Monday, August 6, 2018


Ngai Tahu, beneficiaries of Taxpayer largess that increases with each subsequent "settlement" for other tribes,  have "Donated" a "NEW NAME" for the reinstated North Linwood school to be opened by Dame Patsy.

Contrast that to another later withdrawn act of generosity where The Tribe welshed on a promised contribution to the massive local fund raiser to reinstate the quake damaged cottage hospital in Akaroa,  that the DHB deemed unnecessary for local services, leaving the community to raise around three million dollars.

Only a few Kms from the old Borough is the "Kaik" where Ngai Tahu troughers regularly have serious numbers  meet to Hongi, Hangi, Tangi or whatever, often including hundreds of health challenged attendees who at any time could be well served by a modern well equipped health center should weather preclude helicopter travelling Paramedic intervention.

Ngai Tahu arguably the best performing beneficiary from the seemingly never ending Waitangi gravy train, were almost wiped out after Te Rauparaha who  had been grievously insulted by a member of Ngai Tahu extracted truly awful revenge, first near the present Kaiapoi town where after a protracted siege, he slaughtered almost all those remaining then followed some of the remnants to Onawe Peninsula where he continued the slaughter. The few remnants now swollen incrementally by anyone with a tenuous connection to the seriously damaged tribe who sought protection under Te Triti almost two centuries ago  now seem more than happy for the trickle down so tightly controlled to decline any financial assistance to provide a very basic and rudimentary health service a few Kms from their historical  tribal HQ where a subsequent  signing occurred in the months following Hobsons efforts at Russell.

No worries Honkey is working their collective off to step up to raise the millions required from a very small population base that appears to be in early stage donor exhaustion.

I guess when the magnificent health hub comes to fruition there will be a generous donation of a name and if sufficient koha appears a powhiri and a blessing in the created modern version of te reo leaving a lingering impression that the wonderful decimated numbers of the tribe are oh so generous, not.


Anonymous said...

The best thing would be if the 'gifted name' was declined.

Anonymous said...

wow, did you get out of bed on the wrong side...