Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Anecdotal evidence of how union affairs are decided with a "show of ands bruvvers" that's decided then.
The workers forgo income while the Union knobs continue with their secure income courtesy of the levies from the aforementioned bruvvers left to suffer hardship from no pay while striking to follow the directive of the "leadership".

Show of hands is anti democratic par excellence where intimidation and denigration are sufficient threat to prevent any semblance of opposition.
So to shut down views that dont fit the narrative and to prevent such embarrassment ever occurring by thwarting free speech is but one small step for socialists and as evidenced with the disgusting prevention of Southern and Molyneux exercising their basic right of freedom of expression, so successfully achieved not just with denial of publicly funded council owned venues by a megalomaniac Mayor but  again at a second venue with alleged bomb threats and violence. A celebratory demonstration soon after the second cancellation, evidence of what the proprietors of "The Power Station' were confronted with, cancelling only one hour before the speaking engagement was due to start.
With Valerie Morse amongst those in the van of the lefty opposition to what was in fact merely an alternative point of view, a quite reasonable response but still very disquieting as regards the basic foundation stone of a functioning democracy, Freedom of Expression - no surprise to a media blinded by their mind altered abdication of reason and shallow understanding of the clear and present danger such draconian threats reveal.
Today it was continued with a proposed address from Don Brash cancelled by Massey Uni.

Cripes in my formative years uni students were exposed to a wide  range of views and taught to sift through the dross to find the Nuggets.
The Hon T P 'Tom' Shand who rose to be Muldoon's Minister of Labour where he was on the other side of the table from Finton Patrick Walsh, Jock Barnes, Jim Knox and the other cloth capped, often communist inspired representatives of "The Workers", was himself a close associate of communists and socialists in his uni days.
In my own case Utopian systems had an appeal at year 9 (third form) slowly eroded until complete rejection after studying 'Animal Farm' by Lionel Blair aka George Orwell, as a first term topic in sixth form agriculture.
Of course his probably more widely read "1984" has a darker relevance as socialists become bolder in their attacks on citizens questioning the hidden agenda of those in power.

Dont allow thinking and self belief intervene in the one world government dreams of socialist international, eh comrade, can we ave a show of ands on that?


Psycho Milt said...

Cripes in my formative years uni students were exposed to a wide range of views...

They were? If so, could you point out the people who were exposing those students of the time to the views that things like homosexuality, recreational drug use or abortion were none of the state's business, that women should have the same rights as men, or that Māori were an oppressed race and needed to be compensated for the crimes against them?

David said...

'Animal Farm' by Lionel Blair aka George Orwell,

Well, I knew Lionel was an accomplished dancer, choreographer and sometime actor, but didn't know he wrote books on the side. Just wait until I tell my Uncle Eric.