Saturday, August 11, 2018


Getting my "boil in the bag peas" to checkout ,  they may escape out through the mesh of the trolley when they come sans bag.
If they do make it to checkout I guess they will put them in my jute bag and they will be mushy by the time we get home.,  that's nice.

At present my drug dealer puts my 'Grants' and swmbo's 'Blue Saphire' in double plastic bags to avoid the crying in the car park, that not so nice coming.

No more bags of fruit and veggies approaching end of life care specialed in breathable plastic bags.

I note the virtue signallers will "allow" heavy plastic carry bags, That will come as a relief to retailers using them as billboards.
Now  there will be a small  army of crats to check shoppers bags comply or maybe there will be a stamp of approval for bags that will be safe for whales and turtles to eat and will last six times as long polluting the environment.

Will those mesh onion bags be in or out, they are oneuse for sure, sadly the new product mushy peas will slip through the mesh.

"Ten tech screws, four 'leadheads', one roll of solder and the tube of silicone sealer, certainly sir would you like fries with those".
Gee whiz that cement does not keep as well without that plastic liner, never mind good for business, hard to get rid of that solid lump in the corner of the garage though.

"Did you bring your little cliptop "sistema" box for the mince sir? no, well  they are in isle 13 on the "left" pun intended.
Oh bedder get two,  the chicken comes with 'salmonella' for no extra.
Watch that Corned silverside it might leak onto the sliced 'molenburg' in its dinky new paper bag
Lucky the cornflakes settle to leave room for the chocolate lumps though eh.

How well I recall the butcher with sawdust on the floor, the meatblock with its protective surface of beef mutton pork and everything else Clarrie Cone sold. Rogers store with its rolls of paper for wrapping, oatmeal. flour, sugar etc in cotton  and or jute at  50 70 or whatever pound weights. Joe Cannon emerging from his adjacent hair cutting room to roll an ice cream with no little paper cover to keep his hands from the cone or disposable plastic gloves. he usually wiped his hands on his trousers I remember. As I remember the weavils crawling out of the very special chocolate block Mum bought us from dear old Joe

We survived all that so this madness wont kill us. Not so for the doomed creatures of the oceans as this massive virtue signal will never reach India, Thailand, Myanmar, Phillipines, Indonesia China or any of the other teeming millions who know nothing of to how we in godzone will save the planet.


The Veteran said...

droll, very droll but, speaking for myself & Mrs Vet, this is something we can live with.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's not as bad as you might think. We used our own bags for eight years in Australia.

They still give out the little green plastic bags for fruit and vegies so all you have to do is slip a couple of those in your pocket on the way past and put your toothpaste and soap in them at the checkout.

Anyway, the whole thing is a crock of bullshit, as is everything supported by the left.

90% of the plastic waste in the sea comes from nine rivers flowing out of China and India.

Seabird said...

Yes but Adolf, didn't you know that all that waste that ends up in the sea down those rivers was there because we had exported it there fronm New Zealand!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Seabird, do tell!!!! Come on, spill it all out.

Paulus said...

It has been suggested by some political expert that we use our bread bags to pick up dogs poo.
How do I tell my dog which day it is for him, as I only use one loaf a week.

David said...

And that folks is all you need to know about Adolf. Because China is a dirty polluted country he wants to see NZ also dirty and polluted. Just why do you hate clean air and clean water so much?