Sunday, August 12, 2018

Everything Is Fine, It's Just Boys Being Boys

Melbourne's West Side Story moves along.

From today's Australian, both paras in the same story:-

"The group of up to 100 Sudanese youths who damaged property and threw rocks at police cars in Melbourne’s northwest this week were acting like other Australian kids, a community leader says."


"● An AK-47 assault rifle and a batch of imitation firearms were seized during the arrest of a gang of teens in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs after a slew of ­violent carjackings and attempted robberies across the city.    Fourteen suspects have been arrested, some as young as 14. The AK-47 was found in a bedroom during a raid on a family home."

Aaaaaah yes.   Those much vaunted Australian gun control laws where they took all the firearms from the wrong people.


Chubbychanga said...

Really? Coz the gun laws worked. How many mass shootings since Port Arthur? One? Keep spinning though fella. And watch out for black people, they’re scary aren’t they?

David said...

Earlier this year, I was delighted when Aliir debuted for the AFL team I support, the Sydney Swans. Now 22, Aliir is one of the first Sudanese immigrants to play AFL and has become a role model in our multicultural nation.

Australian Prime Minister addressing a United Nations conference of refugees in New York.

Sudanese gang members steal white boys football.

Not a word from Adolf when white racists go on a rampage.

Nor when his hero of the hour attacks a street performer.

Wonder why. Could it be racism?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Chubby Clanga

In case you were asleep there were two such shooting within one month recently in Western AUstralia. Ten people (I think) killed all together.

Please try and learn some manners if you want to come back here.

David said...

Chubbychanga is correct.

In the 18 years before Port Arthur, there were 13 mass shootings in Australia, defined as shootings in which five or more people were killed. In the 22 years since, there has been one.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So I can take it you two back slapping idiots are quite happy to find your good Sudanese friends running around Melbourne with AK 47s?

Chubbychanga said...

It’s illegal though isn’t it, so the Police can handle it. But if you had your way...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


One more crack like that and you're gone.

David said...

So I can take it you two back slapping idiots are quite happy to find your good Sudanese friends running around Melbourne with AK 47s?

No, not at all happy about it, but as usual, you lie. Any evidence that anyone at all, let alone Sudanese, are running around Melbourne with AK-47s? Any?

Of course, Adolf, if you don't want anyone running around with AK-47s you would support tougher gun control laws.

The Australian is doing what Murdoch wants, attempting to create FUD in the electorate's mind in order to topple the Victorian government and the Turnbull leadership so his man Dutton will call all the shots.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Careful David. Blood pressure will kill you.

Try taking some comprehension. It works wonders.

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fuck off, William. It's his bad manners, not his ideas, if he has any.

Chubbychanga said...

Suggesting your ideas are misguided is poor manners, whereas telling people to fuck off is good manners where this guy comes from apparently. Care to address the point though? If you need a reminder, Australia’s gun laws have been effective, and at least under those laws someone with an AK-47 can be dealt with, unlike in right wing utopia.