Friday, August 10, 2018


Mista Farrar is normally a placid kinda chap. He runs arguably the best political blog on the NZ scene with a very loose comments policy and enjoys a wide spectrum of opinion from his comentariat. It takes something serious to rouse him from a deceptive casual response to what is happening.
The total train wreck of "Me TU" Professor Jan Thomas, VC of Massey Uni in deciding unilaterally to ban Don Brash from campus where he was schedulled to speak to a "Politics Club" in a series from ex political figures. Hell most woould see the degree carrying  former governor of the reserve bank, a former National party leader and then The ACT party might just have some pearls of wisdom for young minds in a training regime.

Dont be bloody stupid, Ms Thomas, Australian trained, with a string of letters after her name has been told Gentleman Don is a "RACIST", so if it took Goofy to protect the snowflakes and curiosity shoppers in  Dorkland from two  Canadians who could infect feeble minds then Lady Jandiva must ride to a similar Drum beat and "Ban the Brash"

Clearly this miscalculation from the CEO of one of the nations main seats of learning has incensed Mista Farrar from his child minding , polling, advocating and informing busy life, to get into his armour annd join the crusade for free speech currently with Free Speech Coalition in the van.
FSC needs support and now so please do not be another "I didnt know, honest I didnt" when things get serious they are bloody serious NOW.


Psycho Milt said...

Oh great, another well-funded, arms-length National Party lobby group, just what the country needed. Wake me up when there's a non-partisan free speech coalition, maybe I'll give a shit if that happens.

Brick said...

Socialism 101 Milt - never give the truth an even break.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for Dodger. Holocaust denial is free speech and it has a cult following who have now aligned them selves with Bannon's alt right.

Trouble is it is not free speech in Europe where it attracts heavy jail sentences. I'm afraid the Europeans know more about the subject than you do. When, like the Canadians, your platform consists of misconceptions, selected statistics and down right lies that are aimed at a particular religion, ethnic group or race you are entering into Goebbels territory of manipulating public perception.

You consistently bang on about Islamic paedophilia but now it is revealed that tens, perhaps 100's of middle aged white Christians have been sexually abusing boys for about forty years in two UK institutions and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Where is your outrage against the Roman Catholic church and their cover ups????? Oh that's right...they are white middle aged Christians.

Lord Egbut

Geoff said...

Lord Egbut, the Law will take its course with the "white middle-aged Christians". Their actions are not condoned by the silent majority. We expect our Legal Systems will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Why are the majority silent?.......awaiting Dodgers reply, he is never silent when it comes to Paedophilia by other religions.

Lord Egbut

Geoff said...

The majority are silent because in civilised society the Law takes its course, and Justice is seen to be done. We do have reason to be concerned about the direction we are heading currently however.

Anonymous said...

Geoff.....bollocks...are you a bot?

Anonymous said...

Egbut free speech is the only counter to holocaust denial and other stupidity.

Years ago when Irving was denied a visa to talk in New Zealand it meant his followers felt justified the gummint was trying to hide something. If he had been allowed to speak he could have been ridiculed which is far more effective than those stupid lefty protesters who wish to shut down debates.


Anonymous said...

I see,I get it now, the Governments of Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norway etc, etc, are stupid leftys who want to shut down debate. The very countries who experienced how free speech undermined democracy when used against itself with the most appalling consequences .

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Give me a break fellas ... we're talking about an ex Governor of the Reserve Bank and National Party leader who came within an arms breath of toppling the Clark led Labour Government not a discredited revisionist pseudo historian.

The VC came to Massey from an institution that has been described by some as the 'Pyongyang' of the Pacific'. Certainly she exhibits many of the traits of 'Dear Leader'.

I for one am putting my money where my mouth is and contributing to the FSC in order to have her decision tested in the Courts by way of judicial review. Was her decision to ban Brash from the campus 'fair and reasonable'. In doing so the VC cited his support for the Hobson's Pledge movement and his opposition to separate Maori Wards in local government. Many might argue these are mainstream views.

Whatever that outcome I am comforted to a degree that her action has attracted condemnation from right across the political divide.

Alan Hancox said...

Socialism is a virulent disease, what else do you expect from these 'eggheads'.