Monday, August 6, 2018

Its The Trends That Count (Corrected)

There's been lots of talk from the Illuminati about a 'blue wave' which is supposed to engulf the Trump administration in the November mid term federal elections.

Among other things, a couple of interesting trends of late give cause to think the wave might turn out to be more of a great sucking undertow.

The first bad omen for the Dems is a Rasmussen poll which shows support for President Trump among black voters today is 29% compared with 15% a year ago.   That on its own, if it holds or improves on polling day, would be enough to sink the Democrats.

The second bad omen is a new poll which finds that 92% of orthodox Jewish voters in New York and adjoining states support President Trump.  Historically, the Jewish vote has been pretty solidly Democrat.  There are two factors at work here  I think.  First, Obama's unconcealed disdain for Jews and hatred of Israel and second, trumps decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem.  (I could never understand why any self respecting Jew would ever vote for Obama.)

I'm reminded of Helen Clark's systematic alienation of one section of New Zealand's voting public after another.  Then she couldn't figure out why she lost.

If the Dems have lost the Blacks and the Jews, then it's all over.

Identity politics at ts best, don't you think?  The Democrats have embraced illegal immigrants.  Meanwhile, black Americans who aren't as dumb as the Dems think they are,  really don't want hundreds of thousands of Central American and Mexican dregs pouring into to country to take away their jobs which they've only just got back.


David said...

Thanks Adolf, I always wondered if you could go any wackier.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor David can see his little universe coming to an end.

Dome Gnome said...

Yeah, Orthodox Jews are the nutty ones, that’s why they have always supported the rwnj Republicans. And 17% is not exactly won over, especially in the hopelessly biased Rasmussen Poll. Be complacent though. Having Trump out on the campaign trail will guarantee the Dems winning the House.