Wednesday, September 26, 2018


It is not my habit to post an entire article from another blog but I'm making an exception with this one from Kiwiblog which lays out in stark detail the mendacity of the Prime Minister in the omni-shambles surrounding the (now) non-appointment of Derek Handley as Chief technology Officer.    I commend it to you.

The debacle has already cost YOU the taxpayer $100k (plus an unknown amount to cover expenses) paid to Handley over and above the cost of the (non) appointment process.  But, in addition to that it has cost the Labour led (whooops, sorry Winston) Coalition Government dearly. 

It seems the best defense Ardern can offer is to parade baby Neve and have the glitterati gush over her and her in the hope the problem will go away ... some hope.    She needs more than that ... her problem can best be summed by by the newspaper editorial which said "There can be no doubt the Derek Handley saga is a train wreck that is now threatening to derail confidence in the Government".

And it's all 'her' own work aided and abetted by her mate Clare Curran.   Fairy Stardust indeed.   

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Johno said...

From the editorial: "She needs to front-foot things in Parliament when she returns"

Won't happen. She'll take another sickie first, hoping it all dies down and goes away. When that fails to happen she'll continue to deny and deflect by repeating her earlier vague obfuscations.

All from the "most open and transparent government ever" and the politician that never lies.

I await this parliamentary question to the Minister: "When the PM sent her email address to Handley, despite telling the house she didn't engage with him, was it her private email address or government email address?"

The fun is only just starting, folks.