Friday, January 11, 2019


Good old Jim Sallinger , who got hisself fired from NIWA for exceeding his mandate to pontificate now has a new soap box at a Tasmanian higher learning establishment. I for one see a certain Irony in that domicile.
Yesterday he was back on Newstalk ZB telling us again how right he is and those who view the whole money transfer around Global warming,  Anthropogenic Global warming, climate change,  United Nations wealth transfer with varying degrees of belief,  to be enemies of future generations.

This little old planet has had catastrophic periods of tumultuous changes in its environment over the millions of years able to be measured and some influence of mans building of a modern, better equiped, safer,  way of life must have some effect but to suggest that a small release of the vital building block gas, Carbon Dioxide is going to bring civilisation to an abrupt end if taxes and wealth transfers are not  implemented immediately, has a distinct ring of "SCAM" delivering a distinct odour similar to that which accompanies the current economic furore around "Bitcoin".

Just one of the gazillion volcanic eruptions that have been and continue to a part of the planets evolution can deliver a veritable large load of Carbon elements along with so many other now demonised "Green House Gasses that now must be taxed into oblivion.
Think Vesuvius, Taupo, Tarawera, Krakatoa, to mention a very small list of events that spewed millions of tonnes of untaxed, muchly beneficial  basic building blocks for life, Hell I recall the very cold summer Mt Pinatabo delivered in 1991.

If it moves tax it, If it doesn't move still tax it, and now Dr (history) Cullen is going to tax it when represented as value created on paper as more desperate Socialists taking money from those that have created it, saved it or on very rare occasions won or inherited, such wealth.
Baroness Thatcher: Socialism will only last so long as there are taxpayers to fund it then it will end, Venezuela about to be the latest in a long line of failures to prove that fact.
Guess where are Those Venezuelans who could afford to leave are living now as we struggle on here in the prime candidate nation to succeed That South American Disaster.?


Snowflake said...

VENEZUALA SOCIALISM CLIMATE CHANGE TAX SCAM!!!! Hey, I have stupid old white guy BINGO! What do I win?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A much deserved kick in the arse.

RosscoWLG said...

No we have a stupid snowflake with no education, no appreciation of history and something called Media Studies, duh

Have you read The Silk Roads thought not.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

This about the tenth post from Dodger trying to tie the clusterfuck of Venezuela to our current Govt. so I wonder when it will finally pierce the lump of solid Rimu that Dodger uses for a skull that whether the Lunatic left or the Rabid right take charge there will be a disaster unless they are prepared to compromise.

The Rabid Right have taken over Brazil and and wait. Brazil is slipping towards anarchy.

Anonymous said...

Whaleoil linked the radio interview and it was clear that Salinger is completely up himself if his responses reflect of his character. He's a cult member manipulating stats to fit a theory, not a scientist. The more I hear Tim Dower the more I like him.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Dodger..... I forgot the right wing paradise of Ortego's Nicaragua.

Of course Ortega is in constant touch with the rightwing political mercenary and man about town Mr Key...I have the emails. Can you not see the link?

Snowflake said...

As Wigout knows, coz he’s educated himself by reading the Camp of the Saints or some such, the laws of physics are communist and have ruined SOCIALIST VENEZUALA with a TAX GRAB, and it’s a bit chilly today, so CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HOAX!

You guys are cliches to such an extent that you satirise yourselves. It’s kind of sad and funny at the same time. Please never change (not much chance of that though right?).