Tuesday, July 24, 2018


The swathe of by-elections due in Australia on Saturday (two in WA; one each in Qld, SA and Tas) could be make or break for Bill Shorten as Leader of the Federal Labor Party.   All five seats were held by Labor.  Four Members were forced to resign following revelations that they held dual citizenship while the fifth called it quits for entirely personal reasons.

It is 98 years since a ruling Party has won a seat off the Opposition in a by-election (18 December 1920 when the Hughes government won the WA seat of Kalgoorlie off Labor) but this time at least two seats are in play with the Liberals leading in the Tasmanian seat of Braddon and the Queensland seat of Longman.     Were Labor to lose either of these two seats then Shorten's leadership could come under serious question given that a recent poll had Labor winning both seats comfortably with Anthony Albanese as Labor leader.

The result in  Longman will hang on the preferencing of One Nation voters.   The Party's 'How to Vote' card has the Liberal candidate at seventh spot with Labor at ten and the Greens' candidate last.

But then, inexplicably, Pauline Hanson, the leader of One Nation, has gone 'bush' for the last ten days of the campaign citing exhaustion (she's actually on holiday in Ireland).   Hardly the actions of a politician on top of her game (or perhaps not).   A cynic might say she went there to escape the fallout resulting from the conviction of Sean Black, former media advisor to One Nation, on two counts of assault and one of rape last week.   Black is due to be sentenced on Friday.   One can understand why Hanson might want to steer clear of any media questioning over his employment.

Saturday night could be interesting.   I will be sitting down to dinner with John Howard that night and looking forward to his take on the action.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'll stick my neck out and predict Shorten will be gone within a week.

Then the Prime Ditherer won't know what to do next.

David said...

So, Adolf, assuming you mean within a week from the by elections, I'll bet you a $25 Dan Murphy card that Shorten will still be leader on August 6th. Wanna take it?

Veteran, before you sit down with Howard, make sure you are registered as a foreign agent, and don't believe a word he tells you. It will all be "non core promises".

Snowflake said...

An Adolt prediction! And so it was that Shorten’s future was made secure.

The Veteran said...

One thing I left out of my post ... simply fascinating that Mark Latham, Leader of the Labor Party 2003-2005 and Labor MP for Werriwa 1994-2005 is making robo calls in support of the One Nation candidate in the Longman electorate.

One suspects his photo no longer graces the walls of the Federal Labor Party Caucus Room.

David said...

Latham was a horrid interregnum for the ALP. The Party has tried to live it down ever since, Latham keeps searching for relevance. He was even to much for Murdoch's Australian Fox Wannabe Sky.

But although the calls have been paid for (apparently) by One Nation, Latham is not endorsing or seeking votes for One Notion. He is attacking Bill Shorten and pleading for votes for "minor parties", which could be One Notion, or could just as easily be Corgi Bernardi's Conservafucks, David Lyingathiome's Sliberal Antidemocratis, or even The Greens.

The Veteran said...

David ... why do you feel a need to label political parties you oppose with derogatory and sometimes obscene language. Is that a socialist trait or a sign of your own personal insecurity?

David said...

Veteran, it is something I learned on this blog with the continual use of " Liabour", Klarkula, Taxcinda, Alphonse Gore, The Melons, etc. I could go on, but maybe you get the point.

Never see you challenge these derogatory names. Pot meet kettle.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, you are more confused than usual. The terms to which you refer are common fare at Kiwiblog but not at No Minister.

pdm said...

Ah Adolf you have clarified something for me.

David is obviously the odious ZTEV from Kiwiblog.

The Veteran said...

David ... I guess the difference between you and me is that I have standards. Happy to acknowledge that many Labour folk are good people ... hell, on my Dads side a photo of MJS took pride of place in my aunt's living room.

Actually I am rather attracted to the term that the Catholic Church uses to describe Protestants ... separated brethren. I think of socialists as brethren separated from the truth.

The terms Conservafucks and Rethuglicans are all your own work.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

But but but but Veteran. They are soooooooooooo clever. It's the left's trademark which you will see lampooned on Ho Ho Ho in the first clip on Sunday morning.

BTW it's one thing to have standards but 'many people'? 'Some people' maybe but I think many might be a bit of a stretch.

David said...

Adolf, your 1144 trumped by Gravediggers 1227 insults to Goff and Fonda. No moral high ground for you.