Monday, August 13, 2018

He's a Terrible Man

So says David Farrar over at Kiwiblog.  David, like our colleague Veteren,  doesn't like President Trump.  In every one of his posts about american politics there is a veiled or not so veiled barb aimed at the American president - even when the story reported is about successes achieved by that same  president or about the uncouth excesses of his opponents.

David needs to read a little history and he'll discover President Trump is a rank amateur in the 'terrible man' game.

Let's have a look at a few Democrat presidents of the last hundred years or so, who were far terribler than President Trump.

Roosevelt   -    threw 120,000 innocent American citizens of Japanese descent into internment camps

Kennedy  -   famously remarked that if he didn't get a piece of stray arse every three days he got migraines. 

Johnson -  had a mouth like a sewer and surveiled Martin Luther King.

Carter  -  his incompetence and goody two shoes dithering got him and his country run over by Iran.

Clinton - banged more interns and librarians than Rasputin could have dreamed existed.

Obama - his only virtue was he appeared to keep his pecker in his pants.  Mind you, when you look at what he was married to you know why.  She would have chewed his dick off and roasted it for lunch.

To my way of thinking, the only civilized Democrat president was Truman who had the good sense to nuke Japan and sack MacArthur.

But what of the Republicans?

Nixon - secretly taped all his conversations.   Watergate etc etc

Ford - comprehensively incompetent.

Who were the stand out presidents?  The ones of whom DPF and veteran might approve?

Head and shoulders above the rest stands Reagan, followed by Truman, Eisenhower, and George H W Bush and his son Dubbya, a true gentleman who was let down by an incompetent intelligence service and hounded by a malicious press with scores of unfounded adverse stories.


Noel said...

Nah this list better.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmmm .... we'll pass on my dislike of Trump (although I can concede the US appears to be prospering economically under his leadership). I have previously opined that Truman is my pick of post WW2 US Presidents followed a little way behind by Reagan who gave Americans their confidence back but, in doing so, ran huge budget deficits. Eisenhower was a laissez faire President and a safe pair of hands. After that not much.

Kennedy was a bit like Jacinda although he gets huge wraps for his management of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nixon was fatally flawed. George Bush Senior should have gone for Baghdad. He didn't and the result was another war. Clinton, for all his 'pecker' problems at least ran strong surpluses although there was always a hint of another Teapot Dome type scandal a begging.

I suspect the forces behind the Presidency coupled with the huge amount of money required to mount a Presidential campaign mean we are never going to see the likes of a HST in the White House ever again.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Fraid I have to agree on you final remark.

alwyn said...

"we are never going to see the likes of a HST in the White House ever again".
Why do you say that? You should consider how Harry became the President and then look at the current VP. Harry got there because Roosevelt, who hardly spoke to him, died.
Suppose that Trump died. He is, after all, a rather obese individual in his 70s and it could happen. That would make Mike Pence President and nobody could possibly consider him to be a wealthy man. The highest figure I have seen for his supposed worth is less than $2 million. Most others put him at a much lower number. The only real asset he has is his pension scheme from his time as a State politician.
Wouldn't he be just like Truman in that respect? A very ordinary man.
I am not, of course, discussing his ability to do the job, but neither was your comment which certainly implied that a poor man cannot enter the door to the Oval Office.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Very perceptive.

I imagine few thought at the time Truman had much ability to do the job of president either.

The Veteran said...

alwyn ... fair point but ... VP candidates are never picked on the basis of what they can bring to the Presidential office rather what constituency than can add to the ticket.

Just reflect on the losing VP candidates in recent times. Who remembers Tim Kaine, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin (I guess some do for the wrong reasons), John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentsen ... and that's only back to 1988.

Chubbychanga said...

Reagan presided over record crime rates, a corrupt administration, (Iran contra), and an inept and immoral foreign policy (his cutting and running from Lebanon cost countless lives). Bush 1 was a hopeless one-termer and Bush 2 destroyed the US economy and reputation internationally and is considered the second or third worse president in the last century behind Trump and possibly Harding. Obama, however, is easily the best President since Roosevelt.

David said...

Chubbychanga, get with the program. If you want to post here you need to understand that it was Hilary's fault, that there really is a basement in Rocket Pizza, that it's all about the missing emails that Russia refused to hand over to Trump (even though they were listening), and Obama was/is a Black Muslim Atheist who was created by Saul Alinsky to prevent the American people from finding out the truth about the deep state and how George Soros forged the birth certificate.

The Veteran said...

Chubbychanga ... you gotta be kidding with Obama ... his legacy ... Hillary Clinton ... nuff said.

Chubbychanga said...

What, Obama is Hillary’s father now? That’s a new one. Where’s the birth certificate?

The guy rescued the US economy after Bush rooted it, extricated them from the quagmire in Iraq, got Osama bin Laden and resurrected the US’s reputation on the world stage. Hardly his fault the Russians got Trump elected in his place.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm ... if you are going to debate with me at least take off your rose coloured specs. Over the eight years of the Obama Presidency the budget deficits (expressed as a % of GDP) ranged from negative 9.8% to negative 3.19%. Contrast those with Bush's record ... from positive 1.21% to negative 3.11% at the start of the GFC.

'Extracted them from the quagmire of Iraq' ... what sort of dope are you smoking? Obama ordered the reentry of the US military INTO Iraq on 15 June 2014 where they remain to this day.

Obama was a shill for Hillary ... she was part of his legacy and detracts from any positives he may have achieved.