Friday, November 9, 2018

That Didn't Take Long

US president Donald Trump has wasted no time.

The day after the mid term election he sacked the attorney general Geoff Sessions and replaced him with his chief of staff who immediately takes control of the Mueller circus, sidelining the egregious Rod Rosenstein.

On the second day after the mid term election the president caused the aged and frail Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to take a fall in her office and break three ribs.  How on earth did the president do that, you may well ask?  I don't know but that's the way the media will spin the story.

Breaking three ribs is pretty serious stuff when you are a decrepit eight-five year old so don't be surprised if she retires and another originalist supreme court judge is appointed - this time a woman.

Those poor dumbarsed Democrats!    I'm laughing so much my ribs hurt more than Ginsburg's do.


Voyager said...

No surprise that Adolf would be this blog's cheerleader for the despicable clown in a suit pretending to be POTUS.

If Adolf cared about the rule of law, he would know that Whitaker is not just professionally unqualified to be Attorney General, he’s constitutionally unqualified to be Attorney General.

Sessions was a terrible Attorney General, but he did one thing right: He recused himself from the investigation. Trump didn’t like that, so he fired him. Nixon tried to do that, and it ended his presidency. It should end THIS presidency, too.

It is up to The Senate to do its job and refuse to ratify Whitaker.

I expect Adolf to continue cheering on the mobster who has installed a hack to obstruct the Mueller investigation. It is what he does best, bowing to tyrants.

The Veteran said...

Voyager ... don't think you're right. As Whitaker is only appointed in an acting capacity his appointment is not subject to confirmation by the senate.

Andrei said...

LOL Voyager - In two years the Mueller investigation has come up with diddly. Sure they indicted Paul Manafort with some obsure financial crimes involving Ukraine not Russia

Using the Justice system to go after political opponants is all very Soviet Union don't you think?

The sort of thing some people accuse VVP of doing

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Veteran

Voyager knows more about US constitutional law than does Rudy Giuliani and all the other White House lawyers. I'm surprised he hasn't been called up for active duty.

He fails to tell our readers what professional qualifications are prerequisite for an attorney general. He fails to tell our readers the authority under which such prerequisites exit. He fails to tell our readers in what way the current Acting AG fails to meet any lawful and legitimate prerequisites.

Tom Hunter said...

Meanwhile those "dumbarse Democrats" have enough rat cunning that they may be able to steal an election in Florida....:

[In 2016] Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was staving off a primary challenge Tim Canova when his campaign noticed certain irregularities in the way paper ballots were being counted. An ugly court battle and two years later, a judge ruled that the Broward elections supervisor had illegally destroyed ballots in the race.

The supervisor’s name? Brenda Snipes, who claimed that the trashing of the ballots was just a “mistake.”

Meh. Democrat crooks being crooks in a Democrat stronghold. But wait, it turns out that somebody named Branda Snipes..... is still the Broward Country elections supervisor, and guess what:

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is angry. He has reason to be.

Counties must report early voting and mail ballot voting within 30 minutes of polls closing, according to Florida state law, Rubio complained on Twitter Thursday. But Broward County has not reported those votes or the number of votes left to be counted, more than 40 hours after the polling station closed on Election Day.


There's not much between the winners of the Florida Senate and Governor's race. Reminds me of the fights between Democrats in Texas where the rule was that you never announced your winning margin on election night until all of the counties had officially reported their votes. LBJ forgot that in 1941 - but he didn't make the same mistake in 1948.

RosscoWlg said...

Meanwhile over on Kiwi Blog they are saying our man is probably good for 2020, president to 2025 which if it comes to pass is wonderful news.
Trump as the Americans says knows how to kick ass, and as the leftist shitkickers are finding out!
No doubt Voyager et al will be pushing Acosta to run for President.
Thanks Adolf for a good post.
As they say MAGA !


Chubbychanga said...

