Saturday, July 14, 2018

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear

Legbut and David will be cancelling their subscriptions to The Times of London. 

In an opinion piece, self described Liberal Matthew Parris analyses the verbal meanderings of American president Donald Trump and, you know what?   He reckons Trump is a hell of a lot more smarter and more honest than his vocal detractors from the lunatic left and stuck up right.

The nub of the argument is that the detractors don't like the way the President does and says things  but so far, they are unable to identify anything that has gone badly wrong.   The fact is, they don't understand his way of getting things done or his feel for the things that need to be done.

The piece is behind a paywall, as it is at The Australian.

Some extracts to send a shiver down Legbut's leg:-

Kissing Theresa May better after roughing her up was neither contrition nor revision. Donald Trump plays soft cop to his own hard cop. It was that first stomach-punch that was indicative. The president was right first time about a US-UK trade deal and he knows it.......

........Donald Trump doesn’t care to think too much before he speaks and has a habit of saying what he thinks. And the trouble with us, not him, is that what he thinks is what plenty of more genteel and considered folk do actually think, but don’t like to say.
He’s right, isn’t he, about the dangers of European reliance on Russian gas? It’s all very well to murmur that if Germany needs to buy, Russia needs to sell — but look at the way western reliance on Middle Eastern oil has skewed world politics for half a century. 
He’s right, isn’t he, that China is not offering the world a level playing field in terms of trade. Perhaps brinkmanship here is needed. Nor is he necessarily wrong about America’s trade terms with the EU. It does not suit Brexiteers to admit, but it’s true, that the EU conducts its trade negotiations with “third countries” in a pretty muscular way. So they should, in all our interests, but let’s hear less European whimpering about US threats to raise tariffs, when Europe levies tariffs too. What’s needed is for both blocs to negotiate tariffs down. 
He’s right, isn’t he, that British politics is in “turmoil"? And he’s right, isn’t he (fellow-Remainers, you wince, but you know it’s true) that Theresa May’s white paper Brexit proposals will turn the United Kingdom into an economic satellite of the European Union?


Lolitas brother said...

Trump sure has balls > Imagine kissing Aunt Edna Theresa May.

Anonymous said...

Presumably I can reply without fear of deletion as my name is mentioned?

Look at the source....Mathew Parris, one of the MSM journalists you profess to despise. Bought up in Sth Africa and Zimbabwe. He is NOT a liberal he become a conservative, and later an MP, well to the right, after reading animal farm where expressed admiration for the pigs "because of their sense of order". He is freelance so is paid by the word.

The Times of London is a Murdoch paper that has lost it's credibility and is now a tabloid. The only journalists allowed to interview Trump are from Murdoch publications (Fox) and fluffy populists like Piers (No hard questions please) Morgan.

He is quite right in his last paragraph. The Tory proposals will turn the UK into an economic satellite of the EU instead of as now a fully fledged voting member of a 28 strong trading block that has raised the standard of living for it's citizens dramatically over 40 years.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Psycho Milt said...

Er, yes, all of us know some manipulative dumbass blowhard who says out loud whatever he's thinking, regardless of the effect it will have on the people he's talking about or what people will think of him afterwards, and then claims never to have said them. Quite often the shit such blowhards come out with will be true, but that doesn't make them smart, it just makes them completely lacking in empathy and self-awareness.

I don't think there are many people with an IQ on the right side of the bell curve who've thought "You know what we could do with more of? World leaders who just blurt out whatever bullshit they happen to be thinking at the time. That would be totally awesome." I'm sure there are comedians who've thought it, but only in terms of what they could put in their stand-ups. Nobody who doesn't have jokes to write, though.

Also, there are a great many things other world leaders could say about Trump and about the USA that would be true but also highly counter-productive. The fact they don't say those things isn't because Trump is a lot smarter and more honest than them (Trump being both a dullard and reflexively dishonest), it's because they don't share his lack of empathy and self-awareness.

Anonymous said...

Remember the cries of "where's the proof" and "it's a witch hunt". Good news, they have found the witches.


The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you derided the comment by Davis that May's Brexit pan would consign the UK into being a colony of the UK (Jul 10, 11.50 pm) yet here you are saying in your 7.01 post on this thread that Parris is right with his comment that "The Tory proposals will turn the UK into an economic satellite of the EU".

Methinks your credibility on this subject hangs in the balance. I look forward to you digging yourself out of your hole.

Anonymous said...

Quite right Veteran. At the time of your post and Davis's statement the white paper had not been published so I could only refer to what was known at the time. Now it has and I have read it.....not good and wont work with most of it being rejected by the 27.

These Brexiteer terms of "subservient" colony etc etc have been around for two years and meant to convey loss of sovereignty which I never happened.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well of course Legbut, anyone who has spent time is South Africa or Zimbabwe must be a bad bastard!

Anonymous said...


Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut you need more practice at shooting the messenger. So far you've expended a lot of ammunition for no result.

Why don't you try and deal with the substance of his comments?

Anonymous said...

OK .....His is only an opinion based on speculation when it comes to the purchase of energy from Russia as we have not seen the contract and you do not supply links . The UK also imports gas from Russia, any objection?

EU Tariffs.....Smoke and mirrors without any substance at all. The EU charges 10% on ALL cars made outside the EU. The US charges 3% on EU cars but this is offset by major manufacturers BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes etc opening large manufacturing plants in the US. No sane person in Europe wants to buy a US made car tariff or no tariff and what Trump wont mention is that the US tariff on pickup trucks and SUV's is a whopping 25% in order protect the US makers Dodge, Chev etc.

The only US Vehicle that I know of made in the EU (Austria) is the Jeep and the build quality and engine are far superior to US made vehicles....I know, I have one.

If you are intent on basing fact on someone elses opinion at least supply some links to back your story.

Lord Egbut
(Ford Europe is not counted as a US company)

George said...

Trump is defending the USA.
That's what he was elected to do and so far it appears that he's succeeding.