Monday, July 9, 2018

On Abrasives

It's rumoured Cricket Australia is about to announce a major new sponsorship deal with 3M Australia, manufacturer of high quality abrasives.    Apparently 3M is to contribute all the costs associated with the appointment of a High Performance Swing Bowling Coach.

In similar vein, it turns out the Ocker cricket team's favorite movie is 'True Grit.'

Ironically, when Sri lanka was caught out repeating the Aussie ball treatment, their players received a slap on the wrist with a piece of damp sandpaper.

I thought at the time the Australian reaction to Smith and Warner was well and truly over the top.  Some punishment was justified but the forced press conferences were a disgrace. 

The nation has been turned into a mob of pansies and wusses.

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Lolitas brother said...

Of cricket and Not true grit, but 3M make very good double sided sticky rubber tape stuff.
About 2mm thick, you can roll it out on a wall and carry about 15kg photo frame for about 50 cm length of tape.
It's weird it loses its muscle strength after you pull it off the wall later, usually doesn't suck the wallpaper or wall lining off with it.