Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Surprise Decision

Asia Bibi, the young lady imprisoned and sentenced to death for insulting Mohamed has had her sentence revoked by the Pakistani Chief Justice.  Miss Bibi has been in jail for eight years.

“The appeal is allowed. She has been acquitted. The judgement of high court as well as trial court is reversed. Her conviction is set aside,” said Pakistan’s Chief Justice Saqib Nisar in the ruling.

I wonder in Imran Khan had anything to do with it?


Don't ask me, ask Minister Lees-Galloway ... and leaving your boss to reflect on her answers too ain't a particularly career enhancing move either.

The Question was 'On Notice'.    National set a trap.   Lees-Galloway walked clear into it.

Certain 'defenders of the faith' will not be pleased.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


The Deputy Prime Minister has broken silence on the convicted Drug Smuggler, convicted and discharged Illegal Immigrant who crossed our border using another persons passport , Kickboxer,  and on published information all round Bad bastard with Links to Hells Angels Gang, currently in the pokey, who as recently as September just passed,  assessed by a three person Parole Board hearing to be long winded with evasion laden testimony as they deferred any further decision for a full year, now  be awarded residency.
Now Deputy PM he is "comfortable" with Lain Slease Galloway's decision  to grant  Residency.

The puppet meister suggests that criticism of the discretionary decision is unwarranted as such people don't know the full facts.
No Sherlock we bloody do not know how such a piece of excrement gained admittance to our land back in 2003 and a rather extraordinary list of activities since that arrival  leads only to further questions as to why he is still here.
One certainty we do know, easily obtained from evidence in the public record gives ample disquiet and suspicion while the refusal on grounds supposedly around Privacy, the Minister is using,  is only going to make such doubts fester.
Whose privacy, and who benefits from the silence.
Drug dealing alone is regarded  sufficiently seriously by states that some even employ a death sentence following a conviction, such is the potential damage such scum can wrought on a gullible population. It was one gram under five bloody Kilos of MDMA a precursor for manufacture of Ecstasy, real dosh at play here
One should, particularly someone of the Loyal opposition,  be permitted to question what is the truth that has led to a political apparatchik all on his lonesome to come to  this decision.
Isn't it a basic facet of our Justice system that Justice "be seen to be done"
Surely if the public is to have any faith that due process is being followed, an independent review say before the Court of Appeal should be a necessary step in such a gob smacking decision when there is a stream of more deserving cases apparently being declined on final appeal to ministerial level process.

A Stench of potential corrupt practice alone would seem to be a reasonable response from anyone with a smidgen of cynicism at play

No, a 40 year old Trade Union hack via the Nurses union, a Minister of the Crown serving in Her Majesty's government of this nation of one years experience with zero Law involvement, who apparently can issue under his sole discretion, an order that someone whose conviction and sentence on drug importing under the cloak of beverage imports from his native Czech Republic along with a list of charges on other matters he avoided conviction for, somehow leads to this astonishing outcome of Residency, clearly to impede any exposure to deportation.
Then this morning in the Media,  Ms Ardern hints it might be a last chance, how many is that now, 15 years after this saga began?
Sorry Mr Deputy PM your track record in matters of obfuscation does not inspire me to any acceptance this  decision is right and correct. That said you may be correct in this one instance but your belated support so long after the story broke is somewhat underwhelming and has a distinct  "me to" aura inherent.

The Ongoing Flagellation

Australian cricket supporters are absorbing yesterday's report which excoriates the administrators of the game over their part in the ball tampering fiasco which saw the demise of Smith and Warner.

(Since their departure, I don't think the team has won anything that mattered and for what it's worth, I think their punishment was ridiculously harsh.)

Anyway, the report highlights an attitude of winning, whatever it takes (Sounds just like Helen Clark and Barack Obama.) and suggests good character as well as playing ability should be taken into account at selection time.  Some wag has called this the 'no dickheads' policy where gentlemen who can make thirty are more worthy than pricks who can make a hundred.

Adolf has a suggestion for Cricket Australia.

Just as NZ Rugby used to have a coupe of Probables v Possibles games (I don't know whether they still do.) before selecting an All Black squad, Cricket Australia could introduce the same innovative concept.

