Thursday, July 19, 2018


and just when you thought you had seen and heard it all 'he' does it again.   Asked by a reporter at the Wednesday afternoon Cabinet meeting whether Russia 'is still targeting the United States' the President said 'No'.

Later the White House Press Secretary said that when the President said 'No' he didn't mean 'No' to the question but rather it was 'No' as in 'No more questions'.       The gymnastic contortions of language his aides are having to employ in order to paper over his continuing faux pas are worthy of an Olympic gold medal.

I've said enough about this idiot masquerading as POTUS.    Taking a break from Trumpland to blog about honest reality.


Andrei said...

Are you obsessed or what?

Listen: The constitutionally elected President of the United States of America went to meet with the constitutionally elected President of the Russian Federation in order to help repair relations between the two nations.

This success of this endevour would be of great benefit to the ordinary citizens of both nations as well the citizens of other European nations, of course.

And a bunch of unelected Washington Beaucrats with the help of a compliant media are doing everything in their power to sabotage this initiative.

You want to buy the pig in a poke these thoroughly unpleasant people are selling well that's your choice I guess

For me I see a plethora of problems this world faces and if the constitutionally elected President of the United States of America and the constitutionally elected President of the Russian Federation can establish a rapport which will allow them to work together cooperatively to resolve just some of these things and make the world a nicer place to live in I am for it

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... not obsessed. I spent two years trying to be objective but it comes a point where you say enough is enough. Putin out-trumped Trump and Trump, captured by his own narcissist ego, is too thick to realise it. When a US President becomes an object of derision I worry. You don't need to ... your man won hands down.

macdoctor said...

I find your assessment rather unlikely. Trump knows well that the US has no hard facts about Russian interference in the election. Normal diplomacy dictates that you ignore points of contention, particularly if you have no solid evidence, and you concentrate on points of agreement. This is how it always works. It is only the pathological US media that think you should attack the leader of the country with the second largest stockpile of nukes!

Russia and the US need to work together, otherwise the only winner will be China.

The Veteran said...

macdoctor ... then why did Trump act to correct himself and say he backed his intelligence agencies assessment that the Russians did indeed interfer in the 2016 election? You can't have it both ways.

I agree with Ronald Reagan. Russia is the evil empire and nothing much has changed in the thirty years since except the spawning of the oligarchs who managed to siphon off much of the sovereign wealth of the country.

Andrei said...

" I agree with Ronald Reagan. Russia is the evil empire and nothing much has changed in the thirty years "

Ronald Reagan left office thirty years ago and after suffering a decade of dementia has been dead and buried for fourteen years.

You are living in the long distant past Veteran

"When a US President becomes an object of derision I worry. You don't need to ... your man won hands down."

I think the scorn being fired in the direction of President Trump says more about the people deriding him than it does about the man himself - it also says a lot about the sorry state of American Democracy and public administration.

As for "my man" Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I suspect that in fact he is the greatest statesman of our age and that too is a problem for the denizens of the Washington swamp - he is a lot smarter than they and loved at home besides

I watched quite closely both the Russian and American presidential elections and the contrast couldn't be more stark.

The Russian elections were orderly and well conducted, the candidate debates were respectful and the result was greeted with joy by the majority of the Russian population even those who cast their votes for another candidate

Whereas the American election was a zoo the campaign filled with pure nastyness, occaisional violence and other worrisome things including a DNC employee being found in the street with two bullets in the back, a crime that has never been properly investigated nor explained

And of course following the announcement of the result riots erupted across many cities in the land...

Of course you could always blame Russian meddling for this shambles...

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... I suspect the families of those killed in the shooting down of MH-17; the Skripals and the partner of Dawn Sturgess and the Ukrainian masses might take issue with your fawning assessment of Putin although you might have an ally in Trump.

Clearly we agree to disagree. That's your and my privilege.

David said...

Listen: The constitutionally elected Prime Minister of the UK went to meet with the constitutionally elected Chancellor of Germany in order to help repair relations between the two nations.

This success of this endevour would have been of great benefit to the ordinary citizens of both nations as well the citizens of other European nations, of course.

And a bunch of unelected London Bureaucrats with the help of a compliant media and a partisan Parliament did everything in their power to sabotage that initiative.

Anonymous said...

Macdoctor.........the evidence is solid....13 indictments, British and Dutch security taps, hundreds of meetings between Trump family and campaign people with Russians tied to Putin, 3 cases going to trial etc etc.

