Saturday, March 23, 2019


While I loathed much of what Helen Clark held as a political philosophy, I respected her as she came to the office by her own efforts and was a formidable administrator as leader of our Country.
I have neither respect or acceptance for the current appointed person masquerading as the political leader of this nation.
She is as genuine as an orange peel on an onion with the many skins apparent.
Ardern is being lauded internationally for her governance in further restricting Fire arms ownership and in general acting as if she is the ruler of New Zealand.
Sorry she has merely in a virtue signalling reaction to an atrocity perpetrated  on fifty worshippers in two Mosques in my home city by a Foreign National who somehow slipped through the quite demanding process to be a licensed Arms owner,  on basic rights then made up policy on the hoof.
Last time I looked Parliament was still the supreme governing entity for our diminishing democracy.

Yes Ardern has used a speech writer and a teleprompter to make a show of presenting our country to the world as a response but really she has merely moved out from her basic philosophy to make advantage from the tragedy.

As one who has no knowledge of a difference between a GDP figure and a summary of current accounts, can not seperate the Jeopardy of an incident from her strange new word Jeprady,  claimes someone might be 'vunrable' whatever that might mean,  makes an insulting gesture  to  Muslims, Christians and non believers by wearing a bit of cloth on her head when not in a situation that it might be required (then to be worn correctly covering the hair and the neck as a minimum)  her step up to the mark is cringeworthy.

"Carry On Minister" seems to be what is being represented to the citizens of the Nation but that satire will be missed by anyone not yet collecting National Super, Carry on up The Khyber could be the sequel, when this current preoccupation with the shooting tragedy passes and running a government becomes the job at hand again,  then  mismanaging  the rabble begins again sans the fairy dust.


Paulus said...

I agree with you completely. What I am going say will now be moderated elsewhere until it is seen to be politically correct _ I hope not here.
As an 80 year old I'm trying to say that I do not take any responsibility for the tragic massacre. I am not a so called Alt Right - I am however an old White Male so I am supposed by the media to be responsible. The perpetrator is no more than a young male child, who for his own purpose he perpetrated the tragic act of killing some 50 people.
Why - we will never know.
Remember where the media got all their feeds - directly from the perpetrator but they are now blaming where they got their information from.
What was the situation which set up this ? - it was developing many years ago in New Zealand and more recently led by Germany, and confounded by sickly white liberals trying to suck up to the world to show how wonderful we are.
Where it is unique is that it was a white person attacking a Muslim church - for many years and hundreds of thousand of deaths we have seen daily where Muslims were attacking and killing both Muslims and non Muslims around the world - look US 9/11 and at Africa this week.
Our Princess Di/Mother Theresa Nobel Peace Prize candidate has behaved impeccably and she will politically milk if for all its worth in the hope that she will get re elected, but 18 months is a long time.
When will she get back to trying to run the country - there are so many stuff ups it is not funny.
As a reminder the Young Labour fiddler was due in court last week but ??? what has happened - has political expediency covered it up (with a headscarf).
My UK family said last week "Welcome to the Real World - It has been a long time coming". Sad but true - we will never be the same again.

Hal said...

Goodness, you two are a pair of freaks aren’t you? Somewhere near the far right of the autism spectrum I suspect. We don’t know why he did it? He told us; it was listening to views such as yours and getting frightened. You have to live with that now, but what surprises me is your utter lack of self awareness and compassion. In this you stand in stark contrast to the PM, whom you choose to abuse, denigrate and disparage. When will she get back to leading the country? She’s doing that now, morons.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


How many hours each day do you practice making a prick of yourself?

Tom Hunter said...

He told us; it was listening to views such as yours and getting frightened.

That's quite the cherry-picking of his manifesto there maestro. He told us many things, much of which was incoherent bullshit as he jumped between dingbat Left fears like the Eco-death of the Earth from over-population to dingbat Right fears like the White population being swamped. He seemed to be frightened of quite a lot of things and his "ideas" combined fit well with what's become known as the Alt-Right. And as I wrote the other day, much of it may have been deliberate incitement and shitposting of all sides of the debate.

