Monday, November 19, 2018


At the very best it is a f**k-up by an incompetent and arrogant Minister.   At worst ... I'll leave that to your imagination remembering that St Jacinda advised 'us' to read between the lines before making judgement ... dumb comment.

Let's delve into the incompetent and arrogant bit and in doing so we'll put to one side the revelation that I L-G now admits that it took him less than an hour to make the 'most difficult decision of his ministerial career' and noting that he didn't even read the complete file ... now I would have thought a smart and savvy minister, making a legitimate decision, might have recognised the decision was going to attract huge public scrutiny and offered to brief the Opposition in advance of going public.   If he had done that any controversy would have been headed off at the pass.

But no, he chose not to and he is now reaping the consequences of that.    I note that Red Radio is playing its part in running defense for I L-G by broadcasting an interview with his mother in the Czech Republic which she argued in essence that her son was a good boy and loved small animals and things ... what c r a p.

Some have opined Lees-Galloway's decision was predicated on the fact that Sroubek might have  negotiated a sweetheart deal with the Police to become a 'supergrass' informant in return for his staying here (does happen).  Well, if that were he case then the ensuing brouhaha has rendered him useless in that regard and all because the Minister was so incompetent and arrogant to understand the dynamics in play.

But of course there might be other matters contained in the file that I L-G, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister didn't want the Opposition to see.  

By any measure this is a clusterf**k for the government and it's not going away anytime soon.   Watch this space.        


Gerald said...

Is the final Immigration report out?

Noel said...

Initially there were claims that Sroubek went back.
Whilst this was acknowledged by Immigration
“It has since been revealed the file the minister considered did not include documentation showing Sroubek returned to Europe. It is understood all decisions related to Sroubek's bail applications, any variations to his bail and a parole board report (made two days before his decision) were also not included in the file.”

The next claim

“A $2.3m house was burgled just days after Czech man Karel Sroubek lodged a financial interest in the property, National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett has said in Parliament.
During Question Time today, Bennett asked the Prime Minister whether Immigration NZ's investigation would consider a burglary at the property.
"Will new information being looked at in the Karel Sroubek case include the burglary of his estranged wife's house just days after Sroubek learnt it had gone on the market?"
Bennett then asked if Immigration NZ would look at whether police questioned Sroubek about the burglary, and if there was any information about "recent intimidation by Karel Sroubek".
Responding on behalf of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters said National was after "some cheap political points", and said the investigation would find out all the relevant information.”

Probably not included either.

I guess we are going to have to wait a bit longer for the facts without the spin.

Psycho Milt said...


Well, not while Nat insider Mark Davey is "pumping" Sroubek's ex for information, that's for sure.

I had wondered why National would make such a big deal out of this particular criminal having his deportation overturned, given its own ministers had overturned plenty themselves, and it turns out the reason is a classic from the Dirty Politics playbook: just like Luigi Wewege, or Jordan Williams (“She’ll no doubt want to root me tomorrow. I’ll have to take one for the team to get the details out of her"), we may have yet another Nat who believes deluding women into thinking they're in a relationship is a handy means of exploiting them for information.

It just goes to show what you guys learned from the Dirty Politics fiasco: principally, that there are no political consequences so why not just keep doing it.

The Veteran said...

PM ... so no response to the point of my post then so I'll repeat the question ... why didn't this arrogant poor little rich boy playing at Minister not understand the dynamics of the situation and take the National Party shadow Minister into his confidence?

If his decision was legitimate then he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

WRP's 'cheap political points' jibe translated ... I'm getting sick of taking a hit for the team on this one.

Anonymous said...

Not going away soon Veteran?......of course it will as soon as the next cockup appears on the horizon as it inevitably will regardless of what political party is in power.

We are dealing with human nature and all it's flaws so if you want perfect decision making AI is the way to go.......we could install Marvin the paranoid android to run the place.

