Saturday, September 15, 2018

More Fake news?

I'm not sure but the source is suspect.   CNN.

"Real life ironman - Elon Musk, has just announced that he is about to quit his position in Tesla in order to make room for a new business venture which he believes will change the world more than Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City ever could. His new venture is a Bitcoin Trading System and, although he didn't come up with the idea, he invested $770 Million in it which allowed him to control all of the Bitcoin News Trader decisions."

No other mainstream media have run with this story so far but it would not surprise me.

I'm waiting for the fifty million dollars worth of batteries he fitted up South Australia's hapless Jay Weatherill with to catch fire.    On a day when temperatures are hovering around 45 and winds are gusting to 90 kph.

It has been obvious for some time that the Tesla, as well as a monument to bullshit,  is a dog and without continuing massive subsidies will wither and die, as it should.

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Psycho Milt said...

Absolutely, totally fake news. It doesn't come from CNN, but from someone calling himself an "anarcho-pirate" who's spamming for, a site whose motto might as well be "All your cash belong us": Elon Musk left Tesla, to make way for a new company that he said will change the world's "Automated Trading System.