Monday, September 16, 2019

Bubbles in the think tank.......

The most disturbing brouhaha about  Hurricane Doria  isn’t Trump’s clumsy effort to doctor a National Weather Service map or even his brazen move to get the NWS to bullshit about his involvement.

It’s about how stupidly  petty his motive was. We’ve had presidents trying to cover up a sexual liaison with an intern and a botched burglary, but never have we had one who went to such absurd lengths to cover  up his claim that Alabama was going to be hit by a hurricane?  Face it, this is not rational behaviour.

Not long after Trump also cancelled a meeting with Taliban representatives  The meeting was to have been secret. It was scheduled for the week of the anniversary of 9/11. He cancelled it by tweet.
Does any of this strike you as even remotely rational?

Lets not forget the long planned Denmark visit cancelled because Denmark wouldn’t sell Greenland to the US. Hello?.... Greenland wasn’t for sale. The US no longer buys populated countries.
Agitating to to explore the possibilities of using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes  hitting the US and believing that video games are behind the surge in mass shootings are symptomatic of a failing mind.
I find it easy to believe the story that he has never read a book, gets his information from Fox and people who are agreeable to his ideas and is an extremely ignorant man who has been cocooned in a bubble of wealth all his life.

No president has ever been given the DCM. Nixon resigned because he saw it coming. Trump would sooner start a civil war.
He says trade wars are “good and easy to win”. He insists it’s Chinese rather than US consumers who pay his tariffs. He “orders” American firms to stop doing business in China.

The Chairman of the Federal reserve  is now the “enemy” and retweets a comedian’s sick suggestion that the Clintons were responsible for the suicide of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

I think we have to face the truth that no one seems to want to admit. This is no longer a case of excessive narcissism or grandiosity. We’re not simply dealing with an unusually large ego.
The president of the United States is seriously, frighteningly, dangerously unstable. And he’s getting worse by the day.

Google account holders only please.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, September 14, 2019


There are some similarities between the end of Norman Kirk's short reign and the current, but still expanding, crisis surrounding the Appointed Coalition Of Losers masquerading as the Government of New Zealand.

Big Norm didn't trust anyone and even though he knew he was seriously unwell, refused to hand over the power he had sought for over two decades.

Ardern is just as pigheaded in thinking she can continue. Telling porkies is too easy, and surviving an increasingly questioning media and a public whose collective assessment awaits the next polls, will be just as simple.

With Winston First Leader remaining off the reservation - following as yet unspecified medical reasons,  suggested so far to be minor treatment for "an old rugby injury - the leadership vacuum is palpable.

Thursdays Questions-For-Oral-Answer, had the hapless Kel off the pine to cover for the under-fire PTPM. His tactical efforts had to be admired for the animal cunning he employed. Bennett inquired about the growing crisis around sexual assault by someone said to be very close to the heart of the NZLP component of the coalition, a very best mate of finance Minister Robertson in fact. This person had led the Labour leadership challenges by the first openly gay Leader of Labour, information very quickly scrubbed from the internet sources.

Kel resorted to answering on behalf of the PTPM in Te Reo. Is there a Te Reo word for Umm, or Argh? His answers were unavailable to the tragics watching the circus and even Speaker Mallard, and at least Anne Tolly, were unable to hear some of his brief mumbling.

It's widely understood that for most, if not all socialists, taking any ownership or responsibility for stuffups is an unknown concept. Sheesh, the case against Curran was almost nuclear heat red before the axe fell on her hapless neck.

As to suggestions that Ms Ardern or the number one earner in the Grunter /Alf domestic set up will resign?

Forget it. The good ole "nothing to see here" and "tough it out" attitudes will prevail: it is embedded in their DNA.

One wonders just how many complainants there are who have, to a person, swallowed the Koolaid and accepted the flawed idea that the "Pardy" will solve their problems?

Seven, twelve, twenty - a hundy days?  Hell, it has been running for around two hundred days so far.  As claimed by Tova O'Brien, the first allegations were sent to the Party Leadership six months ago. If there is any truth to the allegations - and remember the sources are normally so pro-Jacindamania that it would be rather extravagant to believe otherwise - then this Very Important Cog in the Labour machine must be a very active male person with an appetite.

Recall just how the Machine, during the Clark years, went to bat for a Pacific Island MP; a man surrounded by allegations so serious that once the "protection" was withdrawn - when the embattled MP threatened to go rogue and Independent - went straight to Gaol without passing GO.

This will limp along until submerged by the Rugby World Cup, the planned UN Bananarama, and whatever else can be tossed out of the Conjuror's Back Hat. The Media will gladly move along and business as usual resumes.

If Darren Hughes can chase a naked young man from his digs in Auntie Annette's little Haitaitai Bungalow, straight into the arms of Mr Plod, and yet see absolutely zero criminal activity brought to light, then this will be easy. Corroborative testimony so far seems entirely absent, from what has been revealed from the Lefty-leaning-Blog of Toby Manhire, which seems to be the only source.

