Friday, March 22, 2019

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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Just discovered Alexandia Occasio-Cortez's tweet....don't use it myself so had to use the interwebby thing.

"Sandy Hook happened 6 years ago and we can’t even get the Senate to hold a vote on universal background checks w/ #HR8. Christchurch happened, and within days New Zealand acted to get weapons of war out of the consumer market. This is what leadership looks like"

No doubt someone will do a character assassination job on her but it doesn't alter the message which seems to be echoing around the world.

David said...

I thought that Trump had brought out all the dumbest Americans and given them their "fifteen minutes" but every now and then one more crawls out of the swamp.

Yep, some dipshit thinks his art is so hugely biggly wonderous that he is suing The Smithsonian for not giving it pride of place.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...
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Kimbo said...

No doubt someone will do a character assassination job on her but it doesn't alter the message which seems to be echoing around the world.

Er, is it character assassination to point out that, based on her statement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't seem to understand that the nation of which she is a Congressional representative does not share the formal constitutional checks and balances, or lack thereof of, as our uncodified Westminster system?

Kimbo said...

But then again are there any peaceful religions?

Are there any commentators in blogworld free of guile, malice and (self) deceit? ;)

Tom Hunter said...

Chuckle. Someone should tell the New Zealand MSM this news:

A March 15 Gallup poll, for example, found that just 31 percent of Americans view Ocasio-Cortez favorably, compared to 41 percent who view her unfavorably. The last time Gallup surveyed AOC's favorable rating was back in September 2018, prior to her election to Congress, when 50 percent of respondents had no opinion or had never heard of her. That number has shrunk to just 29 percent over the past several months as the congresswoman has aggressively made a name for herself on Capitol Hill.
It appears that as more people have gotten to know the congresswoman, the less they like her.
The latest Gallup survey on Hillary Clinton's popularity, from September 2018, found the twice failed presidential candidate was viewed more favorably than Ocasio-Cortez. Clinton's favorable rating was just 36 percent, a record low for HRC, but still better than AOC's most recent number.
Gallup's finding are in line with those of a Fox News poll of registered voters conducted in February, which found that Ocasio-Cortez had a favorable rating of just 26 percent, and an unfavorable rating of 39 percent (-13). In that poll, 34 percent of respondents didn't offer an opinion or said they'd never heard of AOC. Respondents had a slightly better view of President Donald Trump, who had a favorable rating of 43 percent, and an unfavorable rating of 54 percent (-11)

AOC does worse than Trump and Hillary on the favourable/unfavourable ratings. Still it could be worse for AOC:

Socialism, which had a favorable rating of just 25 percent, and an unfavorable rating of 59 percent (-34).

Tom Hunter said...

I'm also amused by the praise that AOC, Bernie Sanders and much of the US Left have placed on Jacinda Adern's, "fast and decisive actions, made even ahead of parliamentary law making. Bold. Brooking no opposition.

That's how the US Left would love a US President to act.

Unless it's Donald Trump or any other Republican.

In those cases Fascism would once again be declared to descending upon America.

Kimbo said...

@ Tom Hunter

Yes, Richard Nixon, admittedly in one of his frequent bouts of self-pity and partisan paranoia, lamented that the “Eastern liberal establishment types” (yes, he also mentioned “Jooz” 😳), were all in favour of the “Imperial Presidency”, but only iwhen it was exercised by JFK and LBJ.

Tom Hunter said...

Trump barely knows we exist but if he wanted to perform another of his epic Twitter trolls pf the US Left, he'd put out the following statement:

Donald J. Trump

Don't agree with compulsory banning and surrender of civilian defence weapons. But New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern certainly showed what can be done when you have decisive powers as the leader of the nation.

Had we something similar here the wall would already be built and the safety of our people improved.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Yes Chunter, he is a very confused man. Fancy getting mixed up with the words assault and defence.

If only the Germans who coined the phrase assault rifle (Sturmgewehr 44) had called it a Verteidigung gewehr (defence rifle). Sounds feasible if you can call a wall a fence.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Seems I upset the religious right 'cos my innocent little post has been deleted....

It is now official......Christianity is NOT a religion of peace.

An Iranian national was turned down for asylum in 2016, with the UK Home Office claiming his conversion from Islam was “inconsistent” with his claim Christianity is a peaceful religion. In the rejection letter from the Government department, published by the Iranian’s immigration case worker this week, six passages from the Bible are listed, with a claim made that Revelations is filled with “images of revenge, destruction, death and violence”. The letter also uses six examples from searchable online holy book Bible Gateway, and quotes parts of The Book of Leviticus from the Old Testament.

Hands up anyone who can name a peaceful religion.

Kimbo said...

Probably pointless as your latest effort is probably destined for the editor's trash bin, but seeing you are determined to strain at the gnat and swallow the camel to make your case...since when is the UK Home Office a recognised scholarly biblical and/or religious studies authority?

And seeing as you're determined to journey to the land of pedant, the last book of the Christian canon is not "Revelations". Instead, the title is singular, "The Revelation (of Jesus Christ)".

For the rest, I can but suggest "put your trust in the LORD...and keep your powder dry". ;)

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Actually couldn't give shit Kimbo, they are all sky fairies and about as relevant as Father Christmas or Chunter to me.

Just tired of the religious right implying that our sky fairy is better than the other sky fairy.

Kimbo said...

Actually couldn’t give a shit Kimbo

Yeah, yeah. The old “I couldn’t give a shit” rejoinder...after you first raised the topic. 😀

And you do know that introductory qualifier, “Actually...”* is a massive come on, you big tease.

Just out of interest (and I know I’m going to regret asking 😳), when was the last time your civil rights were infringed, let alone threatened by a violent religious right wing Christian? I mean actually.

* Kimbo’s law: in blogworld the validity of an argument is in inverse proportion to the use of emphatic adverbs.

Kimbo said...

But I note Brian Tamaki whining he is “deeply offended” the prayer that lead today was Islamic. Just like you, I couldn’t give a shit what offends him, deeply or otherwise. Or “tires” you for that matter.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Kimbo....Genuinely threatened, 1999.... Offended by bigotry and intolerance, daily.

Kimbo said...

Genuinely threatened, 1999

Ok, that has got me wanting to know more...for the moment. Not saying I am necessarily skeptical, although if you are “offended...daily” your threshold to discern a threat is likelylower than most. Plus - and don’t take this personally - you strike me as the sort of guy who could inspire a threat from the Dalai Lama. 😂

Did I also mention that adverb “genuinely” looks like it is emphatic? But as I’m an easygoing sort of guy I’ll keep an open mind on all those caveats...for the moment.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I'll tell you what I want Kimbo, I want to see some of the 50,000 who read this blog throwing in a few comments. There are some interesting people out there. But they don't because of the likes of you playing provocative word games to show how clever you are.

Just accept that some people have opinions that differ from yours and live with it.. You sound more like Chunter everyday.

This conversation stops here.

Tom Hunter said...


I wouldn't bother. Imagine you're in a pub and some old chap in his 70's wants to rant to you about something. He doesn't want to debate, he just wants to dump his opinion on you and have you do nothing but listen.

Any attempt at responding with incisive questions, even done in as friendly a manner as possible, will likely be met by the beer glass being drained and smacked on the table with the words, Well, that's my opinion! End of story.