The Washington Examiner! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHHH, as Mr Hunter would cackle. Meanwhile in the real world Scott is attempting to prevent legitimate votes being counted because that means he likely loses.

Tom Hunter said...

Good to see you had no argument with the simply reported historical fact that Broward County has destroyed ballots before (it was an accident!, and that they're now 40hours + plus past the deadline of State law for reporting.

But sure - that argument can be defeated by screaming that it's the Washington Examiner.

Shorter version: the Democrats in Broward are creating votes to try and make up the difference, just like they did years ago in Texas and Chicago - and partisan morons will excuse that by screaming about voter suppression.

I predict Brenda will lose in court again, except the second time round she could be in for real penalties.

RosscoWlg said...

Yeah the Necromongers like Hunter and Voyager rabbit on about some minor judge or event somewhere in outback Florida, (hell I'm surprised Egburts not commenting too, has he got a bad case of Socialist Flu?) oblivious to the big picture that Trump has trumped, and a bit of voting irregularity is just par for the course.

I'm sure the Clintons in Oklahoma never used such dastardly tactics.... although I could be wrong ?

God this Cote d'Rhone is making me verbose!!!!

RosscoWlg said...

I spoke to you of promises
If from this maelstrom I survive
By pen and prose and poetry
I'll keep your sacrifice alive
I spoke to you of legacy
For when this hellish time is through
All those who hauled or charged or carried
Will be regarded heroes too
I spoke to you in dulcet tones
Your eye told me you understood
As I squeezed my trigger to bring you peace
The the only way I could
And I spoke to you in whispers......

Neil Andrews (part there of)

In the meant time here's some WW1 Poetry to celebrate 100 years since the end of WW1. If you love horses you will understand..if you are a socialist then its way beyond your comphrenshion! :)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I suggest Voyager reads the 'Vacancies Reform Act' before he replies to my earlier comment.

Yes, there is divided legal opinion on the matter but in the final analysis all the president has to do is ask the senate to appoint his nominee and it will happen. That will be that and the Democrats can go away and lick their suppurating wounds.

Now he will begin to see why increasing the senate majority was more important than holding the house.

Chubbychanga said...

You present no argument yourself, Hunter. You’re simply repeating the allegations made by a desperate politico and amplified by a right-wing rag, with no evidence. Nice work from someone who paints themselves and a paragon of fairness and objectivity.

Tom Hunter said...

A desperate politico? Marco Rubio did not have an election this time around so he's not desperate. But he knows Florida and the history here.

And if you're so convinced that the Examiner is lying about any of this you can get off your ass and confirm the historic facts about Broward county screwing around with ballots, since it was a reported court case. That link is to Politico btw, not there any less biased than the Examiner but they lean in your direction rather than man, since you're so distrustful.

Oh yeah - and she was hauled up by the court in February of this year after the state’s Republican party sued her for opening mail-in ballots before the Board of Elections had the opportunity to examine the ballots and determine their authenticity.

Yeah - she sounds really honest and above-board while working in a Democrat heavy district.

You can also look at local Florida media about the current (cough) problems with Broward County failing to meet the legal standards of reporting their vote count, ticking the hours over while the cobble together enough votes to make up the difference in the GOP candidates winning total. Even those reporters don't accept her bullshit.

And as an additonal argument, this all fits with the history of the Democrat party in Texas and Chicago, stretching back decades. It's who they are. It's what they do.

Chubbychanga said...

Yep, Rubio’s just going into bat for his wee chum, who’s desperate, so he’s trying to cheat. Get real. She’s as above board as Katherine Harris, but best not to talk about that, right Hunter?

Anonymous said...

The coordinated attack dogs have wasted their effort, Egbut does not respond to adolfs posts because he is always deleted. Democracy in action eh!


Anonymous said...

And this is the new attorney general...Whitaker the stealer, Whitaker the low life

He should feel right at home amongst his fellow lowlifes.