Recall if you will the Brief trying to make a best case scenario for the Summer Camp perpetrator; stating in mitigation that the then sixteen-year old complainant was "Up For IT"!! One wonders how her loved ones thought about that in their private moments!

Add to this the cowardice of so many who are intimidated into silence as to the identity of the alleged "sex pest" - now there is a tidy little euphemism for a vile bastard bringing his unwanted attentions to a growing number of young female starstruck acolytes.

Spare a small consideration for the other male believers who can be considered suspects in the sordid details so far revealed. That would peeve me in the extreme if I was one of them.

So stop expending emotional capital on dreaming of any serious disruption to the good ship "EV Losers" as its Skipper, First Mate and major sponsor ain't gunna stand down. Putting Haworths head on a pike is as good as it gets: he was expendable.

I have ploughed through much of the saga of the Stalin purges of the Nineteen Thirties where most of the surviving old Guard were brought to their knees in being found guilty of trumped up charges - largely supported by confessions obtained under torture, in the false belief they somehow owed more to the success of Communism than any thought of their continued existence.

I am not suggesting there are concrete cells beneath Frazer House. But the subservience exhibited by mind-bent Socialists in throwing young girls under a bus driven by a so-far-protected-from-identification, Very Important Labour Person, defies belief.

As one astute commenter elsewhere stated today, Jacinda Ardern has finally shown true transparency. Almost everyone can see right through her, apart from the dwindling few who refuse to open their eyes or minds.

This Ones For Legbut

A few weeks ago Legbut was displaying his knowledge of global economics by predicting the trade war between China and the US would be the ruination of American farmers - or something.

You see, China had suspended the importation for soya beans from America.

However, Legbut  forgot about events, dear boy.   And, boy oh boy, is African Swine Fever an event!

Not only soya beens but pork as well!!!!!!

If only Stalin knew!

Several years ago when National's Prime Minister John Key was tugging on ponytails it was wall-to-wall 24/7 media coverage - all the way to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ...

And of course there was the endless screaming from the Left about the new standards and definitions of abuse that had to be applied.

But there was a classic piece of deception involved in this situation - one which the Left pull on the Right on countless occasions.

For the National Party - even as the more hysterical claims were dismissed as partisan wankery and nonsense definitions - there was a large element of good faith given for the more sober Lefties: the chin-pullers who made deep, serious and passionate arguments for their case.

The Right shrugged and basically said:
"Well we don't agree with these definitions and accusations - but there's no question that these people are deadly serious in applying these new rules around power and sexObviously people as deeply passionate as this really mean what they say.
And so it was just taken for granted that if - for example - some sexual predator turned up in the middle of the upper reaches of the Labour Party, then the new rules would be applied as they were being applied to John Key.

And now here we are.

And once again - for the umpteenth time - the Right is being vividly reminded that there is no such thing as good faith regarding Left wing "rules". They're never designed to be applied to themselves, only to the Left's political and ideological opponents as a weapon. As soon as they cease being useful for that purpose they're discarded.

It's all part of being a collective that sticks together to achieve The Greater Good.

Facing outsiders, especially when they are the Left's political and ideological enemies, it is essential that solidarity be the rule. The crimes and errors will be dealt with inside the collective - but only inside it. To the outside world even those who have committed the crimes and errors will be defended, for the outsiders have no moral right to judge.

No weaknesses will be revealed, no mistakes admitted, no errors or crimes acknowledged - lest the collective fail and power is lost. In the face of that, what sacrifices are not worth making.

Which is of course precisely the thinking that was applied to these young woman making detailed accusations about sexual assault. Worse yet, this was the thinking that they applied to themselves for months on end as they sought justice from their comrades - until finally the dam broke and they turned to outsiders, and not just outsiders but their supposed political enemies.

I've read many books and articles by people who were trapped in Communist systems, and the stories they tell are exactly like this one in the essentials.

Nickolai Bukharin - Fanatic and Idiot
First, there are those like the hopelessly brainwashed Nikolai Bukharin, an old Bolshevik revolutionary who had worked closely with Lenin and Trotsky.

In the great Soviet purges of the late 1930's he was arrested by the NKVD and indicted for treason. As was standard for the times, he was tortured into making the most extraordinary confessions, convicted and executed in the Lubyanka.

But amazingly, two days before being shot, the old fool penned a note to Stalin, explaining and rationalising his conviction and belief in the Communist Party, that included the following line:

Koba, why do you need me to die?

Koba was Stalin’s old revolutionary pseudonym; they’d been very close. The note was found in Stalin’s desk after his death; he’d kept it there for fifteen years.

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the brainwashed fanaticism.

Second, there are those people who convince themselves that it's all a terrible mistake and misunderstanding as they are brutalised and had great injustices visited upon them.

