Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Napier Girls High ball was cancelled at late notice because a not divulged   at the time
"Threat" had been received.
This morning on Hosking in a scheduled weekly slot Police Minister and Local Napier MP Stuart Nash revealed a little of that "threat".  Apparently an email from off shore suggested the ball atendees would be attacked in a shooting.

The Powerhouse cancelled the booking for Moleneux and Southern one hour before curtain rise after an alleged "Bomb " threat.

Vice  Chancellor of Massey university,  Professor Jan Thomas cancelled a scheduled  address by Don Brash, one speaker in a week of scheduled talks by former political leaders sponsored by a political organisation based on campus after ONE email protesting his participation.

I can easily see how Tanya Harris might struggle to be permitted to organise her peaceful march down Queen  St  c1981, cor blimy that would now be hate speech for sure, wouldnt it.

"Spiking Guns was a simple tactic to disable captured enemy guns by driving a spike into the ignition hole by which gunpowder was set off sending a projectile into battle, thereby preventing them being used again.

The police should be making a concerted effort to sheet home to those responsible for these minority driven threats of extreme violence a lesson not to be soon forgotten
It is I hope a minority but there is some remarkable success in  threats via electronic medium that has otherwise sane people taking extraordinary steps. Maybe I am being too free with my sane comment as we saw Goofy the dorkland mayor clearly exceeding his statuary power to fulfill a personal desire to thwart the two Canadians, I am still to be convinced that Professor Thomas was doing likewise but after listening to her dervish like dancing on a pin head with Larry Williams, her clear bias was in favour of following the race based opposition to  a great NZ man who desires one nation with one set of rules equally applied and currently shows his beliefs via the Hobson Pledge movement.

It would be interesting to know how or even if,  the NZ police are  officially taking such threats of shooting, bombing and even rioting, they are serious allegations and those involved in creating and propagating such dreadful acts need to be brought to account along with others such as Goofy who latch onto the feeble excuse to perpetrate their personal beliefs as enablers.

One could ask why was sedition removed from NZ criminal law as a criminal act .
Oh and who  was behind that, remind me again.


Snowflake said...

If Brash and the Napier Girls High ball (WTF?) are your guns you have a pretty poor arsenal old fella.

Cancelling Brash’s ranting was unnecessary. However as for Molineaux and Southern, private venue owners shouldn’t be forced to accommodate them. A couple of grifters playing on the fears of the terminally stupid to eke out an existence given their unemployability. Go watch them on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Bomb threat.Nah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Golriz Ghahraman
You volunteered to defend , in court, a man accused of the most heinous crimes possible.
This man exhorted his kinsmen to murder and rape men , woman and children just because of their tribal affiliations.
You have been widely attacked as a supporter of Genocide , yet you have staunchly defended yourself by saying everyone has the right to a fair trial.

Yet when it comes to a pair of Canadians . whose peaceful speeches have never called for murder of anyone . never called for the rape of anyone , never called for the murder of a whole culture , you are up in arms ,fighting to stop anyone hearing their views.

Im so confused how you can think free speech is to be denied but Genocide must be defended

EH of D

David said...

Lauren Southern incites murder.

Congratulations Melbourne. Our overall decency and humanity was noticed by Nazi Barbie Lauren_Southern. Apparently she could only find a ‘few hundred’ bigoted fuckksticks which she has laughingly described as a silent majority of our over 4 million population. Be proud!

The Veteran said...

The idiot VC when pressed would not/could not detail the nature of the threat of violence against Don Brash except to make a vague reference to shootings in o'seas institutions. Much like a person who, when caught in a lie, tells a bigger one in an attempt to extricate from the self dug hole.

The Napier incident is a further OTT reaction. O'seas call for c*********s.

We are but a short way from having political meetings of all shapes and sizes cancelled because of supposed threats. Is that what we really want?

Goff set the tone. The retard Oz VC hitched her wagon to the call. Who's next?

Anonymous said...

All your link confirms is the ignorance and vacuousness of the Anti Southern brigade.
Your claim of incitement to murder is a wee bit silly , even by your standards.

EH of D

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What standards?

Anonymous said...

Am awaiting the Police looking into these treats rather than delaying updates up information re Senior Promotions, and one time leading Maori accused by his wife as a paedophile in Tauranga.