Thursday, March 14, 2019


A dirty old man seven years ago forced himself onto a 9 year old girl to kiss her, when she escaped she noticed his cock was out of his trousers, and he was her  freakin teacher!!!!

After what seems far goo long he was today convicted and sentenced to six bloody months community service, given name suppression and set free to find another victim.

I know Justice minister Andrew Little has a policy of catch and release but how was that conveyed to the Judiciary in what has all the hallmarks of "their little secret".

It is believed by many, such criminal activity is rarely a one off so with delaying the court process, failing to expose the perpetrator by naming and shaming,  a wet bus ticket sentence that in all likelihood will be served at  minimal inconvenience it seems a total travesty with an overlay of darkness.
Would be nice to know more relevant facts around what seems a depraved old prick being a dirty old man. His Political beliefs,  his relationship status, his religion, his views on paedophilia,  sheesh  his target was only nine years old????

Of course New Zealand is still waiting  for the depraved soul widely suspected of close connections to someone near the very heart of  power in the current NZLP,  who indecently assaulted the younger attendees at the Labour Youth Camp over a year ago as a tyro  foray into the very indecent activity so leniently dealt with today by Judge Raoul Neave.

Say Mister dirty old man maybe meets up with Karma one dark night and Karma gives him the slipper will that perp get such leniency, I doubt it.

Sixty eight so sixty two when he assaulted a pupil in an adjacent room to their classroom and lo and behold his cock popped out due to arousal, no naming on the sexual conviction register,(requested)  no jail time (wtf), name suppression,  been deregistered as a teacher,( he is nearly seventy though not as old as Cardinal Pell) a psyche report suggests little danger of reoffending, no order to prevent associating with children ( also almost mandatory),  and  Neave considers that was Justice "seen to be done"

It just popped out, that is where once upon a time ended you daft prick, even with "Y" fronts and a dodgy zipper,  pull the other one Mister Neave it plays the theme from "Peyton Place",  or does yours just pop out when you want to take a wizz.

Maybe he could come round and help the nice judge fella babysit his grandaughters now he is deemed to be so safe from any chance of reoffending????  Mr Pervert will now be a new best friend  that is for certain.

There is a growing concern in the possible cosy relationship between the CoL and Police HQ that this does nothing to dispel.

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