Sunday, July 15, 2018


TV1 News ran a story on Shane Jones' Provincial Growth Fund.    Fascinating that 40% of all the money allocated so far has gone to Northland.     Wonder why ....

It's difficult to avoid the conclusion that Jones is trying to 'buy' the Northland seat with taxpayers money.    It is with with my tongue only slightly in cheek that I suggest to Matt King, National's incumbent Northland MP,  he should seek a ruling from the Electoral Commission to have all the dosh included in Jones' Election Expense Return when he takes on Matt 2020.

In the news-clip Jones came across as his normal arrogant and bombastic self, pontificating from on high, buttressed be a huge sense of self importance and entitlement.    His lazyness is legend up here and his persona is a massive turn-off to female voters.      

Still, Northland's gain is Northland's gain and we'll take in and run .... now how do I get 'him' to direct a roundabout be installed at Puketona (the junction of SH10 and SH11)?


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