Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Oh Woe Is Me

Readers will know Adolf maintains good health, i.e. satisfactory blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars etc largely by dent of daily exercise.  Currently, or up until the day before yesterday, that comprised an eight kilometre walk first thing followed by three swims during the day, each of 100 metres.

Yesterday, at the fifty nine minute mark of his 8k 88 minute circuit, Adolf pulled up with what he thought was a sudden cramp in the left calf muscle.  (Note, before walking there is a comprehensive stretch routine of some ten minutes.  rear thigh, front thigh, calves and glutes.)   It was impossible to walk or hobble even a few paces so Adolf resorted to phoning The Cook with 'you'd better come and pick me up.'

An hour later, Adolf's doctor told him there was no cramp issue, however he had badly torn a muscle.  I'm still wondering how I could do that after a good warm up and an hour into the walk, on a gentle downward incline.

Anyway.    Ice twice a day for four days, no walking for a week, then start off again from 20 minutes with a gradual increase each day.

On the bright side and related only as much as a healthy diet is concerned, I've discovered a local commercial fisherman who sells to the public in one kilo packs.

Tarakihi $35, gummy shark $20, king fish $15, black tipped reef shark $10 and blue boned groper $35.  Strangely that $10/kg shark is probably the best value and veeeery tasty.

Caught Wed to Friday, sold on Monday.  Fish for lunch, every day.


David said...

Watch that stretching, Adolf, it can do more harm than good. Neil Craig, champion footballer and sports scientist, including with the Australian Gold Medal cyclists, once said he thought stretching a waste of time "I've never seen a jack rabbit tear a hamstring" were his words. :-)

On the fishy subject - do you get sardines? there was a chap many years ago packaging WA Sardines as well as selling fresh.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No but I remember they were all the go in Fremantle during the seventies.

On the subject of stretching, over many years I have fount it to be most beneficial, particularly after exercise. I don't need some bloody know-all bullshit basketballer to tell me my legs are a lot less stiff after stretching than they are in the absence of same.

(BTW, BSBB is the name I coined for AFL the day I first saw the game in 1970.)

David said...

The Sardinier I was thinking of was in Freo in the 90's.

As for the BSBB, he is now high performance coach for England under Eddie Jones, so that 4/1 Ladbrokes is offering on the RWC looks tempting.

pdm said...

Take things quietly Adolf - get `the cook' on massage duty.