What ever happened to the labour youth party scandal. It's chip wrapping and arse wipe material now. The public, for events like these, have a very short term memory.

When National stalwarts like Burdon comment the the Govt is doing a surprisingly good job so far you know things are ticking along nicely.

Just to put the affair of the wandering Czech into perspective...something I posted way back.

Our boy is a mug.......all he has to do is shout loudly about Islam promote violence and discord and before you know it he is famous and getting an invite to address the Republicans on Capitol hill.

It seems Gravedodgers favourite child can do no wrong. Unfortunately there does seem to be a visa problem.

Yes, it's our little friend Tommy Robinson, who has has several criminal convictions including violence, drug possession, public order offences and fraud.

He was previously jailed for using a friend’s passport to travel to New York illegally in 2012, when he was also unable to obtain a visa.

But it's OK now because Donald Trump Jr has taken him under his wing and declared him a misunderstood patriot. Can you spot the diff between our boy and dear little misunderstood Tommy because I can't.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

Your question is effectively "Why didn't the Minister discuss his decision with the Opposition?", to which the answer is "The same reason the previous government's ministers didn't discuss their decisions with the Opposition."

It doesn't matter how much pillow talk Davey manages to squeeze out of Sroubek's ex, there's nothing of significance will come of it. It does highlight just how much National's spin doctors are dependent on Dirty Politics, though.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... the Labour Party youth scandal will be the focus of attention again when the matter comes to trial early next year and name supression is lifted. Already claimed one scalp ... Labour's General Secretary ... will there be more?

PM ... so, in your lexicon the asking inconvenient questions in parliament equates to 'dirty politics'. Clearly you would like Question Time abolished. Why not go the whole hog and abolish parliament then ... no more holding to account ... no more democracy. Is that the Green Party agenda?

Gerald said...

Another question could be "Why did those who have all this additional information not do their civic duty and pass it on to Immigration?"

The Veteran said...

Yeah Gerald ... and of course its the job of the Opposition to do the job that Immigration and the Minister is mandated to do ... that's the way it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are running inference and fine if that's what rings your bell. The digging started after the Minister had announced his decision. Before that no-one knew about this. Just how the Opposition was supposed to dig and find and pass on something they didn't know about fair beats me

Gerald said...

Digging dirt. Good description.

Psycho Milt said...

PM ... so, in your lexicon the asking inconvenient questions in parliament equates to 'dirty politics'.

Nope. In my lexicon, this particular meaning of "Dirty Politics" is National Party insiders deluding women into imagining they're in a romantic relationship with said insiders for the purpose of extracting potentially useful gossip that can be used to construct embarrassing narratives for the media to run about National's opponents.

And that is all we're dealing with here. Lees-Galloway's decision to reverse this crim's deportation order wasn't significantly different from previous Nat ministers' decisions to reverse various crims' deportation orders. What's different about this case is that National's Dirty Politics operatives have a gossip source to create a narrative for the media. It's a steaming propaganda turd.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... digging dirt ... your (and PM's) meme. Ferreting out the truth mine.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You've nailed it PM.

"It's a steaming propaganda turd."

Describes your CoL gummint perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Walter .......that's a very brave statement for someone who is and has been wrong 100% of the time throughout all known time.....Can't wait for your next post extolling the virtues of Trump and "lock her up" thingy whats her name?....oh that's right Irvana.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

ledgut you must stop projecting your own failings upon others.

Perhaps you might point out which one of the various wars in which you took part was won by your side?

Why, not even France would have employed you as a mercenary.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that sounds like a @realdonaldtrump quote. Macain failure, because he was taken prisoner, Admiral McRaven failure, for not killing bin Laden sooner. Are you and Tinyhands joined at the hip.


paul scott said...

People say Sroubeck was dealing in Coke. Brings in one very interesting client. Read between her li(n)es.
Bin Laden died in 2001 with kidney failure >

David said...

Back out of prison, on good behaviour, or parole?