Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Two Ronnies

Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker were a great pair from the days when comedy was truly funny.

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What would they have made of today's political antics?

Australia's ABC is in trouble again for manufacturing left wing narratives disguised as news.  This time it's an unverified story sourced to a semi-literate anonymous defense department insider about America's imminent plans to bomb Iran, along with a request to Australia to provide targeting information.


That earned a stiff rebuke from Australia's Prime Ditherer who usually is the ABC's best of buddies.

Then, a few short weeks earlier, the ABC's Chief Economics Correspondent published a piece of nonsense in which she discusses at length the sins of the Australian Tax Office for it's failure to charge companies income tax on all of their turnover.  The piece was removed from the ABC website.

I kid you not.

Gentle readers will not know the recently appointed ABC Editor In Chief/CEO came to her new job with absolutely no experience or knowledge of journalism.  She was merely following the example set by the economics reporter who came to her job with absolutely no knowledge or experience of economics.  A Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Italian, no less.

Here are the two Ronnie's closing remarks.

Sanctions are biting but here's good news for the Mullahs.  America has promised it won't bomb Iran this month.

And Australia is doing it's bit.

The Aussies are sending a whole lot of foreign aid 'in kind' to assist Iran's struggling economy.

The package includes Dick Smith who will encourage the retail sector.

Of course Clive Palmer will establish a thriving mining industry.

Michelle Guthrie will provide government bureaucrats with instruction on obfuscation

Gay Weatherill has a plan for provision of plentiful, cheap reliable base load electricity.

The RAN is sending a crack detachment of trans/bi/poofter naval officers with a fleet of unusable minesweepers for Iran to tidy up all all those mines it's sown but can't remember where.  The Foreign Minister has assured the crews they will be quite safe.  Iran has no high rise building at any of its naval facilities.

But new Zealand is not going to be left standing on the sidelines.

It's sending Phil Twyford to show them how to build 100,000 affordable houses

And Kelvin Davis will advise on the benefits of a low profile for high achievers.

And that's all we've got time for so it's goodnight from me

and it's goodnight from him.


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