not a symbol of white power:
The myth of the OK gesture as a secret symbol of white supremacy begins in 2017 as a deliberate effort on 4chan to spread the sign as such. It was chosen in part due to its use by the controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos and some white nationalists in support of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Its creators also claimed that the fingers of the OK gesture represent a W for white and the ring a P for power, as illustrated below. 
Online and at gatherings, some members of the alt-right adopted the OK gesture to signal their identity. Many employed it, though, simply to troll liberals who had come to believe the OK hand was a genuine hate symbol—including using 👌 OK Hand to this end on social media.
At this rate we'll probably see Apple and others pulling the old emoji off their apps, although I'd like to think they're at least a little more clued-in than the MSM.

Talking to a friend in Wellington yesterday he laughingly informed me that in one government department a young woman was told that she should not use this hand symbol. Fortunately - and tellingly in terms of generational knowledge - the youngster womansplained to the older person about what exactly was going on.

Funny though the incident was, when such woeful ignorance of the modern world is entering the halls of power it does not give me much confidence as they re-write our laws and regulations.

Back to The Atlantic:
Shitposting is a slang term used to describe the act of posting trollish and usually ironic content designed to derail a conversation or elicit a strong reaction from people who aren’t in on the joke. Certain aspects of the shooter’s manifesto fall into this category. He includes Navy Seal Copypasta, a meme that originated on 4chan. He claims that Spyro: Year of the Dragon, a video game, taught him ethno-nationalism and that Fortnite taught him to “floss on the corpses,” referring to a viral dance move from the game. These absurd references are meant to troll readers.
But before reading dense and difficult-to-understand material like this, perhaps Duncan Greive could just start by reading Emojipedia. Mike Hosking and anybody involved in corporate PR might wish to do the same.

Idiots all.

Based on comments for this article I'm going to add the following from my own comments in response.

The term trolling has been used by many people looking at what this guy said, and that implies an element of the jokester, even in those common cases where there are trolls who so hate a blog or website that they troll for the deliberate purpose of trying to destroy it by starting huge fire-fights in the comments section. See also more modern social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and so forth.

But in this case the system is no mere blog but our multi-ethinic, multi-racial New Zealand society and others like it, which he hates, and he wants us to start fighting a civil war, even a low-level one starting at the cyber level with fights around what is "free speech", so that the whole thing burns down. It's a sort of Year Zero strategy that presumably ends up with his sort in power.

This guy is entirely serious and rational about that and it's no mere trolling effort.


Psycho Milt said...

Well, yeah, this white supremacist mass murderer also wrote a lengthy screed of alt-right in-jokes that mostly only those racist arseholes on 4chan would get. I'm not seeing any great contradiction in that. Lots of racist Internet trolls give you the impression they're only a few drinks away from planning a mass murder, so it's hardly a surprise when one of them actually follows through. That doesn't make his murders "trolling," it makes them "murders."

Andrei said...

So you are saying he is a prankster?


The man is a mass murderer - like I said if he thinks this whole affair is a massive pracitical joke let the world see that

Not many people will find it funny

Tom Hunter said...

So you are saying he is a prankster

It's another part of his deliberate effort to get fighting started, in this case by trolling the MSM into crude, kneejerk reactions and reporting that will further alienate them and society.

To their credit The Atlantic gets this. Few other MSM sources do.

Andrei said...

Charlie Manson took inspiration from the Beatles "Helter Skelter" and read thingsinto it that were nto there as I recall - perhaps the manifesto is nothing other than the bizarre ramblings of a psychopath's mind and not trolling at all

Noel said...

You've got a point Tom the guys been piss taking from the get go.
Rumours the first police interview was an other mocking exercise.
Closed court might prove useful after all.

Tom Hunter said...

It's not taking the piss. And it's not insanity. This POS is serious, if not as clever as he thinks he is.

And no I don't agree with the idea of a closed court. That would mean we're frightened of his ideas. Why would we be? As Andrei said on that other thread, the Nuremberg trials were filmed and extensively reported on, including transcripts of what the Nazis had to say about their "reasons" and "rationale".

I want that exposed here. I want sunlight on this guy and his influences. If we don't then I think it will be another victory for him, along with his impacts on free speech and how we feel today about ourselves as New Zealanders.

Andrei said...

Tom Hunter we are going so far down the Rabbit Hole that even Chelsea Clinton is being blamed for this massacre

Wayne Mapp said...

I think the PM is right. He should not be named. On this, as in other things over the last week, her instincts have been entirely correct.

The main difference to the 1940’s is the whole world had been in a war with the worst crimes in all human history. People throughout the world wanted the people who caused the war to be held to account. Their names were globally known and they had led a nation of nearly 100 million people.

This person was a lone actor, yes he fits within extremism, but even they are only a tiny minority of mostly unknown nameless people. So he should be denied a forum, he should be denied a name. How much better if the Norwegian terrorist had been equally blanked out from having a forum to spread hate.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Who controls external communications controls his country. While researching radar and sonar an interesting link between Hitler and Putin popped up.