It is said that the four most common words among prisoners in the Gulag of the 1930's and 1940's were "if only Stalin knew."

If only Stalin knew about the arrests by corrupt and incompetent officials, or the confiscation of grain that left people starving to death, then things would get fixed.

Children of the Arbat captures this very well. The protagonist of the novel, Sasha Pankratov, a sincere and loyal Komsomol member, gets arrested. His friend, Sofiya Aleksandrovna, is mystified and a little scared - but also hopeful:
She would take out the newspapers and gaze at the pictures of Stalin, his simple clothes, the kind wrinkles round his eyes, the wise, calm face of a man with a clear conscience. He was 53. His oldest son was probably the same age as Sasha, and there was another son and a daughter. He knew what family grief was - he had only just lost his wife. If only Sasha's case got to him. 
She was pinning all her hopes on Mark, her brother. He was the head of a huge construction project in the east, a favorite of Ordzhonikidze's. The whole country knew who he was. Stalin knew him, received him and talked to him. Mark would tell Stalin about Sasha. Stalin would ask for the file, perhaps even call Sasha to him. And he'd like Sasha, he couldn't help liking Sasha.
After reading that, have a listen to this Radio NZ interview of a young Labour guy who actually did have the fortitude to confront the prick at the centre of these accusations - and got verbal abuse and a swinging, clenched fist for his troubles. And no action!

Listen especially near the end, to the part where he expresses his earnest desire to meet with Jacinda Adern to tell her all of this.

Wonder that Sasha Pankratov lives!

Finally, there are those who - unlike Bukharin or Sasha - slowly do come to the final terrible realisation that they have been brainwashed into allowing crimes to be committed against themselves and their comrades merely to allow the Collective to gain and retain power, and that their comrades aren't the nice, decent people they thought they were.

There was a sweetly sad example of this recently, involving one of the minor US Democrat candidates running for President, Marianne Williamson, who is a living parody of the dreamy, off-planet, Californian 60's Baby Boomer. In a hot-mic moment from right after a TV interview, she mourned:
“What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are? What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?… It’s such a bizarre world.”
“I didn’t think the left was as mean as the right, they are.”
Awwwwwww. Almost makes me want to buy her a puppy. Marianne is starting to question a few of her most fundamental beliefs.

While she has not yet chosen between the Red and Blue Pill, she's eyeing them nervously.

Another Labour Camp escape
People like this may - slowly - come to realise that to achieve justice they must break from the Collective, and that this has to be done by effectively escaping to a place where they can speak freely and appeal to the outside world.

Even - perhaps especially - to escape to the place of the people you thought were your enemies.

This may involve jumping over a wall or crossing a barbed-wire, patrolled border, or sitting down to be interviewed by Fox News.

Or just walking down a corridor to the office of an Opposition MP.

The gurgler beckons......

Britain and New Zealand have been inextricably linked for nearly two centuries. All the world crises in the this time have been faced together, our family ties, our business connections and shared history make it one of the unique long distance relationships in the world and it grieves me that the country is not only facing a constitutional crisis and crisis of confidence but is now facing a major economical downturn.

Many wrote off “Project fear” as an anti Brexit plot without substance. It seemed to work as the more it spread on social media the more any rational argument in the pubs and clubs, was reduced by the are only scaremongering.

So here is the Governments own report that we were not meant to see. Paragraph 15 has been redacted. So in the words of our American cousins...”Must be some really bad shit there”

As usual the rich will not be affected very much but the those struggling to bring up families on a wage that is still lower than 2007 will catch it in the neck. Please try and read before commenting

Friday, September 13, 2019

Spinning In The Year Of Delivery

The Spin Prime Minister Adern Thought She Ordered The Labour Party To Deliver

The Spin The Labour Party Actually Delivered

Incompetence and other "problems" that start small and internal spread to things large and external.


Home Paddock is someone who understands rural New Zealand, up there with anyone I know.

Ele began her blog when she was well up the tree in National's upper reaches and now concentrates more on matters rural with only occasional forays into the political world.

Today her HP blog prints, in full with some support facts, an open-letter penned by Chris Garland from Baker And Associates. They were the leading farm advisory entity during my time in the Wairarapa, and I have little reason to believe they remain anything but a top outfit still.

Garland makes the case for the serious degradation of the understanding of what rural people endure as they still carry this nation - if not on the sheeps back then still as the backbone of it.

Even much of the high flying tourism industry, that itself causes a degree of spoilage for this beautiful bit of the world, is based around rural activities and a rustic life that is under threat from the Melon-dominated thinking driving the current appointed government.

Watching over the "Cruise Boat" spoilation  of once attractive Akaroa, it would be interesting to know just how many head off to Paua Bay, Catons Bay and even Castle Hill and Haketere for a view of rural NZ. Of the total numbers it's estimated that 1/3 of passengers take a coach trip, while another third just crowd around the township, and the remaining third do not bother to come ashore at all.