"Arseholes v AlsoRans"

The matches would be a sell out.


The Veteran has enjoyed rude good health over the years which, in itself, has to be surprising considering what he has done to his body over the years either by commission or omission.    Well, it all came to a shuddering halt on Friday when I met up with a virus that had to have escaped from Porton Down in the UK, Fort Detrick in the US or the Russian facilility at Ekanterinaburg.

There are eight signs of a viral infection.   I had all eight and a few more.    Don't have much memory of Saturday/Sunday ... actually I do but they are all very unpleasant ones.    Yesterday I managed a cup of weak tea ... musta been really sick because I gave up drinking tea back in 1968 when I found coffee.   Tonight I'm going to tempt fate with some chicken soup.

Great way to put Jenny Craig outa business.   Lost 3.4 kg in 3 days without even trying.    Gonna have to work on that.


During the election runup last year many lower socio economic dwellers must have been heartened with all the window dressing promoted by the socialists and their enablers, that Labour, the "friend" of the needy and the lower paid, were 'gunna fix the housing crisis" created by the aweful National led government over nine looong years.

One year on and Mr Twyford along with the Fairydust Spreader in Chief made a media splash in delivering the first of 10 000 kiwi build homes as a much anticipated initial step to fix that crisis.  Ending in the blink of an eye people sleeping in CBD doorways, under bridges, squatting and living in crowded conditions with several families in a house  big enough for what a "nuclear family" might require but in reality being occupied with the extended numbers encouraged by welfare incentives.

Of course published figures of who might view such great news by way of TV News, papers or radio tells a story  the great bloc  nine years of national neglect abandoned who in all likelyhood will never know that a woman about to begin life as a Dr and her current squeeze working in management with incomes still under the qualification figure and about to be surpassed in short order to an estimated figure approaching a quarter of a million per year, had  won a raffle to win a nice new home subsidised by taxpayers including those still mired  in struggle street, many of whom will never get anywhere near such wealth.

How many living in  a crowded house in Sth Auckland now know Mr Twyford's fraudulent first step to solve their manufactured crisis went to a couple who having enjoyed some serious overseas travel during recent years,  then won the raffle  the massive bovine excrement propaganda promised and now have an opportunity to advance up the property ladder from a great windfall first step

Of course those who understand such matters instinctively know there is no longer a "Housing Crisis"  as references to such traumatic bashing by the rich and oppressive, is  no longer reported daily in any media, apparently problem solved.
Mr Twyford has secured two votes for labour that otherwise might have swung either way as the rich prick status evolved.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mid Term Election and the Bookies

It's now only a week until the mid term elections.

Some weeks ago I predicted the republicans would hold the House and increase their majority in the Senate.  There were howls of derision from the usual quarters.  Accordingly, readers will understand why I smiled when I saw this little snippet a few minutes ago.

As of Sunday, the odds of the GOP keeping the House are at -140. That means you would need to bet $140 on the Republicans to win $100 if they stay in the majority. The Democrats are at +110, meaning a $100 bet would win you $110 if the Democrats manage to wrest control of the House. 

A Glorious Headline........

.....on my internet inbox - from The Australian:-

"Plane Carrying 189 Plunges Into The Ocean.     Labor won't follow......"

They Couldn't Find Enough Fishes and Loaves....... feed the 14,000 mostly military aged men walking from Honduras to the USA.

I see it is reported:-

The growth trajectory of the caravan, estimated by the UN's International Organization for Migration at some 7,000 people on Monday, appears to be reversing due to illness and injury, groups splitting up, people returning home, and more than 1,700 migrants applying for asylum in Mexico. The Mexican government estimated Wednesday evening that 3,630 migrants were still headed on the journey north.

American media continues to report the ragtag mob as 14,000 but, seriously, who believes them anymore?

It is further reported Mexican authorities have offered the 'caravaners' asylum but they have refused.

This schemozzle is playing out superbly for the Republicans.

Some Press Conference, eh?

The juvenile PM of NZ held a post-cabinet press conference about ninety minutes ago.

There is no mention of it on TVNZ, TV3 or at the Herald.

That tells you about all you'll ever need to know about your inept gummint.


