Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Heard the OAP from St Mary's Bay, currently our Acting PM, prattle on the TV1 News that the nurses about to go on strike for the first time in decades should accept the Government pay offer because there was no more money left in the kitty.

On that I can agree,  The CoL was bequeathed with magnificent surpluses by National and they fell into Steven Joyce's fiscal hole  by squandering the lot on low quality, feel good, spending items.

Not helped either by NZ First Minister Tracey Martin who invited her 15 Community Response Forum Chairs to meet with her in Wellington last Friday and then stood them up preferring to go to Auckland to hand out dosh to a School there.   The cost to the taxpayer for this meeting that wasn't has been accessed at $20,000 plus.   Still, wots $20,000 between friends?

You can access the story on Kiwiblog here.

WRP ... Physician heal thyself.

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