Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Good News About Global Warming

Adolf struggles to recall reading or hearing anywhere during the last fifteen years or so any commentary about the beneficial effects for humanity of global warming.

Instead, we have been subjected to a tidal wave of hysterical fabrications and false predictions of impending doom unless we destroy our economies and give our wealth over to globalist bureaucrats for redistribution to their mates.  The most outrageous and repetitious predictors of falsity were America's Al Gore and Australia's Tim Flannery who between them predicted the flooding of the western world's coastal metropolises and the cessation of rain over those same cities.  The most notorious fabricators were James Hansen and the cabal at the University of East Anglia.

So, I want to know what might be the other side of the coin?  In what way would mankind benefit from a two degree Celsius increase in the world's average temperatures?   For an agricultural fellow like me, the starting point is a map of the world.

Image result for world map

Have a look at where the temperate zones fall.  Most of their land mass is in the northern hemisphere with only Argentina having a decent sized chunk south of the equator.  It is these zones which produce most of the world's grain and meat so what would happen if the world warmed?

Why the temperate zones would move closer to the poles.  Argentina would gain a large new productive region while Australia and NZ would miss out.  But the big hitters are those northerners. Canada, north-eastern Europe, Russia and northern Asia would enjoy massive improvements.  Longer growing seasons with higher crop yields.

Add to that a massive increase in CO2 atmospheric concentrations and the resulting well documented increase in the rate of plant growth and you begin to see what a rotten fraud has been the last twenty years of 'anti CO2' propaganda and lies.

There should be demonstrations in every city demanding increased use of fossil fuels and the resultant highly beneficial CO2 emissions.

Just think, Southland would become one of the greatest red wine producing regions in the world and Canadians would plant massive avocado orchards.

So dear readers, what do you think? 


peterquixote said...

It is important not to confuse CO2 levels with atmospheric or oceanic temperature shifts.
The sun has quite as lot to do with the temperature, but the Jacinda like socialist idiots can not tax the sun, so they tax everything else which grows underneath the sun. I have always done my bit for plants. I once drove Rod Donald to a Nelson meeting in the Holden 350. He hated it,

Paranormal said...

The real problem is there is no such thing as global warming. It's all about politics, not science. For a good summary have a look at

It's telling we've had 'significant' changes in CO2 atmospheric concentrations but seen no corresponding change in temperatures.

If you look at historic temperature levels (the actual not adjusted ones) it seems the peaks are reducing. I don't think we'll see any significant warming as we're heading for the next ice age. CO2 increase have really helped to green the plant and long may it continue.

Snowflake said...
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Lolitas brother said...

Wow, the sea has risen two metres and we didn't even notice snowflake. Is that over a few thousand years flakey is it ?

David said...

Adolf’s Sunday drive.

Paranormal said...

Good on you Snowflake - keep pumping your religion that ignores science.

Here's something else that will pop your mind - earth has been much warmer and colder than now.
Based on the geological temperature graphs it would seem we could be headed towards the next iceage.

I wonder what the politically correct temperature is? No need to wonder as I'm sure you will tell us.

Unlike you neo-Marxists, normal people are comfortable discussing different opinions. You should try rational discussion some time rather than your standard resort to wailing and ranting.

You can't argue with the balanced presentation Judith Curry put together so you try to discredit her because her educated views do not correlate with what is politically correct.

Carry on Snowflake, you never know your luck. One day the amount of hot air you release claiming mankind is warming the planet may eventually work. Sadly for your state of mental health the real world results do not match your doomsday predictions.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Snowflake will need to carry on pumping somewhere else. He was banned here for bad behaviour, long ago. Of course he says he was banned because of his ideas but he is wrong. He doesn't have any.

Snowflake said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dumb bastard just won't learn. Can't even speak English.

Snowflake said...
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Snowflake said...

Triggered, loser?