My absences and general tardiness indulging in therapy here over recent months results from personal issues  involving selling our slice of paradise and moving closer to support services and convenient options in a rural town much  nearer the City.

Due to ineptness and a general malaise among a comfortable clique loosely referred to as Real Estate Agents,  to realise a sale price that truly reflected the value of a property well outside the Bach Mentality, we faced the reality of marketing and selling our property ourselves.
Rating Value has zero to do with a value of a property, it is merely a reference figure for local authorities to employ as a basis for striking rates that if all things are equal can be seen as fair if one omits the salient fact that sourcing revenue from the section  of the citizenry who choose to be self reliant in providing a place to live, will never in truth be "Fair". In fact a system results that is too often grossly unfair but today a majority of the population still regard a valuation system that once was referenced to a triennial valuation conducted by the "Valuation Department" as an indication of actual  market value.
Hence a rural property too small to generate any income approaching  a chance to even match the usury levels employed annually by socialist local government can be ascribed a RV based on the purchase price of a plot of land plus the accumulated values garnered from permits to prepare a site then construct buildings and supporting infrastructure by way of the woeful consent system.
All the while ignoring  aesthetics, aspect, very real advantages of an excellent water supply, views, plantings, and other infrastructure that never come any where near the consenting rort.

So in short our efforts yielded  a sale price in excess  of the RV by some 20%, plus an opportunity to pocket the around $40k the lazy pricks acting as documenters of a sale and purchase agreement seemed to consider their right as a commission.

The move became forced upon us after the bastard Parkinson moved in uninvited, turning our  Paradise Duck like relationship into a threesome along with some other insidious side issues, around half a decade before the master plan had for us  to leave Akaroa.

Then there was an associated issue of down sizing from four Bedrooms and 400 meters of space down to 217 meters and  limiting options associated with 5 Ha reduced to 617 sq meters.
What to discard, what to change, and how to dispose of the surplus. Some of that difficult process was alleviated when a good mate arranged a site for a 20 foot container we owned, that could be placed near our intended destination, however we still have a rather chaotic double garage stuffed with opportunities for Trademe and probably a garage sale.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, Allied Pickfords were magnificent, we were in our own beds by close of play on possession day here.

People have suggested that such a life changing move is equivalent to a divorce but as that particular trauma has never arisen for us in spite of my dear old Dads prediction when informed we were to be engaged,  that "It wont last",  we have survived 56 years and counting
There are some things as yet unresolved but we three are getting on with with life and there will again be more opportunity for contributing to 'No Minister'.  I understand not all who visit here will be happy but take this as a renewal commitment to the cause of democratic freedoms we all adhere to in our own ways.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


I do have some understanding of what motovates some who end up in the "Crim Hugger" segment of society as how we treat the worst of society does have a degree of validity in failure, either as a deterrent or effective punishment. Although being inside should have some dampening effect on being actively bad.
However that said, Lees Galloway MP for Palmerston North seems to have set a new benchmark of stupidity, or was it bloody minded ignorance, with his Ministerial decision to grant residency, thereby removing deportation as a sanction for a person who entered NZ illegally on a passport he had no right to use in 2003,  then created a remarkable list of illegal activities that has the person in question, currently incarcerated at considerable cost to honest (and dishonest if you will) taxpayers.
Even a parole board,  not always blessed with an ability to avoid being hoodwinked were rather scathing in a recent denial of freedom for this 'new' New Zealand "Resident" and ex Czech citizen.

Drug dealing, gang links, kick boxing are apparently potentially in the CV of this person who in almost any rational consideration should be elegable for a high list placing on any deportation agenda.

I realise Mr confused as to who he is,  thinks his protegee will almost certainly be a socialist voter for life but basic maths has moi wondering if any net result will advantage the Crim Hugger party.
Another question must be was Winston First involved and if so what was their response, not that the kindergarten trained media will ever think to ask.

Here is hoping Mark Mitchell will get under two names skin, apparently not difficult, at Question Time, before the person charged with running interference removes all remaining suplementaries from the chair in an act of desperation.
Then again witless protection is always a fallback tactic.

Ho Ho Ho

A 102-year-old man has been charged with indecently assaulting a 94-year-old women at an aged care facility in Sydney’s east. 