Trump keeps saying there was no collusion, he might be right, to collude is to actively help and is quite different than "full knowledge of".........he undoubtedly was kept in the loop even though he kept his distance.

The number of nukes is immaterial as they no longer pose a threat, neither side has the capability to occupy each other. The identification of two men in the Novochuk case who flew to Russia under false names from the UK after being filmed in the gardens where the substance was found is pretty damning. If it quacks.......

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

On this one I think the Trump version is correct. His attempt to back-pedal his Helsinki comments was like something from a bad sitcom, but in the video for this incident it does look to me like he's done answering questions on the subject and telling the reporter no he's not going to answer.

Snowflake said...

Except for him looking right at her and saying no to the question she asked, you are correct Milt. Otherwise it’s a very weird way of saying no further questions, which is the story Huckabee-Sanders got told to say. For someone who is apparently such a great comminicator (the best, with the best words), Trump sure is bad at conveying what he wants to say. And he had an affair with a porn star who he paid off just before the election. When he said didn’t he meant to say did. It’s the media’s fault.

Psycho Milt said...

He looked right at her and said "Thank you very much. No." The "Thank you very much" is a dismissal, he says it (and others say it) when they're finished taking questions from journos and want them to leave. It was clear from that phrase, and the context (reporter trying to get a question in after he'd closed questions), and the body language that he was dismissing the journo and not willing to answer her question. Those claiming he answered "No" to her question need an explanation for why he was so grateful to be asked that particular question while he was trying to get journos to leave the room that he thanked her for taking the trouble to stick around and ask it.

The Veteran said...

PM wrong ... after that episode he took and answered further questions.

George Will is an American journo I admire. Pulitzer prize winner and has been called the 'most powerful journalist in America on a par with Walter Lippmann'. He is no effete liberal. He helped Ronald Reagan prepare for the debate in which he demolished Jimmy Carter. HIs wife is a political consultant who most recently worked on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's 2016 Presidential campaign.

His view on Trump in a column he wrote for the Washington Post includes this descriptive .... (he is) 'a sad embarrassing wreck of a man' ... and further 'he speaks English as if it were his second language learned from someone who learned English last week'.

Pretty much on the money methinks.

David said...

Just beat me, Vet. I was about to post a link to that George Will article, actually, I will, as more people, especially the Trumpholes, need to read it.

America’s child president had a play date with a KGB alumnus, who surely enjoyed providing day care. It was a useful, because illuminating, event: Now we shall see how many Republicans retain a capacity for embarrassment.

George Will

He also wrote The world, however, saw in Helsinki something more grave — ongoing collusion between Trump, now in power, and Russia.

But hey, all is well in Trumpland, he's on the cover of Time again.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

I actually couldn't give a fat rats about Trump but, he seems to bring out derangement in some people so I was driven to view the video where he 'insulted her Majesty'.

I saw that part where he momentarily walked ahead of her then waited to for her to catch up as any gentleman would. so that couldn't have been it.

Did I only get to view a shortened version and not see 'THE INSULT'? And, what did he do? Fart in church? Shag one of the Corgis?

The Veteran said...

Thank you TTSS ... yep, I might have been a tad OTT with that descriptive but ....

Trump has driven me to TDS ... I tried to resist but he won. I takes a fair bit to get me deranged although some less charitable persons might take issue with that statement.

Andrei said...

George Will is a 77 year old fossil who has been in Washington DC since before the flood

The assumptions of the Washington DC bubble are not in line with those of people who inhabit the real world.

In reality Mueller's release of his indictment on the eve of the Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki is a naked and transparent attempt to derail that event and quite disgraceful

VVP has offered American investigators access to those indicted but with fishhooks for Washington - it requires similar access by Russian investigators to those Americans who have blatently interfered in the Russian political process. There is an existing treaty that covers this, signed in 1990.

It will never happen though - already the useual suspects are fizzing at the mouth over the thought that Americans should submit themselves to the indignities they try and impose on others.

In any case the whole Russian interference thing is as bogus as hell - Home grown American political pathologies are on display for all to see who want to see them, it does not need Russians to shed light on them. Bringing Russia into the narrative is an attempt to divert and distract

David said...

Wise words from Mano Singham, a theoretical physicist and retired Director of UCITE (University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

A vast swathe of Americans crave phoniness if it makes them feel good about themselves, reality be damned.

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