Thursday, August 9, 2018


The decision by Prime Minister Ardern to turn her 'Nelsons Eye' to claims of conflict of interest in the investigation into the process leading to the appointment of Wally Haumaha as Deputy Police Commissioner is entirely understandable as it is wrong.

No matter that it was Winston First that announced the Inquiry.    No matter that he tasked one of his NZ First Ministers to oversee the Inquiry.   No matter that the Deputy Leader of NZ First and Haumaha are whanau (family) and come from the same marae.  No matter that Haumaha was (for a time) a candidate for NZ First in the 2005 election.   No matter that Winston Peters spoke at Haumaha's home marae at an event marking his (Haumaha's) promotion to Assistant Commissioner.

Conflict of Interest? ... old saying ... if it walks like a duck, has feathers and quacks then it probably is a duck.

Ardern had no option but to turn her Nelson's eye to the shenanigans.     She's stuk.   Winston Peters holds the cards and is playing her like a piano and there is nowt she can do about it.

Updated ... this just gets worse for the CoL.   Stuart Nash, Police Minister, has just revealed he has/had a relationship with 'Wally'.     Further, new allegations against Hauhama have now surfaced.   They relate to workplace bullying and  come from MoJ and Corrections personnel seconded to work with Haumaha at Police National HQ.    These allegations were never followed up on because those making the allegations were never told by their respective Ministries that the Police were seeking follow-up information.   Cock-up or cover-up?   At this stage I'll go with cock-up.

The Nash-Haumaha relationship is much more concerning.   We know that Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement warned the Police Commissioner against appointing Haumaha.    We also know that for senior appointments requiring ministerial sign-off the Minister (in this case the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Police Minister) is presented with two names in order of preference.

The BIG question ... was Wally Haumaha number one or number two on the list.

If he were number two then we are getting into ministerial resignation territory.  


gravedodger said...

Any truth in the rumour that Shane is attempting to buy heavy equipment from the Ebert collapse.

There is massive digging happening, Shane shovels and spades from the floundering tree planting cant keep up the pace.

Tracey was in witless protection today while it needed Mallard to run interference on Bishop who made damaging runs on the diagonals, Chippy, Nashy and Angry all suffered.

Geoff said...

After a lifetime interest in politics, including listening to Parliament all my adult life, turning the television on to watch our Parliament in Session this week has dismayed me. It has been childishness and smugness at its worst. I fear for our society and where it is heading.