Michael Ramirez for Oct 23, 2018
Sad News From Disney
This is so disappointing. CNN reported today that Walt Disney's new film called "Jet Black," the African-American version of "Snow White" has been canceled.
All of the 7 dwarfs: Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Drive By, Homeboy, and Shank has refused to have their pictures taken and to sing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho" because they say it offends black prostitutes.
They also say there ain’t no way in he!l they’re gonna sing "It's off to work we go."

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When you enter this church it may be possible you ‘hear the call of God.’
However, it is unlikely he will call you on your mobile.
Thank you for turning off your phones.
If you want to talk to God, enter, choose a quiet place and talk to Him.

If you want to see Him, send Him a text while driving.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another Sound Thrashing

The only decent player the Wallabies had on the field was the devout Christian, Israel Folau, much maligned and derided by the Australian media and chattering class.

Maybe they should sack their coast and send all the useless bastards in their team off to a monastery for a month to 'get religion' and learn something of motivation that faith can provide.

Image result for israel folau

Friday, October 26, 2018

From The Spectator (Oz version)

"Sir Robert Menzies warned of this cognitive rot over 40 years ago in an oftquoted letter to his daughter. But I doubt even he could envisage a nightmare scenario in which a man who had once begged for ALP preselection could rise to preside over the Liberal party as PM."

Paywall.   Get your own subscription.


So, if we are to believe the tooth fairy, 'she' decided ages and ages ago that there would be no more regional fuel taxes while she was Prime Minister despite her government having introduced legislation providing for an Auckland fuel tax this year (implemented) and for other councils able to follow suit from 2021.

Juat a pity she didn't bother to tell her transport minister who was left holding the baby after it was revealed in parliament that he had written to the Waikato Regional Council inviting them to apply for the tax to fund additional work.

Holding the baby and she let it piss all over him.   Happy to hang her ministers out to dry in order for the tooth fairy meme to roll on and that's 'leadership'?

Tinfoil hat redux

Last weekend I responded to the news that Jamie Lee Ross had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution for assessment with the suspicion that the National Party had something to do with it.

Our blog's readers derided me for entertaining such a wildly implausible conspiracy theory. However, sometimes there is a conspiracy.  Whaleoil's shed a little light on this one:

[Bridges] also lied yesterday when he said he knew nothing about the serious incident on Saturday night that lead to the hospitalisation of Jami-Lee Ross. This, of course, belies the involvement of his chief of staff, Jamie Gray, who directly contacted Jami-Lee Ross’ psychiatrist shortly after 9:15 pm on Saturday night. That was after he’d been informed about a serious risk to Jami-Lee’s health by the very same female MP who wanted Jami-Lee Ross dead in an awful text message.

So, yeah, looks like National had him committed.  Not a conspiracy theory, just a description of what happened.  It's surprising how often just asking yourself "cui bono?" identifies the guilty party.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018


As the US attempts to unravel what the F*#k the spate of mail threats actually involved and  who might have perpetrated the serious but clearly inept incident, a perennial quandary continues to emerge in discussions of US politics, in particular a confused world view on the basic place of the two major US parties in the spectrum.

The Republicans, as those in the Grand Old Party, had their beginnings in the anti slavery conniptions that were decided in the bloody and costly "Civil War" a century and a half ago.
A serious split threatened the "Union", settled on the Mason-Dixon line. The North taking the moral high ground opposed to enslaving peoples leaving those traded as indentured workers as subhumans with very little protection in the law other than as chattels in The Confederate South..
The South went to war to defend their traditional rights of  "owning slaves" who had very limited opportunities to become free.
Under Lincoln, the first GOP president,  the Union army was attacked at Fort Sumpter by the Confederate States under their President Jefferson Davis  in 1861 and lasted until confederate General Robert E Lee surrendered to General Ulyssees  Grant in April 1865 after the Battle of Appomattox Court House.

Of course the rump Southern Confederacy States did not end their belief that the now freed slaves were full citizens of the United States and even in my early years Dixycrats were still a formidable political force, yet the "myth" prevails that the nasty Republicans were in favour of maintaining a superiority over people of "colour".
It was a rump of Democrats who were historically in that role.

