Friday, September 21, 2018


Self and Mems have just returned from three weeks in Fiji.  

Apologies for the spelling in some of my comments over that period ... trying to type on an I-phone dripping with sweat ain't the best recipe for getting things right.

Back to Fiji.    This time we were at a relatively isolated resort (five star) on the Coral Coast ... isolated compared with Denarau.   But that aside and acknowledging that Fiji has always been expensive compared with say Vanuatu or Samoa I think the country is coming close to being considered a tourist trap rip-off.   F29 (NZ23.50) for a single shot of standard brand spirits; F47 (NZ38.50) for a sirloin steak sans nothing else with sides an additional F10 (NZ8.50 each) and on what was touted as an international buffet night at F68 a head (NZ55) with Beef Wellington the feature dish and Beef Wellington was orf luv substituted with sausages.

Yeh, ok, we should have loaded up with our own booze but, quite frankly, I'm past that so, in part, it's physician heal thyself, but there becomes a point where you say enough is enough.    So, for us at least, next year its back to Samoa and North Queensland (Palm Beach) and Bali.

At least the Fiji Bitter was cold and at happy hour the pay two, get three, at F24 (NZ20) wuz some sort of deal over their normal price of F12 (NZ10) per bottle.

Back home tanned and rested and ready to do battle.   So much to comment on.   Start shortly.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodness me!

When we first visited the Coral Coast in 1992 I recall an 'old hand' making the same comments about prices. Then, almost everything cost about a third of what it did in NZ.

However, I can go and enjoy a super-dooper pub lunch with a pint of Carlton Draught for not much more than thirty bucks, right here in Bunbury.

I'd give Bali a miss if I were you. Too many recent cases of Bali Belly returning with 24 hour stomach cramps.

Anonymous said...

I would avoid Walters suggestions if I were you Veteran........his 100% record on being wrong about everything is unblemished. Welcome back

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

I like Vanuatu, especially Santo, but the Chinese are getting their foot in and I fear that will spoil it and see the locals screwed over. I hope I'm wrong but the Chinese always extract their pound of flesh over time.