Garland reminds us of the three years where the Dairy Industry has had successive bad news, both from their main Co-op, Fonetrra, and in the last two years from serious government threats as to its very continuation as an industry.

Sheep and Beef farmers are still enjoying excellent returns, but a continuing assault from the Melons and more recently, Minister of the Environment, "Nosy" Parker - who is balanced in that he has a chip on both shoulders - has given the lie to any hope that farming has a future.

Head over and take a gander but be warned that it is sobering reading. The post is "BakerAg open letter on water policy"

Little lies beget bigger lies.....

This the double speak of the hard right in British politics who unfortunately still clinging on in minority government which is about much use as a three legged racehorse.

This what they said prior to the glorious leader proroguing parliament.....and they are still there. The media are in no hurry to find a sex scandal while they have this moveable feast

Health Secretary Matt Hancock launching his Tory leadership bid: "There's this idea from some people that to deliver Brexit we should suspend our parliamentary democracy - that we should prorogue Parliament. But that goes against everything that those men who waded on to those beaches fought and died for (on D-Day) and I will not have it."

- Hancock again: "A policy on Brexit to prorogue Parliament would mean the end of the Conservative Party as a serious party of government."

- Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd during the Tory leadership contest: "I think it's outrageous to consider proroguing Parliament. We are not Stuart kings."

- Chancellor Sajid Javid in the Channel 4 leadership debate: "You don't deliver on democracy by trashing democracy. We are not selecting a dictator of our country, we are selecting a prime minister of our country."

- Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove on the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show: "I think it will be wrong for many reasons. I think it would not be true to the best traditions of British democracy."

- Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan on the BBC's Question Time programme: "Proroguing Parliament is clearly a mad suggestion. You cannot say you are going to take back control ... and then go: 'Oh, by the way, we are just going to shut Parliament down for a couple of months, so we are just going to drift out on a no deal'."

The mother of parliaments is now closed for business......

The Moment I Found Out

A brutal piece from the satirical website, The Civilian, that likely will never make the MSM but which deserves much wider coverage, so re-produced in full here.


The moment I found out that you found out, I acted swiftly

By Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

I am every bit as angry as you are.

I am every bit as disappointed as you must be.

The people with power, oversight and the ability to do something about these processes within the Labour Party should be ashamed. Whoever those people are, I am running out of patience with them, and the way they continually let us down, while helpless people like you and me stand by and can only watch failure after failure.

I can assure you, earnestly, that the moment I found out about the fact that you had found out about the facts, I acted immediately to see what the situation was.

I would never sit on my hands if it ever became apparent to me that something had become apparent to you, and that’s my promise.

I was immensely disappointed to learn that our party president, Nigel Haworth, had conducted himself this way. Again.

If I had foreseen that he could do something like this (again), then I would never have let him get away with it in the first place again.

Some of you are still not satisfied with the extent of my involvement in this, and that’s okay (legally).

But it was only on Monday that I learned that you had learned that Paula Bennett had learned that others had learned, and the moment I heard that others had heard, and that Grant had heard, and that Mike had heard and Rob had heard, then I acted swiftly to wait for Nigel to resign.

I was fixing myself a coffee on Monday night and Clarke said to me “What’s all this about? Didn’t you know about this five weeks ago?”

And I said “I didn’t know the extent of it! I thought it was just bullying!”

I never promised that our party would be free of bullying. Government is about compromise, and we are in a coalition with New Zealand First.

I know that many of you are sceptical of us now, in large part because this has happened not once, but twice. But if you can find it in yourself to put your trust in me once again, then I promise you there will not be a fourth time.

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9/11: Just like guns that shoot at people

The New York Times has decided to do a little bit of a memorial for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and they have done it in the wonderful style of writing that is so beloved nowadays when uncomfortable topics are up for discussion.

It's rather like this NYT headline a few years ago:

You see! 

They were special magical rocks that just rose up off the ground and headed straight for the Jewish guy's car.

Like those special magical planes that just "took aim" at the Twin Towers eighteen years ago.

There are many ways in which half-truths can be sold, but the passive voice is one of the most effective.

Still, I suppose it's an improvement on this image that filled a page of the New York Times as part of a review of an important new book.

The book had just been published and had been written by a legendary 1960's leader of the US Far Left, Bill Ayers.

Ayers and his terrorist group The Weather Underground, had set bombs all over the USA, including trying to bomb the Pentagon. And there was nothing passive about his voice, back then or in the book:
"I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough"
The edition of the NYT containing that review hit the New York streets in the early hours of the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

If you love history you have to love irony.

And unlike any Right-Winger who ever uttered such words or something similar, Mr Ayers has continued to have a career in academia, living comfortably in Chicago, where he is a figure respected enough to be regularly invited to make speeches.

