Sunday, July 1, 2018


So Clare Curran, the Minister for Open Government, and in her capacity as Minister for Broadcasting sets up a Ministerial Advisory Group to investigate the establishment of a Public Media Funding Commission.

Nothing much in that you say ... agreed.    But then in their first meeting and having been advised that their deliberations were subject to the Official Information Act they decided to dispense with the taking of Minutes so that there would be nothing discoverable.

Bizarre, Byzantine .... call it what you will.   Curran makes a mockery of her portfolio as Minister for Open Government.   Makes a mockery of the Prime Minister's commitment to lead the most open and transparent government ever.    And make no mistake ... this reflects on the Prime Minister just as much as it reflects on Minister Curran.

Am going to enjoy our resident government apologists take on this.

Updated ... I see that Malcolm Harbrow at 'No Right Turn' has eviscerated Curran over this.   It has to be really bad when your own turn on you. 


Gerald said...

What's new.
If my memory is correct Veterans asked for copies of the AOJWG minutes to be told there were none and because it was run out of the Prime Ministers Office it wasn't subject to the OIA.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... wrong. The fact that it was run out of the Prime Minister's office is immaterial. If it is an official document it is discoverable although sensitive portions may be redacted. The only exemptions are as provided in S6 and S9 of the OIA Act and by no stretch of the imagination could the AOJWG Minutes be seen to fall into these categories. Someone was telling porkies. Mind you, this happened under the Clark Labour/NZ First administration.

The latest Curran fiasco takes thumbing ones nose at the OIA it to an entirely new level ... deciding not to have minutes because they might be discoverable. How then to 'they' record their decision making? It is bizarre and byzantine and Curran was like a Possum caught in the headlights and made to look foolish and not on top of her portfolio ... and all this from the Minister for Open Government. Sir Humphrey would have approved.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Veteran, Sir Humphrey most certainly would not have approved. He would have abhorred the sheer incompetence of these rank amateurs.

Anonymous said...

But there we no AOJW minutes.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... if you're right then that wuz wrong. Is there a pattern here? Labour administrations of varying hues seeking to circumvent the law.

Sez much but, as I observed, even their 'own' are rebelling.

Psycho Milt said...

Curran is so crap she reminds me of the previous government. It's been clear for years that she was going to be a liability once Labour got into power again, and so it proves to be. Go ahead and enjoy it, I got a lot of mileage out of McCully and Smith so it's only fair enough you guys should get some out of Curran.

Noel said...

Anon wouldn't have mattered.Those who wanted to ensure they weren't getting a pig in a poke were castigated for not running with the herd.