Saturday, December 22, 2018


Ngapuhi have a reputation as a warrior tribe.   In years gone by when they tired of fratricide they used to sally forth from the North in search of easier prey.   My good mate from Te Araroa on the East Coast once explained his bitterness towards Ngapuhi ... they ate my ancestors.

The infighting continues to this day.     Andrew Little has just announced the result of the Ngapuhi-wide vote on the 'Evolved Mandate' proposal ... translated ... who gets to negotiate with the Crown the terms of  'their' treaty settlement.    The threshold for the mandate's adoption was 75% agreement. Individuals voted 52-48 for adoption while the Hapu result was a resounding NO with 73 voting to oppose and only 31 in favour.

So it's back to the drawing boards although clearly they're running out of options.   Equally clear the fact that Ngapuhi enjoy fighting among themselves in preference to sitting down and negotiating a settlement that would see the tribe in a position to emulate the commercial success of Ngai Tahu.    In the meantime their leaders, so called, continue to live high on the hog looking forward to further Hui and much koreao (not forgetting the honorarium and expenses).  

Chris Finlayson had it about right in his valedictory when he said miracles can sometime happen ... Sonny Tau (of dead bird smuggling fame) might decide to go a live in Iceland.     

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