No shame in righteousness you see.

Check out the previous example of this repeating theme of headlines and "reporting" that is made to fit within an already established Narrative. Here it's, Islamic Jihadists Must Not Be Mentioned.

Previously it was, No Credit Must Be Given Trump Under Any Circumstances: Die MSM, Die 2.0 - The Narrative (NYT flip-flops)

Heh! Loved this reponse:

“Got to get those airplanes under control, keep them from hijacking hapless terrorists.”

For those of you who thought this passive wording bullshit was the fault of some moronic little intern, it wasn't. It's a direct quote from the linked article:

Layers and layers of fact checkers and editors.....

Yay! They finally figured it out:

The madness just gets madder....

The week just keeps getting better for Boris Trump, I call him that now because he is taking pages right out of Trumps playbook.
Suspending parliament?...not a great idea particularly if you are misleading the Queen.

The ruling that Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was unlawful was delivered by three of the most senior judges in Scotland, sitting in the nation’s highest court of appeal.
Their devastating judgment now makes a Borixit (Boris exit) almost certain.
In a joint ruling the three judges said: "All three First Division judges have decided that the PM’s advice to HM the Queen is justiciable, that it was motivated by the improper purpose of stymying parliament and that it, and what has followed from it, is unlawful."

Legal sources are saying that Mr Johnson would have to resign if he is found to have misled the Queen about suspending parliament.

Downing Street has also rejected talks of a pact with Nigel Farage at the next general election -
A senior Conservative source added: "Neither Nigel Farage nor Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near Government."... I can almost hear the votes splitting from here.

Andrea Leadsom, the business secretary, signalled Johnson will defy parliament’s order to release the Operation Yellowhammer dossier  which outlines food, medicine shortages and travel disruptions  – arguing the public was better left in the dark.....another not so bright idea.

All in all I will sleep a lot easier tonight as the nightmare of Brexit is fast receding

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


On one level I'd be lying if I tried to make out that I derived no great pleasure from this post.  On another level I'm saddened because the Prime Minister has, single handily, tarnished both herself and her office.

Parliament is a fishbowl and it is totally inconceivable that Jacinda Ardern knew nothing of the allegations made by a Labour Party activist against a senior staffer in her office.  I go further, Wayne Mapp a little while ago took me to task for calling 'her' a silly little girl. In deference to Wayne, who I have huge respect for, I pulled back.   No more ... the Prime Minister is surrounded by staffers who monitor the networks and social media with the sole job of keeping her abreast of the good (favored) and the bad (not).    For Ardern to claim the first she knew nothing of the details of the allegations until Monday is just not credible.    In short, 'she' is a liar ... either she chose not to hear or actively encouraged the cover-up in the hope it would go away.

And now it's confirmed that the senior staffer involved is a close confidante of Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance and number three in the Labour Party hierarchy.

Whatever ... Ardern is not fit for purpose but she will brazen it out because she is the Labour Party ... but it's not the Labour Party that my Dad tramped the streets for.

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive (Sir Walter Scott 1808, Jacinda Ardern 2019).

I expect push-back from Holden, flake, Noel and Gerald and all her other enablers ... keep on keeping on kidding yourselves.   But Milt, you surprise me ... better the Greens stood aloof.   Winston ain't going near this with a barge pole ... he knows shit both stinks and contaminates.


Breaking news just announced.   The sacrificial lamb slaughtered.

Anything to protect the fairy princess, who is pictured below in one of the many disguises she will be wearing from now when asked if she is the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party.

I know nothing, nothing!

Paula Bennett's speech in General Debate this afternoon is pretty bloody sobering.

Mike Munro, Andrew Campbell and Rob Salmond all knew of these accusations months ago according to the victims who have talked to Bennett.

The guy was Grant Robertson's campaign manager when he was having a crack at the Labour leadership several years ago. Jesus - no wonder everybody and their dog has known the name for some time.


Good God! Given the wide variance between her explanations in the last twenty four hours and her statements on the subject of these assaults over the last few weeks, I can't help thinking that it is appropriate here to paraphrase the famous statement about Richard Nixon in describing Prime Minister Adern:

When was she Prime Minister and when did she know it?


The Ten D's of Defence tactics are:
  • Deflect
  • Delay
  • Deny
  • Discount
  • Deceive
  • Divide
  • Dulcify
  • Discredit
  • Destroy
  • Deal
Good morning all: even my coffee cup wonders what the hell is happening.

During a very wet night in February 1997, North of Fairlie at the gates to The Mckenzie, unseasonal heavy rains, involving thunderstorm activity, raised 
flood waters to alarming levels in both branches of the Opua river.

On a narrowing section a group of Sth Canterbury water users had almost completed an earth dam to provide summer flow augmentation to the river that flowed across the plains. The gathering water soon rose over the almost completed structure, causing damage that rapidly escalated to a full-on disaster as over 70 million cubic meters of water - with gravity as a catalyst - rampaged down river.