Never let facts get in the way of a good story


for those prepared to do the hard yards and seize the opportunity.

Flynn is the son of an acquaintance of mine.   He's 22 and Kaitaia born and bred.   Four years ago he joined the RNZAF as a trainee pilot.  It's been an amazing journey for him.     Advanced training in Australia; learning mountain flying techniques in Norway and now he's sitting in the left hand pilots seat of an RNZAF B757 jet transport aircraft traveling the world.

Amazing stuff in such a short time.     The problem the airforce has is that at sometime in the future they will want him to transit out of operational flying to flying a desk.   At that point of time I suspect it could well be good-bye airforce and hullo Air NZ or suchlike.

Well done Flynn.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


A little while ago I asked an ex-policeman friend of mine why the Police didn't take action against the many unlicensed and unwarranted motor vehicles that you see on roads up here in the Far North.    His answer ... 'they don't because it's not worth the trouble; you write a 'bluey' in the knowledge the fine will never be paid so, whats the point.'

That attitude is dangerous because it strikes at the integrity of the justice system ... that the police avoid writing tickets just because they think the offender can't/won't pay the fine in the knowledge that it will eventually be written off as 'non-collectable'.

I decided to do some further investigation and requested from Andrew Little's office the latest data on outstanding fines.    The table below shows the situation as at 30 June 2018:

Total overdue
3 months overdue
6 months overdue
Written off

The amount overdue is staggering ... almost half a billion dollars.   More concerning is the fact that in the last twelve months almost $60m was written off as non-collectable.      It suggests that offenders are thumbing their noses at the justice system.   Makes a nonsense of the adage .... 'do the crime and do the time'.

This doesn't need to be so.   There currently exists legislative provision for the Courts to recover civil debt by way of an 'Attachment Order' on the debtors income be it salary, wages or MSD benefit payments.   Indeed, and with another hat that I wear, I regularly come across such Orders in relation to benefit payments.   It is not unusual.   They tend to be nominal amounts around the five to ten dollars per week level but the debt is paid off eventually.

So why can't this provision be extended to cover Court imposed fines?    Happens in other jurisdictions including the United Kingdom so it's not a novel suggestion.    Interesting that in the UK serving members of the armed forces are exempt from this ... I think I can understand the reasoning there but I'm of the view that, were we to go down this road here, there should be no exceptions made.   Note too that in the UK there is provision for a Judge to decline making an Order if a person on a benefit can demonstrate extreme financial hardship.   That too is right and proper.

I know that some Judges here will impose 'community service' instead of a fine.   That option should remain but the fact is that right now it appears there is a 'black hole' in the system where fines are allowed to go unpaid and that black hole needs to be plugged.

I am of the view that any Court imposed fine remaining unpaid after six months should be recovered by way of an Attachment Order on the offenders income.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

The last two weeks have seen wall to wall media and blog coverage of Jamie-Lee Ross's self immolation.  Now that he is (apparently) undergoing treatment in a mental illness facility I expect to be inundated with sacrinous treacle in the form of endless stories about what a wonderful fellow he is and how it's all somebody else's fault.  The National Party, of course.

Meanwhile, it is hard to find anything about what the gummint of the day has done during those two weeks to make better the lives of all New Zealanders.

Have they done anything?  Probably not.

Why are they being paid?

To all the vultures of the press who are crowing about all the damage this episode is doing to the Gnats, I say don't count your chickens.   It's a long way to the next election.

Monday, October 22, 2018


In the latest issue of VANZ News we were advised that the Minister of Veterans' Affairs (Ron Mark) had instructed the Veteran's Advisory Board (a statutory body) to provide him with advice on the definition of a Veteran.

Seems that Mark has been successfully lobbied by those who would have it that anyone who has pulled on the Queens uniform should be entitled to be considered a veteran.  

This is political correctness gone mad.   The word veteran has long been taken as to encompass those who have served overseas in an operational deployment.    I oppose strenuously any attempt to dumb down the definition to include those whose service does not meet that simple criteria.  

