Saturday, August 4, 2018


Up here in Northland there are a number of Maori, some Iwi based and others who coalesce under the banner of the Tikanga Maori Law Society o Nutireni, who do not recognise themselves as owing allegiance to the Government of New Zealand.     Rather they see themselves as a sovereign nation able to make their own laws and answering only to themselves. 

They manifest themselves in a myriad of ways including declining to register their vehicles with the NZTA and the issuing of their own number plates, Wofs and drivers licences.    By doing so they lay themselves open to enforcement action but the sad reality is that the plod (up here) will seldom intervene in the almost certain knowledge that any fine imposed by the Courts will remain unpaid.   That is a dangerous line to tread.  I accept the police have a discretion not to act if the circumstances so dictate but it seems to me it is entirely wrong for them to allow the wholesale flouting of the law.

But the situation has taken an entirely new and sinister turn with some individuals refusing to register their children at birth.    The consequences of that failure is to deprive the child of a whole range of entitlements that he/she may be eligible to receive including family support payments.   And then they front up to their local MSD office crying poverty.     But MSD/IRD can't help them because the child doesn't exist.

The simple answer is of course ... physician heal thyself.     Register the child.   But 'they' won't ... it's trampling on 'their' mana (their words).   At that point it would be easy for us to throw up our hands  and say the balls in your court.   But in doing so we forget about the child who is missing out and that's wrong.   No child should suffer deprivation because of the extreme views of his/her parent.   But you can't give something to somebody who doesn't exist. 

I don't have an answer for this but I feel for the child.     This is not right.


Gerald said...

Dis de one

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... thank you for that. And the problem is that some Maori are brainwashed into believing they can opt out of society but still claim the full full range of entitlements available to those who recognise reality for what it is.

This can only end in tears ... for those who 'believe' it is further proof that NZL is governed by a 'colonial' government that refuses to acknowledge that Maori has a sovereign right to govern themselves (don't ask me where the dosh in coming from) while the children, too young to know why/how, pay the price for their parents stupidity (and I use that word deliberately).

Anonymous said...

Veteran ....quite agree with the sentiment but to lay the blame at the feet of a new Govt (colonial)? is a step to far. This has been going on for years and it is the inactivity by the Key administration that has compounded the problem and made it more difficult to deal with.

I am not privy to the background so I do not know what the answer is short of calling in "Crusher" to sort out a few dodgy cars.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... sorry that you feel a need to make the Party political. These groups have existed for years and Dover Samuels (bless his cottin pickin sox) back in 2006 and in his capacity as a Minister of the Clark Labour government called the group predators playing on the gullible. The Labour led government did nothing neither did its successor and neither will the present one because you can't legislate against people believing what they want to believe.

The cars arn't the main issue but they are an issue and the plod should take action but it's the children who are being made to suffer that really makes me angry ...

You will be aware it is an offence under s89 of the Birth, Death, Marriages and Relationships Registration Act 1995 not to supply the information when requested to do but when the person holds to the position that they do not recognise the government nor the legitimacy of the Act and decline to provide that information claiming instead that the child is registered with the Iwi then the matter is at an impasse.

Noel said...

I'm guessing the people who were selling alternate passports to overstaying Islanders are part of the group? Never did understand why Immigration didnt take advantage and allow thdm to go ahead then arrest the holders on return from the Islands.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Veteran claims he's upset because they are registering their children with the Iwi.

The Veteran said...

Anon 9.44 ... I'm confused that you're confused. Registering the birth of a child with an Iwi means nowt ... is nowt ... and remains nowt. To be eligible for government benefits the child has to registered with the government.

The group you link to are scammers. They're rogue Ngapuhi preying on and taking money from the gullible. Tell me, just how far to you think a person presenting a 'Maori' passport is going to get in trying to board an aircraft flying out of NZL?

Anonymous said...

Ok so they are not an Iwi which was my point. Just a collection of individuals claiming a Waitangi Tribunal decision in regard to an Iwi is theirs to manipulate.
Actually the Waitangi Tribunal got it wrong. The only Iwi who can clain they didn't ceede sovereignty is Tuhoe.

Gerald said...

"Tell me, just how far to you think a person presenting a 'Maori' passport is going to get in trying to board an aircraft flying out of NZL?"

Deportation out of NZ if the are an visa overstayer.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... well spotted but for Maori ... well, you know the answer.

But I come back to the child(ren) who are missing out as innocent pawns in a hoax.