Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Those of you who watched/heard Chris Finlayson's valedictory speech in the House will have had it confirmed that Parliament has lost an inherently decent man of undoubted ability, integrity and passion for making New Zealand a better place.

The Neanderthals sought to denigrate his work as Treaty Settlements Minister and did so because they were too thick and stupid to recognise that there were/are genuine grievances that needed to be put right.    The paucity of their argument was such that they were forced to resort to a whispering campaign focusing on his sexuality ... 'Twinks for dessert anyone'.   Sez more about them than it does about CF.

Finlayson was a liberal conservative in the Jack Marshall tradition and a devout Catholic to boot.   He didn't/doesn't stand fools and has a razor sharp intellect.   He will mainly be remembered as having presided over close to 60 Treaty settlements and while I suspect we haven't heard the last of him one thing for sure, history will treat him kindly.


Anonymous said...

Treaty settlements? They may be called that but the reality is that "settlements" will only cease when we say "enough" and mean it. I think Finlayson is on a par with Palmer as a destroyer of law for tribalism. He was not electable which also annoys me as I hate the idea of list MP's.

Otherwise, Merry Christmas.


RosscoWlg said...

You're a miserable prick arent you 3:16?

He wasn't elected, half the bloody Parliament is not elected, the current govt rules because there are 2 parties without an elected member, so on that basis hes pretty dam good.

When you look at the twats in power now, 9 years in opposition and they still didn't have any policies they could implement as they were lazy little shits too intent on back stabbing each other.

I think Finlayson was an excellent soldier with the precincts of the Key Govt. He did his job to the best of his abilities, that's all Key wanted. Key didn't want anything that would rock the "popular party" such as policy abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal, or reforming the Attorney General's office or the Judicial system or a topt to bottom reform of the imprisonment system, in any way shape or form.

I found it totally ironic of Finlayson's comment in the Herald that he cant stand Trumps "populist" politics but he was quite happy to go along with a guy who put new meaning to the word "popular" and moved the National Party so far left. I guess at the end of the day Key paid his wages so why rock the boat.

"settlements" will only cease when we say "enough" and mean it.... cant agree more with your sentiment here!

Otherwise Happy New Year :)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"3:16" and "hate" don't quite fit together on the same page.

So you don't like the concept of list MPs? Too bad. It's what you've got so you'd better get used to it.

David said...

"3:16" and "hate" don't quite fit together on the same page.

I have always found that the more a person emphasises their religion the more hateful they are, so 3:16 is a perfect match.

I get 3:16 doesn't like MMP, and that he/she/it doesn't like anything that allows maori a little snippet of white privilege, but I don't get why he/she/it complains about unelected MP's when he/she/it is happy to bow before an unelected god!

RosscoWlg said...

Hey David.. that's putting the boot into 3:16, hate to see what you would do to 3:17 !!!!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, there is no white privilege in NZ. Plenty of brown privilege though. You must have had your eyes shut all the time you were there.

Special seats in parliament, special low interest loans, special single bedroom hotels for all their young men.

Oh and by the way, the world's billions of Christians voted for God, in case you didn't notice. They didn't vote for Allah, Buddha, Al Gore or your friend Stalin.

David said...

Hmm, so when was this election, Adolf? And who was on the ballot paper? Your tin pot god only manager 33% of the vote, even Malcolm Turnbull did better than that. In fact, the latest Newspoll has god's share of the vote declining for the 103rf poll in a row.