I put it in the same basket as those agitating for a medal to recognize their service in Singapore.    Give me feekin strength ... o'seas allowances, duty free beer, an exemption from the ad valorem tax on new motor vehicles, boot boys, amahs and kebuns for married personnel, a private golf course in a country where playing golf was only for the elite ... it was a 'tough' life.    And don't come to me with the shit that because we carried live ammunition with us on exercise in Malaysia that implied a degree of danger.    One magazine per section, carried by the Section Commander in a taped magazine.   To the best of my knowledge the only time in a quarter century that a live round was fired was when Bill T shot that mangy old tiger that had strolled out of the jungle onto the beach in Area Charlie for a bit of a sun back in 73-74 ... and boy, did that cause embarrassment.   Shooting one of the Sultan of Johore's tigers was not to be encouraged as a career enhancing move.

A veteran is a veteran is a veteran and the veteran community should not surrender its birthright to the alter of political correctness in an 'itch' scratching exercise.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Seriously, what the fuck?

MP Jami-Lee Ross has been taken into mental health care.

Newstalk ZB understands he was taken in by police. 
He was taken to a facility in Auckland. 
A National Party spokesman said: 
How's that for four sentences to give anyone involved with National the screaming shits?  I notice that, at time of writing, no-one else has been quoted by the news media on this subject, but a National Party spokesman and National's blogger have had plenty of concern-trolling shite to spout on the subject.  Makes you wonder what favours have been called in by National to achieve this outcome.

Funnily enough, at the Herald story linked above, they include a clip from their most recent interview with an entirely lucid Jami-Lee Ross, in which he says he has a lot more to release about National.  Makes you wonder if they sent along their autopsy specialist armed with a bonesaw to assist the Police with this operation...

If You Can't Follow The Money........

....... you should try very hard to find out from whence it comes.

Thus said some aged sage not very long ago.  (Hey, I might even know the fellow!)

With this advice in mind, I wonder about the voluble but now valueless Mr Jamie Lee Ross.

It is widely reported that he has been using and continues to use the services of a well known political PR outfit which Adolf presumes does not operate as a charity.   I imagine their fees for advice would not be classed as petty cash.

Being the cynical prick I am, I'd like to see Mr JLR asked to disclose how long he has been paying such fees;  how much has been paid; and were all the fees paid for directly from his own personal cash resources.  In other words, have any of them been sneaked through as 'electoral office expenses' or suchlike, for example.

In passing, I wonder if it was his political PR geniuses (genii?) who advised him to ear a wire and record all his conversations?

If it was, he should be demanding his money (and ours) back.


David Farrar over at Kiwiblog posted a thread arguing the National should invoke the waka jumping legislation to kick JLR out of parliament.   My very good friend Psycho Milt linked to it on this blog and asked National to do just that as it would make his day.

I was interested to provoke some reaction from 'my' side of the political divide and so I commented my broad support for such a move.    I got the reaction I sought and, in addition, over the last 36 hours I have talked to a wide range of contacts in the National Party, people both inside and out of parliament.

Sorry Milt ... I'm firmly opposed to National making your day.   Were it to do so it would be putting short term expediency over principle.   It would be doing exactly what the Greens did in their support for the legislation.   JLR will say what he wants to inside parliament or not.   But he is 'damaged goods' and that, coupled with his threats against the media, have lessened his newsworthiness.    Whatever he sez will be treated with healthy skepticism as coming from a liar, leaker, self confessed serial adulterer, manipulative, megalomaniac, psychotic bully (and yes, some in National have to explain why, when some (but not all) of this was known, he got to where he was).

Let him remain in the House.   He will be treated as a pariah by National MPs and, I suspect, by most other MPs (how will anyone want to take the chance that their conversation with him is not being taped.   Let him go to the nether regions of Bowen House.    Stage a walkout of the chamber whenever he speaks.   Reclaim his select committee space and establish an OOP Office in Botany so as to ensure the good people there can enjoy proper representation of their concerns.


Ho Ho Ho


Headline of the week.

Great White Father skunks Pocahontas in Cherokee Chess

Cartoon: Johannes Leak

Saturday, October 20, 2018


The Saudi Government have now admitted that Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi, was killed in their Consulate building in Istanbul in a 'fist fight'.    That 18 Saudi nationals are now being held on suspicion of being involved in his death.   They also report that a royal court advisor close to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and three top officials of the Intelligence Service have been fired along with other officials.

