Friday, March 15, 2019


Biggest pile of bollocks since last calf marking.

Angst ridden children instructed that the capitalists are destroying the planet will today "STRIKE"   no make that show the gready bastards who created the wonderful world they inhabit how in error they really were and to show their disapproval of human induced warming of the planet.

In doing this ultimate demonstration of virtue signalling, after riding to their place of learn  indoctrination in a carbon powered vehicle, wearing synthetic clothes largely made from carbon based product,  carrying their lunch in a plastic container (shssh dont tell them), while understanding their Prime Minister will be flying to The Naki in a green powered jet plane ( shsh no oil power there) to tell the oil and gas province they will have to make rubber bands stop abusing drugs and get real jobs
Explained that Free stuff is actually paid for by some other person often against their better judgement.
Explain how only one hundred years ago it took an army of labourers using "Horse Power" to create all their food after planting an equal amount of land in fodder for those equines and setting aside another proportion of the food produced  to feed the human army noted above. 
Maybe if time permits explain how only half a century ago there was one phone in a street tied to the wall, the street may or may not have been sealed with Tar (oh not another useful product of  the dreaded oil)
Today these poor bloody children will demonstrate how the future will feed eight billion people with zero carbon activity!!

No protest that Tugger Jones three billion might improve their educat  indoctrination if he stopped wasting it on a forlorn attempt to save his party of thugs at the next encounter with the voters and used it to;
Stop men killing "socks".
Actually got lazy bastards of their sofas, stop abusing their bodies with drugs and went out and got real jobs.
Perhaps even tell the millennials who start life knowing all how less than a century ago just feeding the then much fewer peoples of the globe many  of whom lived in constant hunger and deprivation it took an army of manual labourors to plant, reap then store the basic foods using actual horse power.
After of course planting reaping and storing the fodder on an equal area of land to that which fed the people for those very big horses
Long summer holidays were so child labour could be harnessed for that harvest, no thought of a family holiday at the Batch, Bali, Fiji or whatever the more fortunate of the virtue signallers spent the days of January doing

Oh I almost forgot no need to try to inform them about history they already know everything they need, it is on "Google".


SGT BILKO said...


Waiting for the movie version.

The Veteran said...

GD ... Uptick, uptick, uptick.

Andrei said...

Well the airheaded schoolgirl photo opportunitied by addressing them as has the Green fellow with a shiner

They should all be at school learning calculus so that they can solve differrential equations as to be able to understand better how the climate actually works.

But there you go posturing in the sun is more fun than making the mental effort to come to grips with higher mathematics, the subtlties of which will elude this bunch for life.

And if you wonder why China is ascendant in these troubled times - the answer is right before your eyes.

Chinese students have their noses in their books because for them it is the only way of avoiding a future sorting through discarded trash from the West to retreive recyclable items to keep food on the table.

"We don't need no educaktion..."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Right on the money, Andrei. Again.