Friday, September 14, 2018


Ang on, maybe that person is standing up, maybe the media missed it!

The Right Honourable Ms Ardern seems to have some serious "diary issues" to the subsequent frustration of Newshub and TVNZ Q & A this approaching weekend. Both events to be for this weekend and hours apart.

Could Clarke have a  "nappy rash" or is it merely a strep throat.

I understand school visits on  a weekend are harder to arrange but with the marvels of pre recording and canning, there seems very little wriggle room to  avoid an easily formed conclusion someone is trying to hide from scrutiny.
I am guessing taking Trev the Mus along to run interference or having the master ventroliquist sit in is not a feasible option at short notice.

The Prime Minister who, before she found to her eternal surprise she had the job she had only dreamed about, proclaimed there was never any reason for a government to tell lies and she would lead the most "transparent administration" New Zealand has ever had. LoL
Now it might just be a little overwhelmed and the current week might just have some indications things are unravelling faster than the word smiths can spin them.

Also  there are some very conflicting and concerning signals emanating from the spin doctors surgery that the infection ravaging the body politic is failing to respond to treatment and there is widespread confusion as to the prognosis for the patient.

How many memory lapses can one produce before more serious options present.

Is Winston First threatening to create a new record for brevity of an administration he is involved in?


Psycho Milf said said...

Nothing to see here move along. Only the capitalist running dog alt-right losers on the opposition benches would make something of this. Ohhh, look over there Todd Barclay.....and whatatabout other stuff

Onward we progress to socialist utopia comrades.

gravedodger said...

Sadly you may be right Milt with your last line, clearly Venezuela is too far away from your understanding to intrude on a distinct possible outcome

First they came for the self employed and as I was retired I did nothing!

What the hell a nonentity such as Todd Barclay has to do with an administration giving off all the signals of an impending meltdown, I am somewhat mystified but maybe you will educate us all.

Allan said...

One can only hope that this rabble called a Government collapses sooner rather than later. They continually prove how incompetent they are with stuff ups occurring with monotonous regularity. The most incompetent would have to be the Fairy Princess who has absolutely no leadership skills whatsoever. She would be hard pressed to run a children's day care centre. The COL needs to go as soon as possible before they do irreparable damage to both NZ's International reputation and economy. We as a country deserve better than ths.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Too late.

David said...

Ah the sweetness of drinking snowflake tears, so delicious.

"Irreparable damage"? FFS sake, grow up and get over a government of a different political stripe.

Hitler did irreparable damage to Germany's International reputation and economy. And where is Germany today? Same could be said for Hirohito, and to a lesser extent, Mussolini, Mao, Franco, and even Uncle Joe. Somehow, that damage was repaired.

Anonymous said...


Wow , are you comparing Ardern to the afore mentioned dictators and mass murderers?
Much as I dislike Ardern and her appalling lack of competence you go to far David

EH of D

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Eh of D

You need to understand the Davids of this world (or is it some other?) don't consider the damage Chavez did to Venezuela or Pol Pot did to Cambodia as 'irreparable.'

Of course he ignores the price which was paid for the repair job and that is the real point.

David said...

EH of D, both you and Adolf suffer from a comprehension deficit. Try reading again. Slowly.

Adolf, tell me about the cost to repair the damage in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Honduras, Cuba, Argentina, Nicaragua, Libya, Iran, Dominican Republic, Chile, Iran, Syria, Congo - all inflicted by the Great Satan USA, then you may be worth a response.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, I was referring to the price paid in lives lost.

Now let me have a look at your list. China might have had more than a little to do with Vietnam; Iran with Iraq; Cuba did its own damage all by itself with help from Russia; Argentina had more to do with its own troubles than anyone else; Iran likewise - you've listed it twice. (That's how lefties make a long list.) Libya and Syria were screwed over by your dear friend Obama; Chile was never a basket case but would have been but for US intervention; and last of all, I seem to recall extensive Chinese involvement in Equatorial Africa.

Snowflake said...

It’s hilarious watching you right wing losers go completely batshit crazy. You don’t even need an excuse. Poor Allan dribbled so much on her keyboard she broke it. Tell me, how’s Soimon getting on finding that leaker?

David said...

Veteran claims to be an historian. Adolf is a revisionist.

Iran, 1953 - Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh's govt overthrown because they wanted to take control of the nation's resources for the benefit of the nation.

Guatemala, 1954, elected government overthrown by US military forces acting on behalf of US Companies in fear of land reform benefiting the population and not profiteers.

Congo, 1960 the U.S.-supported Belgian military intervention in the country, a violent effort to maintain Belgian business interests after the country’s decolonization. read The Church Committee's report.

South Vietnam, 1963 the US supported to coup that led to the the removal and murder of previous US favourite, Ngo Dinh Diem.

Vietnam, 1964 the US used hysteria around an attack on USS Maddox to launch an all out war on a peaceful nation that was no threat to US.

Brazil, 1964 US supported coup against democratically elected government and installed a military Junta that ran the country with an iron fist until 1985.

Q: Why will there never be a coup d’├ętat in Washington?

A: Because there’s no American embassy there.

PS - I thought even someone as thick as pigshit would know Obama was a US President.

David said...

Sorry Adolf, it doesn't have crayon drawings, but get an adult to read this book to you. Never know, you might learn something.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You may not have crayon drawings - just the most extensive list of old, banal, boring fourth form cliches.

Nurse Ratchet said...

Adolfo in his cups again, still thinks Chirchhil is the benevolent leader. Lay off the brandy and milk.