Fist fight implies an accidental occurrence and eighteen on one ... give me strength.   Had to be pre-planned.    The Saudi story reminds one of the case of Mohammed Ibrahim found stabbed 37 times to death in Central Park in New York City with the City Coroner, Jakob Rosenbaum, finding it was the worse case of suicide ever to have come before him. 

Seriously though, this is hugely damaging to the House of Saud.    Khashoggi was highly critical of the Saudi Crown Prince and it beggars belief that the orders for his execution (because that's what it was) didn't come from the highest echelons of the royal family.


Was in Kaitaia yesterday saying good-bye to a fellow Vietnam veteran John Galley.     Beautiful service done with style.   John served in Victor 6 Company and died short of his seventieth birthday  He had been on dialysis for some time.

Much more of this and I will be agitating  for Vietnam veterans to be afforded 'endangered species' status.

On the way back to Paihia self and Mrs Veteran dropped in at the iconic Mangonui Fish and Chip shop built over the waters of Doubtless Bay.   Had to be six years since we were there last.    The outdoor eating area has changed and the menu selection has been increased.    You now get your order in a basket rather than the traditional paper wrapping but the food is just as good as it always was if not better.   Does help when you have your own fishing boat. Quite pricey but well worth it.   Highly recommended.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Most winningest blog post of the year

No contest - this will never, ever get old.  In a post on Kiwiblog, David Farrar writes:

National should trigger the waka jumping law.

Do you know how many posts David Farrar has written about what a disgraceful affront to democracy the waka jumping law is?  No, I don't either, I got sick of scrolling through the Google results list.

It sure would be funny if National did trigger this law.  After all their huffing and puffing about it, they'd be the first to use it, and that only a couple of weeks after it became law. Oh please, do it do it do it....


Mafia Requests To No Longer Be Called 'The Mob' Because Of Negative Association With Political Activists

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Corrupt Practice

National's supporters are making much of the fact that Jami-Lee Ross' tapes of his conversations with Simon Bridges don't prove Bridges was involved in a breach of electoral law re the $100,000 donation by Chinese businessman Zhang Yikun.  They're right, but it's worth noting what the tapes do reveal.

1. Selection as a National Party candidate is for sale, possibly for as little as $100,000. (" the dinner they did discuss candidacy, and another Chinese candidate." "Two MPs, yeah.")

2. Dodgy tricks with donations are routine in the National Party ("We need to tell them, I get that. I get that. I'm going to tell him [Goodfellow]…I think he'll accept it I just need to explain to him what it is I want it for. [Funding attack ads against the government]")

3. Racism ain't no thang in the National Party. ("two Chinese are worth more than two Indians").

4.  Chinese Communist Party influence over NZ political parties continues to grow.  National is worse afflicted than Labour, but that isn't saying much, given that Labour recently made this guy who doesn't even speak English a member of the NZ Order of Merit.

Much as I'm enjoying the public humiliation of the National Party this week, that point number 4 cuts across party lines and needs both major parties to be punished in the polls until they stop being bought so cheap.  It's pretty ridiculous when you have to rely on the Green Party as the one not under the thumb of communists.

Oh Dear. What a Shame. How Sad.

When you're running for president and South Park takes the piss out of you it is time to give the game away.

I present to you, Senator Elizabeth Warren, the one percent descendant of any particular minority victim group you'd care to name.


Self and Mrs Veteran have just signed up with SolarCity to have solar panels installed.   No capital cost.    We pay a fixed monthly 'rental' of $125 + GST.   That figure can never be increased regardless of inflation.   It covers the cost of installation, insurance, warranty, maintenance and repairs while any power generated by the system in excess of the expected energy production is credited back to us. 

As there is no capital outlay we start saving the moment the sun shines.   Currently we are paying around $2,640 per annum for power.    We are projected to save about one-quarter of that and, one thing you can be certain of, power prices will continue to increase.

This will not be for everyone and Solarcity have their own bottom lines against which they assess every application.   Not all potential customers make it through 'their' gate.    Well worth a look though ... go to their website at and this could be your lucky day.