Thankfully no one was killed, although at that time of year there were many campsites along the often beautiful stream banks.

Faced with abnormal, but not totally unexpected conditions, the best-laid plans were exposed to all. In reality, January, February - even extending into March and on rarer occasions April - should have given opportunity for a completion, where the spillway would have coped in protecting the edifice.

It seems to be similar for the Beltway; normally precipitating little matters suddenly morphing into destructive forces.

One massive central theme for anyone resorting to The Lie; it must be credible, it must remain concerted and no one can ever vary from it.

Even Idiots should have seen the danger; that starry-eyed, late-teens, motivated by the much publicised star quality of the Prime Minister scattering fairy dust, and some from her power base in Auckland - might not accept circa 2019, that a male in a position of power, with seeming total protection because of a perceived value too great to be threatened, can threaten them and get away with it.

Of course it is not hard to assume that bullet-proof, star-struck youth might be inveigled into silence with anyone outside the "Party" - the Party they had ambitions to become a part of. Such tactics had been exposed thoroughly eighteen months earlier, when four equally star-struck young people, groped by a protected species of male socialist, were silenced for a time. Even the proud parents of the acolyte pollies were deemed unnecessary to be informed that things had gone South at the Camp.

Do the dinosaur-like socialists of the 21st century not understand that what might have been seen as young people being,... well,... immature in the century of the formation of the united socialist construct - was now seen as unacceptable after years of emerging rights for all, including a right to say "no"?

In the age of the internet, freedom of information makes it impossible to keep every one "stumm".

Hell, even before the internet, information leaking out in multiple forms of media had smashed the Berlin Wall that had been decorated for decades by dead East Germans trying to flee. An outcome that those who had been forged in the shadow of annihilation from nuclear war between the diametrically opposed philosophies - Left and Right, Democracy and Communism, Free and Oppresse - could never have dreamed of ending ever, certainly not in their lifetimes.

Prime Minister Ardern has clearly been exposed as just one more politician who believes in the Goebbels meme; that if you tell a lie often enough and if it's big enough, sufficient people will come to believe it to be the truth.

Err, No, Madam PM. 

It is not enough to control the dead tree press, radio and television. The world now has a modern concept that originated as Pamphlets centuries ago, where the little people who might be considered powerless, sometimes became incensed sufficiently to inquire if the Emperor was indeed without Raiment.

Dripping water will wear down a stone. Flowing water can move boulders. Floods can turn stones and rocks into sand.


For the first time in two years the media has turned full frontal on Jacinda Ardern in stories here and here over her mishandling of the latest sex scandal to rock the Labour Party.

Two comments stick out ... 'She keeps talking about the Labour Party as if it is some remote body she has heard of, not as if she is its leader' and this which really pokes the knife in ... 'The image she has increasingly earned, and is looking like she is now stuck with, is a hands-off operator, a person for the press release and photo shoot, not for the detail'

The emperor without any clothes and its not a pretty sight.   She's safe, Labour is stuck with her because she is the Labour Party but she needs a fall guy and quick to take the heat off.   Just a few days ago when I posted a piece predicting the resignation of the Labour Party President over this as the sacrificial lamb the defenders of the faith poo pooed the idea ... nothing to see here, move on was the meme.    Is anyone still of the same mind?  

Updated ... it is now confirmed the Police are investigating the matter.

That's a fair comment.......

Most people distrust the media and most people are right. It’s healthy to question what you’re being told – that’s the mark of an intelligent and independent populace. And the media in the United States are, in fact, “biased” in many ways. Not always toward the left or right, but frequently toward reaffirming the worldview of an insular establishment.

It should be obvious that there can’t be such a thing as a neutral journalist. We all have moral instincts and points of view. Those points of view will color our interpretations of the facts. The best course of action is to acknowledge where we’re coming from. If we show an awareness of our own political leanings, it actually makes us more trustworthy than if we’re in denial about them.
Two recent controversies show how supposedly neutral journalists deny their biases. The Washington Posts factchecker gave Bernie Sanders a “mostly false” rating for claiming that there are half a million medical-related bankruptcies a year. It was quite obvious that Sanders was relying on published research, and the claim was not in fact “mostly false”. But the Post has a history of these sorts of fact-free “factchecks” – when Sanders claimed that “millions of Americans” work multiple jobs, Glenn Kessler labeled the statement “misleading”, even though it was completely true. Ryan Grim has compiled a list of the appalling record of the Post’s unfair attacks on claims from the political left. Whatever this is, it isn’t factchecking.

It’s not just an anti-Sanders bias. Donald Trump has some legitimate complaints about the press, too. Because he tells whopping lies all the time, journalists are predisposed to believe the worst about him and his administration. Recently, a Bloomberg Law reporter accused a labor department official of antisemitic Facebook posts.

