Friday, September 28, 2018


I will happily admit to only a passing interest in 'League'.   For me its relationship to Rugby is akin to that between Cricket and Softball.    Both Rugby and Cricket are there for the purist.    For League and Softball you don't need the same amount of technical skills.

Nevertheless I can acknowledge that League is the game enjoyed by many thousands of New Zealanders and in that game Simon Mannering stands head and shoulders above those of all other players.  Captain of the Kiwis and 301 games for the Warriors.  

Many players in League are over hyped ... Shaun 'Magic' Johnson ... piffle.   Mannering never courted that.   He let his on-field performance speak for him.   He gave it his all every game and he never gave up especially when all those around him had dropped their heads and their bundles.

Simon Mannering has earned the accolade of one of our great sportsmen.   I wish him well in his retirement.   I hope the Government chooses to recognise his contribution to NZ Sport in the 2019 New Years Honours List.

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear. Im no league 'tragic', but Mannering is an exemplary NZ'er. Modest and gave it 100%. All the time.