What we do know for sure is that rather than murdering Maori at a Pa, Pacific Islanders in a church, Sikhs or Hindu's at a temple or Chinese immigrants in a Buddhist temple, he murdered a bunch of innocent Muslims in New Zealand. That places him on a rather strange part of the White Supremacist world and yes, Islamophobic, given that NZ Muslins are a group that has never developed any Jihadist capabilities that we know of, certainly not within this country.

BTW: I'm sure Gravedodger happily voted for Tim Groser, who is Muslim the last time I looked.

So, setting aside the Stasi thug tendencies of your Far Left mates here in NZ I think that conversations about Islamic Jihad will continue irrespective of you and yours using the Big, Scary Word "Islamophobia" to silence criticism. Given that more mass casualty terrorist attacks by Jihadists are certain, there's no way you will be able to shut down the conversation.

One more thing: now that our PM is leading the world in the fight against Islamophobia I'm sure she'll be coming out with significant statements and policy concerning China's treatment of an estimated 1.5 million Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang, complete with concentration camps. She'll be brave enough to risk China's anger and possible impact on our trade with them, I'm sure.

Hal said...

I think she will probably and sensibility focus on her own backyard rather than attempt to solve all the word’s problems, Tom. Would you criticise her for that?

I doubt that Gravedodger knew that Tim Groser is/was once a Muslim. In fact, I’m not sure Tim himself identifies has such. Have you told him?

It’s odd that you would avoid directly confronting the prejudices of your fellow bloggers and instead indirectly and passively aggressively refer to them as dingbats. That’s a bit chickenshit guy.

Kimbo said...

Seems that terrorism experts rate Ardern’s competence highly:

...although in the catalogue of past offenders in the “Culture Wars”, I see no mention was made of Ardern’s Deputy Prime Minister.

Don Key Hottie said...


About the same number of hours you spend wanking over DT.

Tom Hunter said...

... rather than attempt to solve all the word’s problems,

I only mentioned China, with whom we have a significant cultural, political and economic interaction. If not us then who. And why not spread the feelings further. She has the example of David Lange to live up to on this front as he battled nuclear weapons on the global stage. Actually perhaps that's where we could see Jacinda next: The Oxford Union debates. God, you guys would swoon with nostalgia.

It’s odd that you would avoid directly confronting the prejudices of your fellow bloggers...

Well I don't regard listing the various bad aspects of Islam as prejudices, in the same way that Chris Hitchens, Bill Maher and countless other Lefties have, and will continue to do so. Though it would not surprise me to find you're one of the Left who despises them as well as Old White Men.

For all I know you're an Islamist yourself, fully supportive of all those things that the West regards as bad about it that religion. You certainly love trying to shut people up and have them repeat only what you pronounce.

... and instead indirectly and passively aggressively refer to them as dingbats
Awwwwww. You're so cute with your own little passive agressive attempt at starting an intra-blogger fight. To bad I only referred to an Alt-Right idea that, to my knowledge, Gravedodger has never bought into. If he did, then I could have an argument with him.

Hal said...

If not us then who? Almost anyone. Why us?

It’s prejudicial because it’s obsessive, dishonest and unbalanced. Pretty simple really. Maher and Hitchens take/took on any and all religious beliefs and tenets. Hitchens in particular was an equal opportunity atheist. I have no problem with that as it’s consistent and principled, and not steeped in xenophobia. And of course Gravedodger is in thrall of the whole Mark Steyn thing about being taken over. That’s what drives his fear, and that of the terrorist coincidentally.

Tom Hunter said...

From that Stuff article:

Secondly, she wants to head off the potential for a culture war inside her country, with elements of the left seeking to identify racism in New Zealand society as the cause of the attack and sections of the right using it to impugn immigration or the Islamic community itself

Gosh - she's talking to Hal as well, with his whole And of course Gravedodger is in thrall of the whole Mark Steyn thing about being taken over. That’s what drives his fear, and that of the terrorist coincidentally.

Though I think the Left are now confident enough about the power of the magic word Islamophobia that they've dropped the racism schtick in talking about West-Islam clashes. And of course culture wars are beloved by the Left, mainly because they've won almost all of them in the West over the last fifty years.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...
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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...
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