 It was obvious the posts were sarcastic, and the reporter’s work was heavily critised and the coverage amended. Because of past stories involving administration ties to antisemites, and Trump’s own use of language about Jewish people that would be considered scandalous if it came from Ilhan Omar, the reporter was inclined to think the worst.

But if we automatically assume that Trump is the one in the wrong, we may end up with egg our faces. For example, when Trump claimed that millions of non-citizens voted illegally in the 2016 election, the Washington Post called him out in a “factcheck”. But it turned out the Washington Post itself had published an article making this very same claim. The factcheckers were so sure Trump invented the lie that they didn’t notice they had spread it themselves.

I’m not inclined to defend Trump – I wrote a whole book about him called Anatomy of a Monstrosity that accused him of being one of the worst people in the world. But I also know that if my feelings about Trump lead to my making factual misstatements about him, his supporters will pounce, and claim that my bias destroys my credibility. If I state my prejudices up front, people will see me as more honest than if I pretend to be a mere “fact checker” when I’m clearly an opinion writer.

My personal experience is that conservatives are far more open to leftwing arguments when they come from people who are honest about their politics, and don’t pretend not to have a point of view. I run a small magazine called Current Affairs, which operates from an unabashedly leftwing perspective. The letters we get from conservative readers indicate that many of them find the honesty refreshing, and it makes them more likely to hear us out.
One reason conservatives hate the “mainstream media” is that it pretends to be something it isn’t. Conservatives think the press has a “liberal” bias; I tend to agree with Herman and Chomsky that it would be better described as a “corporate” bias reflecting the elitist centrism that has come to dominate the Democratic party. But few at MSNBC or CNN would admit that they’re partisan networks.
That’s what they do in Great Britain, though – the major newspapers are open about having a political leaning. The Guardian, for example, is an explicitly left-leaning paper and everybody knows it. By contrast, the New York Times is clearly inclined toward Democratic centrism, but it won’t admit it. The editor of the op-ed page sayes that they strive for “viewpoint diversity”, but it’s clear that he doesn’t mean it. After all, they don’t have columnists from the far right, and they don’t have Marxist columnists. At least Fox News has been honest enough drop its old “Fair and Balanced” motto. If your paper is liberal, just embrace it – and then you can fire “viewpoint diversity” conservatives like Bret Stephens.
Paradoxically, rebuilding trust requires embracing bias. Not embracing untruthfulness, but admitting your politics so that both writer and audience can be critical. I think the hope for media is in outlets like the Intercept, Jacobin and my own little magazine, because readers like transparency. (This is also one reason why people respect Bernie Sanders even when they disagree with him: they don’t think he’s trying to appear to be something he isn’t.) The salesman who tells you what he wants you to buy is more trustworthy than the one who insists he isn’t trying to sell you anything at all.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

"A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices"

Our Part-Time Opposition Leader is currently in China, having taken some more time off so he can get in some high-quality fundraising for the next election. He's joined in China by the Chinese government's representative in National's caucus, Jian Yang, who'll no doubt come in handy for those fund-raising negotiations - especially about how to make the donations more opaque now that the Mongolian Rider Horse Laundry has been uncovered.

The trip also includes India, but Bridges is accompanied only by Gerry Brownlee there, the lack of an Indian MP rep presumably due to the "one Chinese is worth two Indians" approach to fundraising that Bridges is known for.

While in China, Bridges has taken the opportunity to praise the great work of the Communist Party of China:

He praised the Communist Party of China (CPC) for taking the country from mass poverty to economic prosperity, calling it an "amazing story".
"The transformation has been so dramatic," he said. "We have felt the privilege of being able to have many firsts with your party and with your country." 
Those 'firsts' included the countries' first free trade agreement and New Zealand joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  
"These things have been very good between our countries, and of course have been driven by the CPC," Bridges added.

That muffled shrieking you can hear is just Sid Holland howling from his grave, ignore it.

They also took the time to have a chat with the head of China's spy agency, to talk about... yeah, I'm wondering about that too. Yang was there, so maybe it was him who had something to discuss with the spy chief. Anne-Marie Brady tweeted about it - the resulting thread is also worth a look:

The look of a man about to be Britains shortest serving PM....

No one thought it would ever come to this. A full blown constitutional crisis, parliament shutdown, the speaker about to resign, the Tory’s well thought of work and pensions minister Amber Rudd has resigned from parliament and the Tory party as has the Prime Ministers own brother. Not to mention 21 other long serving Party and government members. I suppose I better mention the Tory MP for Dover who is facing sex charges in the  High  Court next week.                                                                            The Conservatives do sex scandals so much better than their NZ  counterparts.

The Queen has given her assent to the “no deal” bill which means that any attempt to crash out from the EU without some form of trade deal will be deemed illegal. At least under Trump the US constitution albeit a bit shaky is holding together, the Republicans  are still hanging together as opposed to separately...... unlike the Torys.

