Tuesday, July 3, 2018


On 3 June 2018 Deputy Commissioner Wally Haumaha was appointed to the position of Statutory Deputy Commissioner for a five year term by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.     Next to the Commissioner of Police the Statutory Deputy Commissioner is the senior serving police officer.   One of those two appointees is required to be present in New Zealand at any given time.

Haumaha's appointment was made on the recommendation of a panel comprising the State Services Commissioner; the Assistant State Services Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police.    Following the announcement Police Minister Stuart Nash said, in recommending Haumaha's appointment to the Prime Minister, that he was unaware of anything untoward in his (Haumaha's) background.    This despite the 2004 Police investigation into allegations of rape by three senior serving police officers against Louise Nicholas (Operation Austin) where he (Haumaha) had gone on record backing his former friends and colleagues against the allegations ... allegations that were later found to be proven.     Nash's comments suggest that he might have balked at agreeing to accept the panel's recommendation had he been aware of all the facts.   That is his prerogative as Minister. 

A Government Inquiry in the matter has now been ordered.   Specifically the Inquiry is examine if the appointments panel was made aware of the 2004 incident and if not, why not.   Further, and if the panel was aware of the 2004 incident, did they brief Minister Nash on it in making their recommendation and if not, why not.   

Those are very fair questions which need to be answered.

Now it gets murky.   Acting Prime Minister Peters appointed Cabinet Minister and NZ First MP Tracey Martin to oversee the Inquiry.    It now transpires that Haumaha was an aspiring candidate for NZ First in the 2005 election.   He only withdrew when it was found his wife had spent their money set aside for for the election campaign to feed her gambling addiction and had embezzled $24,000 from the ANZ where she worked to cover the loss.     It is also germane that Tracey Martin's mother, Anne Martin, was the NZ First Party Secretary during this time.

FFS ... doesn't Winston understand the perception of cover-up likely to result in having a NZ First Minister in charge of an investigation involving a high profile policeman with links to NZ First.    He's making it hard for himself and the government and he didn't need to ... there are any number of Labour Cabinet Ministers who could have overseen the Inquiry ... the Attorney-General is an obvious one.

I support the Inquiry.   It needs to happen.   But WRP, in appointing one of his own to oversee the Inquiry is dumb politics and leads one to the inevitable conclusion that he's losing it.

I want to say one thing more.   I do believe in 'redemption'.   It is entirely possible that Haumaha has learned from his 2004 experience.   That he continued to serve and achieve substantial promotion is testament to his ability.    This is not so much about Haumaha ... it's all about process and people making decisions based on ALL the information being made available.

I suspect the State Services Commission and Police National Headquarters are reviewing their files  assiduously.


The Realist said...

He got the job because he is a Maori

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Probably not such a bad thing when 90% of the crims are either bros or cuzzies.