Saturday, July 28, 2018

Super Saturday

Today is Super Saturday in Australia with four federal by-elections taking place as a result of archaic citizenship laws.  The Veteran provides background here.

I think it is likely Labour will suffer a historic loss of one or two seats.

As a life long Gnat/Lib I'm hoping for such a result, just to see the despicable Shorten squirm.  However, for the Libs it would be better that Shorten wins all four because if he loses just one it is likely he will be replaced as leader by Albanese. 

Polls show Albanese would crush Turnbull at a general election.  Perversely, that's what I'd like to see.  Then the Turnbull cancer might be cut from the body of the party and allow it to return to its conservative roots.

An Albanese led Labor government may well be very good for Australia just as the Hawke/Keating governments of the day.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wuz rong

Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise.......almost all of your posts on any subject you care to name have been wrong. Just saying.


Snowflake said...
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David said...

No shit, Sherlock?

Aussies ignored the strident racism of Dutton and Turnbull attacking a small segment of the population as the cause of all crime.

The wise people of Mayo rejected the parachuting in of the "Heiress to The Family Seat" and sent her packing. Cue cries of fake outrage from her mummy and daddy, proving she was as she seemed, a spoiled brat with no relevance or electoral appeal.

Congratulations Malcolm on making "Super Saturday" all about leadership and losing sop spectacularly.

The Veteran said...

David ... enjoy your day. The net result (in parliamentary terms) is no change but there is no doubt the Turnbull government has taken a hit. Braddon (Tas) is a quirky seat and the strong showing by an independent who ran a 'plague on both your houses' campaign meant the Libs were going to be pushing SUH. The result in Longman would be of greater concern to the Libs. Qld is a crutial battle-ground State and were the weak primary vote recorded by the Libs in Longman to be reflected throughout the State come the general election then it would be all over rover for Turnbull.

The clear winner on the night was Shorten. His position is secure. Turnbull too is secure but for a different reason. He can't be challenged because a revolving door leadership change would destroy the little remaining confidence in the Party.

As a political junkie I find this all quite fascinating.

John Howard last night in Auckland was in great form. He stands with Menzies as a great Liberal leader ... the others, not so much so.

Anonymous said...

Longman will be terrifying for the Libs. Every Party saw an increase in their vote, except the LNP. How much is local issues, how much is "stolen valour", we don't know. But the key message of Turnbull is not being bought by that electorate, at least.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @6:44

Unwittingly, you may have exposed Turnbull's greatest weakness.

He doesn't have a key message.

David said...

Words to warm your heart, Adolf.

Talkback radio presenter Alan Jones went straight to the leadership issue on Sunday afternoon, tweeting that the Prime Minister "has to go".

"In politics, as in life, if you do today what you did yesterday, you get yesterday’s results," Jones said. "The Liberals surely can’t stomach again what happened on Saturday. Turnbull has to go."

Trouble is, who to replace him with?

The Abbott/Andrews Theocracy is not welcome with genuinely liberal Liberals.

Morrison talks fast and tough, but is easy meat for Leigh Sales.

Dutton will be painted as the Sturmführer he aspires to be. He would drag the Libs so far right Cory Bernardi would be left in the dust.

They have no real options until after they lose the next election. A bloodletting now would please the talk radio ragers, but would be totally undermining to electoral success.

Anonymous said...

John Howard last night in Auckland was in great form. He stands with Menzies as a great Liberal leader ...

True, Menzies and Howard were both great leaders of The Liberal Party, but neither were great Liberal Leaders. Although Menzies was a little better at social issues than Howard, both were decidedly ill-liberal.

Menzies was a supporter of the White Australia Policy, "British to his bootstraps", an opponent of ballot box democracy. He was so afraid of the electorate's will that he introduced legislation to outlaw his political opponents.

Howard led a concerted attack on Liberal institutions in Australia, best described in Silencing Dissent. In fact, an astute reader could see this as the inspiration for today's happenings in USA.

On second thoughts, I don't think either were great party leaders as neither of them left the party with a well established leader after their departure. Menzies left the party to Holt, who dragged us deep into the Vietnam quagmire, and Howard left it to Brendan Nelson. (Who?) Nelson lost to Turnbull who lost to Abbott who lost to Turnbull and here were are in a fine old mess.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor David

Doesn't understand his 'genuinely liberal Liberals' are Labour supporters in drag. Just like the Americans' RINOs.

The Veteran said...

Anon 6.44 ... you were right to raise the 'stolen valor' issue. How the Libs could be so dumb as to pick a candidate who enhanced his medals rack to indicate he had served operationally o'seas fair escapes me. 'He' said it was a genuine mistake ... bullshit.