Johnson who admires and bases himself on Winston Churchill has not the qualities of leadership and mistook bullying for statesmanship, he was not known as the Bullingdon bully for nothing and if Tom Browns Schooldays were to be re written he would undoubtedly be cast as Flashman. He is not cut out for high office and the people who put him there have a lot to answer for.

Monday, September 9, 2019


When the Labour Summer Camp sexual assaults came out of the shadows over eighteen months ago it seemed that soon the Police would be involved and "Justice" set loose to do its job. Err..., no that would only apply for the peasants getting drunk and behaving as tools.

That soon became submerged as the NZLP - a Party that might still be seen by many to be opposed to such exploitation of people on the losing side of a power imbalance - took a path on an issue that to many, self included, looked to be a scourge to be exposed, not obscured.

Law firm Russell Mcveigh did not get that treatment; they suffered image-damaging marches and street protest.

Most probably all those attending the camp sought significant additional CV stuff as aspiring socialists to advance within the "Party" to any level desired - with its big name attendees passing through to deliver a list of wonderful additions to such a "CV". PTPM Ardern, Party secretary Andrew Kirton - since moved away from the fire - as well asMPs Coffee and Liz Craig, to name a few.

It very soon became apparent, to those who had more than a passing interest, that threats of termination of any dreams of a future in the once great party, depended upon keeping "stumm".
That doctrine of deny, delay, defer, dismiss and certainly keep it "In House" seems the only conclusion to be drawn.

The more recent Perpetrator, that has finally woken Ali Mau from her blinkered sleeping space, revealed more of what the Victims have been dealing with. But it defies belief that this once-great Party, Champion Of The Oppressed and all that, thinks a directive from the Party President for the alleged victims to avoid Party offices and other places of risk where they might encounter the "Pest" is a "solution". This needs a better remedy forthwith.

This is not Moscow c1935. This is multicultural, justice for all, fair, even-handed treatment New Zealand 2019.

A playful, if somewhat stupid bit of over-familiar ponytail tugging at a Sunday Morning coffee at the local Cafe, demanded a level of Media interest that went on ad nauseum for weeks, and which is still regarded as relevant years later. If such media interest is somehow inappropriate in this case then things are more screwed than even a cynic might accept.

No one is too big to be brought to account, even if they inexplicably have engaged "Three Queens Counsels", as is rumoured to pre-empt any hint of releasing a name not under any court suppression order. The "sex pest" may know where bodies are buried, but if the latest allegations as revealed in weekend media have a hint of truth, then exposure is the only option that remains and adding bodies a mere collateral damage problem.

Why The Media Can't Be Trusted

Here are two side by side headlines from 'Real Clear Politics.'

August Jobs Report Is Very Bad News for Democrats

Slowing Job Growth Raises 2020 Stakes for Trump

The poor buggers at the leftie rag struggle to put lipstick on a pig, resorting to the old excuse 'aaaah but the growth rate is slowing.'  Never mind the fact that employment among blacks and latinos is the highest in decades and general unemployment is the lowest.

Not only is the media attempting to paint president Trump as a racist but it ia also trying to create a recession.

Go and read them both and you'll see why President Trump is a shoe in for 2020.

BTW, I strongly recommend 'Real Clear Politics' because they gather leading opinion from both left and right, allowing readers to make up their own minds as to which opinions are full of it.

Sunday, September 8, 2019


Two thirds into their term and it's an appropriate time to rate Jacinda Ardern's  cabinet in this, their year of delivery.      My rating is based on perception and perception only.   I have gone one step further to include an annotation where I think the recipient is on 'negative' (rating) watch ... hat-tip to S&P.    Twas an interesting exercise where I had to work hard to edit out my clear political bias.      I leave it to you to judge whether or not I was successful in doing so.

The listing is in the Cabinet order of seniority .....

Jacinda Ardern - 8.0 - negative
Winston Peters - 7.5
Kelvin Davis - 2.0
Grant Robertson - 8.5
Phil Twyford -  1.0
Megan Woods - 5.0
Chris Hipkins - 4.0
Andrew Little - 3.0 - negative
Carmel Sepolini - 4.0
David Clark - 2.0
David Parker - 6.0
Nanaia Mahuta - 4.0
Stuart Nash - 4.0
Iain Lees-Galloway - 2.5 - negative
Jenny Salesa - 5.0
Damien O'Connor - 7.5
Kris Faafoi - 7.0
Ron Mark - 7.0
Tracey Martin - 4.5 - negative
Shane Jones - 3.5

Please feel free to agree or disagree.

Limited blogging from now through to the end of the month.   I'm hither and yon doing God's work.

Ho Ho Ho


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Electoral College: “if it wasn’t specifically in the Constitution … it would be unconstitutional”

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