It is not generally known but in 1942 the British army parachuted a company of parachute infantry into France in order to try and retrieve parts from a Wurzburg Radar station which was causing problems with shipping and was seen to be more advanced than the their own.. The raid was entire successful with the German General complimenting the paratroopers on their field discipline.

Under heavy fire they retired by sea compliments of the Royal Navy. During the raid they captured a German technician which was was the cherry on the cake....buuut the cherry on the cake turned into the burnt sultana on the bottom.

The technician turned out to be a knob twurler he knew how to work it but he did not know how it worked.

It quickly became apparent that when the superbly manufactured equipment went wrong they did not have the experience to repair it, they just sent it back to the factory.

British radar on the other hand would not have passed any quality control test but the technicians were world class as they were all drawn from the radio ham community, you know the blokes with pipe firmly clenched in teeth could solder up a circuit out spare parts from you sewing machine.

Ham radio was the internet of the day. People communicated around the world without interference or abiding by any law. One of my teachers was a Ham and talked to England every night and next day shared to football scores with the British immigrant kids.....I'm sure they made made money out of it as they were far more streetwise than us Kiwi's.

Point is that Hitler saw this as the flaw in his total dominance and restriction of of outside information and banned Ham radio just as Putin in banning VPNs, has twitter tightly controled and is now looking at making the Russian internet "internal" only

Due to Hitlers decision Britain won the radar wars with the help of extremely talented "ordinary blokes".....wonder what will bite Putin on the arse.

Andrei said...

" How much better if the Norwegian terrorist had been equally blanked out from having a forum to spread hate."

He was Dr Mapp - he was declared insane and locked away incommunicardo forever

And this moron filled in the gaps and put him of a pedestal - he gave him a high falutin title in his manifesto, can't remember what it was and that manifesto has been deep sixed so even if I searched it out and linked to it I would probably be breaking the law and this blog might be too so I can't tell you what that title was but it was redolent of medieval chivalric orders of knighthood

Tom Hunter said...

So he should be denied a forum, he should be denied a name.

I certainly don't use his name, but Wikipedia is there for all to see just to start with one Internet site. I don't think, as a society, we can airbush him away as Stalin did to NKVD chief Yezhov.

Also, judges make a point of keeping witnesses in criminal trials - starting with the defendents - from diverging too far into "political" speeches that are not addressing the facts of the case, so I'm not too concerned about his trial being a forum.

And how much worse off are we for the NYT publishing the Unibomber manifesto for all to see?

Andrei said...

Netflix has a movie about Anders Brevik - I'm surprised it hasn't been pulled yet

On the other hand theatres in New Zealand have pulled "Hotel Munai" which is a true story about Islamic Terrorism in India

Anonymous said...

Mr Hunter - I agree 100%
This POS is trolling hard out and will not stop.
He is not insane - to him it's a game of one-upmanship and being in on the joke, lolz-ing at those who are clueless to his game.

To everyone else, he is the perfect embodiment of everything that is wrong with their political rivals.

He's a fascist, he's a socialist, he's a racist, he's a white supremacist, he's a communist, he's a greenie, he's an Islamaphobe, he's

In essence, he is the 'Joker' agent of chaos archetype personified.
He continues to laugh at us, troll us, and be impressed at his own cleverness.
Sadly, he is the first of many who will follow in his footsteps.

Jim Peters

Tom Hunter said...

I don't think it's a joke, and the term "trolling" that I've used is perhaps not the right word because it implies an element of joking. For the moment it's the best word I can think of, although incitement.

There are trolls who so hate a system - see some of the Far-Left trolls on Kiwiblog - who troll for the deliberate purpose of trying to destroy the systme by starting huge fire-fights.

In this case the system is no mere blog but our multi-ethinic, multiracial New Zealand society and others like it, which he hates, and he wants us to start fighting a civil war, even a low-level one, that burns it down.

This guy is entirely serious and rational about that.

Kimbo said...

Plot theories about JFK’s assassination aside, Im reminded of Jack Ruby’s purported reason for shooting Lee Harvey Oswald - “I wanted to wipe the smirk off his face”. And no, that is not an incitement or encouragement to do the same to our POS. More just an observation that he wants the opportunity and occasion to smirk at our expense. Classic narcissism/psychopathy.

Psycho Milt said...

He's a fascist, he's a socialist, he's a racist, he's a white supremacist, he's a communist, he's a greenie, he's an Islamaphobe, he's

In essence, he is the 'Joker' agent of chaos archetype personified.

What a crock of shit. You need to spend less time reading whatever bullshit he put down on paper and more time looking at his actions. His words are irrelevant.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

If he is insane as I believe he is then there is sometime in the past when he wasn't.
It is important to find the tipping point and I'm sure the inquiry will find it. Very little is known about him but more information will forthcoming after interviewing his internet and social contacts.

The only thing we know at present is that he was radicalised by rightwing internet sites and forums and by meeting white supremist groups such as Sons of Odin overseas. .