Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Apparently its OK?

Hard on the recent news of the unfortunate demise of two parrots (Kea) that had lived in captivity near Darfield  for over 40 years, two days after an invasive visit by  Doc consultants. Captive Kea were a common Judas system to hunt the lethal birds that had discovered kidney fat on high country sheep was an easily accessed  food source, not so good for the ovine that soon perished from blood loss and infection. Now with the destocking of high country the destructive buggers make do with removing wiper blades and rubber seals around windscreens of hikers and skiers parked vehicles.

Two whales an adult and a youngster become stranded on Bayleys Beach near  Dargaville.
The younger whale died  in an unknown degree of stress and suffering  yesterday and today after some devastating damage to other beach dwellers and the environment, the remaining whale died, eventually humanely killed, we hope.

A ratepayer at Governors Bay at the head of Lyttleton Harbour wanted to  stabilise a bank created by access required for EQC repairs for a detached shed, told by Christchurch City Council they would need to fund over $20 000 for a resource consent to build a concrete block retaining wall as an initial requirement for the Wall budgeted at an almost equal construction cost.

Now if the whale had been a domestic cow, horse or camel the owner would have immediately calculated the costs of recovery, the value of the stressed animal and most likely euthanized it straight away, mindful of animal cruelty law around causing an animal to suffer.
But no,  cash strapped Department of Conservation morons put that poor bloody creature through three days of slow death from organ failure and seriously compromised breathing, finally reaching a decision to kill it this morning but another five hours pass before  bringing  its suffering to an end.

How much sediment pollution was created by the very big excavators digging a trench ( around a fifth of the Governors bay property owners gouging consent process was sedimentation mitigation reports).
What about the many creatures killed, habitat destroyed, and food chain disruption, deprivation from the many tonnes of sand removed, where there consultation dear Osric ?

Of course Iwi consultation may not have been required for the fruitless and inhumane Whale rescue, the ghouls would have been standing by with chainsaws at the ready to destroy the dignity of the doomed animal with an assault to garner the jaw bone and any other taonga as soon as the rescue was declared a failure.( another substantial portion of the $20 000 CCC rort Iwi consultation)

The Whale became stranded for reasons unknown but old age, a dieing calf, perhaps, a whale sick and dieing, or maybe just some serious driver error but once stranded  it was a pretty easy decision to bring the suffering to a humane end.

A pod of Orca or pilot whales stranding is one matter that can bring an unknown outcome with returning the smaller creatures to sea on the next tide but this adult whale estimated at possibly 30 tonnes, give me strength.

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