Monday, August 6, 2018

Just Imagine (Updated)

It is reported so far this weekend (and it's not over yet) that fifty seven people have been shot, of whom seven have died, in the city of Chicago.  It appears none of them were shot by police.

Chicago happens to be a city which has been run by Democrats for thirty years or more and which has some of the toughest gun control laws in the United States.  There is passing mention of this fearful performance in some of the American fake news media but not a whisper in the New York Times.

One common feature of Chicago's Democrats and NZ's Labour Party is that both are criminal huggers.  Just imagine if such a scene were replicated in Auckland which has roughly sixty percent the population of Chicago.

You would have seen thirty four people shot, four fatally.   Do you think that would make it into the Herald or TVNZ News?

In none of the reporting am I able to discover how many of the shooters were blacks;  how many of their firearms were illegally possessed; or how many of the shootings were carried out with rifles as opposed to hand guns.   The answer to the last question will be hugely embarrassing for the Democrats who falsely use handgun homicide statistics to justify calling for bans on privately owned medium calibre semi-automatic rifles.


Oh dear.  How embarrassing!   The state of Illinois has declared August 4th a public holiday - Barack Obama Day.   Chicago shows the world how to celebrate such a special weekend.

Even better, Kenya has an Obama Day public holiday to celebrate the first Kenyan president of the United States.  No kidding - it's true.  It must be, its on Wiki!


Anonymous said...

Of course it's not reported in the NYT, they report their own crime stats. It's reported in the Chicago Tribune and other local papers. New Yorkers could.t give a shit what happens in Chicago which is 750 miles away. That's about AK to Sydney in your money.

This was reported in the NYT › News › World.

Messy stats there Adolf

Bill Kawolski

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


So what level of shooting would Chicago need to rate a mention in the NYT?

The poor bastards at the NYT must be sweating blood trying to work out how to blame Trump for Chicago.

Anonymous said...

This level.