Thursday, March 14, 2019

Funny that!

I'm old enough to remember when lines of Hollywood so-called celebrities berated the American President for being a Nazi, a crook, a sleasebag and any other derogatory name you can recall.

"Do not vote for this man," they shouted in unison.   "We, your virtuous heroes beseech you to walk away from this evil fellow."  Or something like that.

Well, yesterday a goodly number of those plastic heroes were laughing on the other sides of their faces as they were arrested for massive fraud and corruption associated with the entrance of their children to some of America's top colleges and universities.   Why, even DNA tested Pocahontas had the gall to point her dirty finger at them.

But now see this interesting little chart of the political donation of those charged with these crimes.

"Quick search of presidential donors among people indicted today for allegedly bribing their kids into college:

Hillary Clinton: 6
Mitt Romney: 6 
Barack Obama: 5 
Marco Rubio: 1 
Donald Trump: 0"
Kinda says it all, doncha think?


SGT BILKO said...

So which one of them paid Jared Kushner's way in?

You need to go back to your Bible and re-read the bits about specks and motes and lies. have you actually read the Bible? You sure don't act as though you took its message to heart.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The traditional method of payment was to donate a building. Such has been the way for ever and ever amen. The preserve of the ultra rich.

Here you have a mob of neuvo riche who paraded themselves as paragons of virtue while slagging off their president. Now they have been caught out cheating and lying - exactly what they accused their president of doing.

Spot the difference? My only regret is that Jane Fonda and John Kerry are not on the list.

Hal said...

Trump’s old man paid for wee Donnie to get into college also (where he no doubt paid to have his work done for him), whereas Obama, for example, got into Harvard on merit, and it drives Trump absolutely crazy. So anyway, meh.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hal, you are on the banned list around here. For the record, he claimed he was born in Kenya in order to qualify for a foreign student scholarship.

Obama had no merit. I suggest you peruse his published writings while editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Noel said...

Don't you mean Indonesia?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


No. I mean Kenya. Snopes is a completely discredited tool of the left.

Hal said...

Interesting, Adolf. Do you have evidence for this “on the record” assertion? Otherwise I can pretty much say anything for the record can’t I?

What do you mean the “banned list”? Why wasn’t I informed?