Tuesday, July 10, 2018


That was the headline over at Kiwiblog yesterday following the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis.  

I guess the news this morning that Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has also resigned might be cause to recast the headline as 'UK Government F****D2'.

Prime Minister May's continued leadership of the Conservative Party is poised on a knife edge.   Those Tory MPs that thought she should have resigned following the disastrous 2017 snap election will have been given new heart.

I guess my old mate Lord Egbut NoBacon will be feeling quite chipper this morning.

Updated ... I'm gobsmacked.   The Acting PM went on TV this morning where he predicted May would face a leadership challenge.    That is a diplomatic gaffe of the first order and motormouth Peters should know better.   Prime Ministers can think that but they can't say that especially when the country involved is another Commonwealth country.   Methinks the British High Commissioner will not be a happy chappette (new word, my invention for a female chappy).


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Who cares what Peters thinks about Great Britain?

He can't even run a tin pot joint with a few million sheep.

Gerald said...

I dunno. If he wasn't there I'm guessing we wouldn't be replacing the Orions.

Anonymous said...

Veteran.......the Tory party has now sunk to the level of Zuma's ANC party by putting self interest and party before country. There is now ample evidence available that shows the economic hit will be massive with the big firms like Airbus, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover/jaguar, and another 900 saying we will be absolutely rogered if the UK leaves the single market and customs union. Land Rover is firing in Birmingham and hiring in Slovakia where the new factory has come on stream.

There is no money in the kitty to play games now, the UK is broke and seen by the rest of the 27 as lacking credibility and a complete shambles.

The EU is not so much a political organisation as a rules based organisation. Twenty eight countries who don't trust each other with long histories of war, bloodshed and betrayal signed up to the rules overseen by the European court of Justice......they trust the rules and trust the court and even though it is work in progress it has worked for 40 years. Then along come the Tories and want to change the rules....sorry, never happen. It's like resigning from the golf club but insisting that you can still use the bar on the basis that your family spent a shedload of money there over the years. It might be worth noting that both Trump and Putin want to see the EU dismantled......yours to reason why.

The stumbling block is the four EU freedoms which will never be divided......freedom of movement, goods, services and people which means a hard Irish border. Brexit is finished.

Lord Egbut (still celebrating BoJo the clowns departure)

David said...

Brexit is a perfect example of how government by referendum/plebiscite does not work for anything other than the simplest of questions. It's easy to tick a box on a ballot paper, far harder to implement legislation.

Because of the unholy alliance of Farage and Putin, the UK must leave a trade agreement and then hope to negotiate a trade agreement with the same parties it just walked from. It's like the same couple simultaneously divorcing and remarrying. Stupid.

The Veteran said...

Seems to me that there were two options available to the UK Government in negotiating Brexit ... the 'hard' or 'soft' landing. Davis and Johnson bailed because May clearly favoured the soft landing approach. That led Davis to opine that it would leave the UK as a colony of the EU ... Brexit in name only and still beholden to the EU.

The soft Brexit would of course pretty much scupper any trade agreement with NZL much advocated by WRP harking back to the days of 'Imperial Preference'.

Still, never mind, it would see our Acting PM free to pursue his flagship policy of a trade deal with Putin .... reminder, don't talk about Novichok and the murder of Dawn Sturgess.

David said...

Slightly OT, but you began it. As there are bans on chemical weapons, how did the UK decide it was Novichock unless they already had it?

J Bloggs said...

David - the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons maintains a reference database of chemical agents which fall under the schedules of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Novichok is listed in that database, and presumably once it was suspected that a chemical weapon had been used, they compared the analysed samples to the database looking for a match.

And the ban is only on large scale manufacture and/or deployment of chemical weapons - there are exmpetion to produce minute quanitites for research purposes, so there is no reason why the UK could not have its own reference library.


The Veteran said...

David ... ever heard of Porton Down? Mr Bloggs has it right.

Anonymous said...

Veteran......it has been a carefully choreographed exercise for the benefit of the British public with so many red herrings you could start a fishmongers and fish being one of them. Lets get our fishing grounds back. The UK fishing industry is worth in money about as much as the pet insurance market....bugger all and 70% of what they catch is sent to the EU which will attract tariffs on leaving ....utter madness in the name of democracy. I bet the Greeks never had this in mind when kicked off the idea. The EU will look at May's white paper and reject everything to do with frictionless borders

Waiting on the ECJ to decide the case brought by an WW2 Brit soldier and a Bordeaux advocate on the legality of the UK referendum.........cartless apples may abound.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Colony of the EU.....bollocks.......Davis has ben described by his own staff as "thick as mince and lazy as a toad". The Government earlier white paper on Brexit clearly states that the UK parliament NEVER lost sovereignty and no law, EU instigated or not, has been passed without parliaments approval. If you are going to tell a lie make sure it's a big one and repeat it often.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Strange, isn't it that there is so much research in to banned substances.

Back to topic - Aaron Banks looks to be in a little trouble, Mr Mueller would probably like to speak with him.

Nice to see Commander Heel Spurs rushing to get his next set of instructions from Putin. I wonder what he'll be told to wreck next.

Anonymous said...

Out of the four power blocks China, US, Russia and the European Union the EU is the only liberal democracy with the most transparent court in the world. This cannot be tolerated particularly as socialism by it's members within the block is not condemned.

Putin and Trump are of the same mind and for some reason, probably to to with his Teutonic heritage, he has taken a dislike to Germany. Dark days ahead unless Meuller steps up to the plate for his country.

Lord Egbut